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Reaching out – Looking in: pt5 Helplessness

War is the season humanity seems to be in.

Reaching Out – Looking In

Reaching Out – Looking In is a new diary journal which speaks my inner thoughts as I walk my walk in a society that is rapidly imploding. Will the church: the body of believers — will it implode or move through to where Jesus prescribes we are to be as part of His Church?

Some years ago (@2012 link), I began and wrote a weekly journal An Examined Life based on Socrates’ adage, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I continued for a few years, and a few years after I’d stopped, I had the idea to revive it (@2020 link), but failed. 

Now in a new frame, I’m beginning again, this time not to copy the original idea but to take it and suit it to today in my walk with Jesus.

Reaching Out weekly

I’ll aim to have an insert every week, which I also plan to share in my weekly newsletter, Preparing the Bride for what better preparation than to walk together, with Jesus, through these times until this walk on earth is finished…

Hallelujah! Maranatha: Come Lord Jesus! And in the meanwhile, come one and all to the place of the heart, where Jesus abides with us and we abide with Him (John 15).

What’s on my mind this week: a feeling of helplessness

COMMENTARY: Identifying Helplessness

Wars and Rumours of Wars (Matthew 24): War is the season humanity seems to be in. When you look at war in the Ukraine — and all the media is focused upon it — you might overlook that Iran and Isreal continue to have altercations in Syria which are mounting, and there is a lot of sabre-rattling and backing-off between Russia and the USA. Of course wars continue to rage across the globe as well, both between nations (eg Saudi Arabia v Yemen) and within nations. Physical struggles rage. And there are the “warring” factions across the internet: rumours and attacks, where companies and individuals go at one another with accusations and threats, insults and blame.

It is no wonder I felt a bit of a squeamish unidentified feeling last evening of … what? I realised this morning it was helplessness.

I don’t often feel helpless. Perhaps it is knowing the LORD’s protection and trusting him. perhaps it is the relative safety of my personal environment, perhaps it is simply a gift; but rarely do I lose my sense of inner security, my groundedness. Why? Mostly because I’ve given up the illusion of control to Him. But then last night….

I realise my vulnerability

As I pondered whether to take in a refugee family from Ukraine, I realised reasons why it might not be a good idea. 

When I sent my son back to school for the week, I realised I can’t control his life (nor do I want to!) and he’ll soon be finished school and on his own. 

When I realised all the research in the world and scrutiny and prayer cannot change the direction the people of the earth are traveling: towards one form of destruction or another. There’s military war, there is moral disagreement, there is so much unresolved tension. 

So, I manifested through a sense of nervous energy that I am physically and emotionally vulnerable. 

Now that I’ve identified the feeling, the feeling doesn’t have a grip on me. But I hold onto the idea and the awareness that life is tenuous, the future is unpredictable on a global scale, and it can make me a bit light-headed or worried if I’m not conscious of it and attend to it.

Now what?

So, now that I know I’m feeling a bit helpless, I go to GOD and tell Him. I get His perspective, through dialogue, through His word, and through reflection. 

What really matters most is the salvation of others and especially of those near and dear to me, and that I am ready for Jesus whenever he might call me: to work, to give, to follow his lead, or even to go to him. 

The rest is acceptance: 1. accepting that I cannot rule the world nor change it. 2. other than through the prayers or actions I might take, I have little influence. 3. I am not responsible nor can I escape what I know and am accountable for. 4. “Trust in the LORD with all my heart” (Proverbs 3:5-6)… and Love GOD and love others.

Folks, the world is collapsing all around us. It may take some time yet, or it may be over very quickly. But either way, all we can do really is to prepare and pray. And that’s what I’m attempting to do. And when or if we feel unsettled, don’t stop there… keep pressing into your Father for how to apply the queazy impression to make a difference!

Maranatha! Jesus come! About 18 months ago, GOD spoke into my spirit and was clear and strong, “Jesus is coming soon.” Well, I don’t know GOD’s time table. Not even Jesus was aware of GOD’s time table (Matthew 24) when the disciples asked him. We don’t know GOD’s “soon”. But let’s assume it’s right round the corner. We can’t lose then, or waste time, or have regrets. Let’s press into GOD and be ready for whenever He might come. 

“Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)

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Thank you Sarah!

Thank you for your thought provoking article.

My goodness you touched on so much that have been thinking on this week such as feeling helpless, taking in a family of Ulkraine and Matthew 24 etc.

Personally do feel helpless, will my prayers make a difference so much is going on. Life is moving fast. However

2 Cor 4.8 says We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed, perplexed, but not in despair; 2 Cor 4 to 8

You like us are trusting and relying on God to see you through one day at a time. That’s all we have today, tomorrow is not promised. Pray we have ears that listen and act on what God tells us to do daily.

In these days I really don’t know where non Christians receive their peace from. We have been all hit with so much at one time with the two year pandemic , the loss of life, jobs, the fuel, the energy, the food crisis and now war plus our own family and health issues.

My prayer like you is that many family, friends and lost souls find the Prince of Peace Jesus in this time. Pray many Saints will be raised up and bodly witness the gospel. The Bible says the harvest is out there. We truly need Gods strength to face these battles.

Praying for such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to fall upon us. We need it!!!

The Bible says lawlessness etc is going to get worse. Where does our help comes from?? It comes from God the maker of heaven and earth.(Psalm 121) His has our lives in his hands.

We must keep looking to him in these days mustn’t we. Encourage each other on. Iron sharpens iron. Pray we don’t grow cold hearts towards each other. Be disciplined and read, hear and act on his word. His word truly is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Psalm 119v105)

God’s word is a source of strength. (Psalm 119:28)
God’s word imparts life. It is a continual source of life. (Psalm 119:93, Matthew 4:4)
God’s word is a source of illumination and guidance. When God’s word comes in, light comes in. It makes the simple wise and understanding. (Psalm 119:105, Psalm 119:130)
God’s word gives peace to those who love it. They are secure, standing in a safe place. (Psalm 119:165)
When the word of God is heard and understood, it bears fruit. (Matthew 13:23)
The word of God has inherent power and authority against demonic powers. (Luke 4:36)

I say a prayer

Father give us faith to diligently trust, rely and cling to Jesus and his work for us. Jesus +0 =EVERYTHING

We love you Lord, we need you today and every day. We thank you that you hear our prayers and believe that you are at work even now powerfully, faithfully and miraculously. Doing what only you can do. Lord put us Christians in the right place at the right time. Equip us with all we need. We want to walk in your will. We know our lives are in your hands. Our aligence is to you. Give us daily wisdom, protection, courage, boldness and strength. Give us the ability to endure and persevere all the hardships that are going to come our way. Persecution is coming get us ready. Help us walk in the victory that you say in your word you’ve have WON!!!!

Your will be done .

Thank you again for the most wonderful gift of our Savior, God with us. Thank you for your great goodness and love.
In Jesus’ Name,

Thank you God for Sarah’s gift in writing.. Look forward to your emails.

Jenny, What a beautiful and helpful message. I hope many will see this and be encouraged. Thank you for your readership and this week thank you especially for your heartfelt words of wisdom to readers.
Every blessing, Sarah

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