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Reaching Out: Looking In – 1. new journal

Reaching Out – Looking In is a new diary journal which speaks my inner thoughts as I walk my walk in a society that is rapidly imploding. Will the church: the body of believers — will it implode or move through to where Jesus prescribes we are to be as part of His Church?

Reaching Out – Looking In

Reaching Out – Looking In is a new diary journal which speaks my inner thoughts as I walk my walk in a society that is rapidly imploding. Will the church: the body of believers — will it implode or move through to where Jesus prescribes we are to be as part of His Church?

Some years ago (@2012)

 I began and wrote a weekly journal An Examined Life based on Socrates’ adage, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I continued for a few years; then after I’d stopped, I had the idea to revive it but apart from a post or three, I failed.

Now in a new frame, I’m beginning again, this time not to copy the original idea but to take it and suit it to today in my walk with Jesus.

Reaching Out weekly

I’ll aim to have an insert every week, which I also plan to share in my weekly newsletter, Preparing the Bride for what better preparation than to walk together, with Jesus, through these times until this walk on earth is finished…

Hallelujah! Maranatha: Come Lord Jesus! And in the meanwhile, come one and all to the place of the heart, where Jesus abides with us and we abide with Him (John 15). Let’s be Reaching Out to one another as we are Looking In to our hearts and our thoughts.

What’s on my mind this week


“My country ’tis of Thee, sweet land of liberty, of Thee I sing…”

Isn’t this from the lesser sung second verse of GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, the British national anthem? But I’m actually reflecting on my own homeland of Canada, which is the middle of a crisis, brought on by a Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who won’t talk to his fellow Canadians about a grievance they have. There is no threat, but there is a peaceful protest, and protesters just want their PM to talk to them.

Is this man up to govern? He was voted in because of a pretty face, and, I think, because people were bored with security, stability and a robust economy. Some too, may have been sentimental or having regarding his father’s legacy as PM as excellent, expected the same from the son. My own view of Trudeau Senior: PM Pierre Elliot Trudeau during the 1970’s whilst I was growing up, is mixed. He did some good to hold the country together in a time of a very forceful separatist movement. But he wrecked the economy. But this is an aside…

For the last few weeks, Canadian truckers have been peacefully protesting government mandates which insist all truckers must have a government pass (hinged to the vaccines) to go over the American/Canadian border. While most truckers have the vaccine, they object to being forced to agree to paperwork which prohibits freedom of movement. Protests from all sectors: police, educationalists, medics, spectators, have been peaceful. But MSM is onboard to decry the movement, government has blocked and confiscated crowdfunding for it, and are now in the process of blocking protesters’ bank accounts in order to get them to disperse.

But why, as I’m living 3000 miles away in England, am I writing about this in my first Reaching Out journal entry? Because as British as I’ve become by the grace of this nation, I am still (also) very much a Canadian. And Canadians are behaving as themselves: polite, strong, committed, ‘the true north, strong and free’, in spite of government mandates which according to some legal minds, boarder on illegal.

I’m proud (in the righteous sense) of my fellow Canadians, who are united and seeking to unite under a banner of freedoms based on the Canadian Bill of Rights. I’m hopeful that more will rally round them physically, as they’ve asked, because they have enough food even though the money has been blocked. I’m proud and hopeful that this stand will bring Canadians to GOD and to an awareness that their long-held freedoms are now in jeopardy and need to be stood upon. And I’m hopeful that somehow, this will enable this nation of Canada: an international peace-keeping force for decades and sincere and earnest forever, to be a GOD-following “sheep nation” (*ref) in these Last Days. I recently saw a clip showing protesters “bowing the knee… in prayer” which is reassuring.

International Influence

I’m not panicked. But I am concerned. What happens in Canada will either motivate others for freedom, or not. The French appear to be starved of their liberties. In Australia, it has been very tough, with imposed mandates and vigorous protests against. But in Canada, the people are organised and peaceful as they resist the move to greater authoritarianism.

It does my heart good, to see the character of Canada revealing itself, though it is sad to learn of the necessity for protest. I understand that over the last couple of years, the non-vaccinated were regarded by many as pariahs in Canadian society by their fellow-Canadians, which made me very sad. By nature, Canadians are pleasant and friendly, not nasty or vindictive or exclusive. 

Now that there are truckers standing for freedom and retired military watching their backs, I hope, pray and earnestly seek GOD’s intervention in the situation. May truth prevail. May the “true north strong and free” (a line from the Canadian National Anthem) prevail. May GOD’s will that none should perish prevail upon Canada. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

As for me, I am grateful to be both Canadian and British. I am most grateful to be a citizen of heaven. One day I’ll be there, as I hold fast to that which I believe. In the meantime, I pray for the lost of the earth, for the lost of the nations, and for the nations themselves… right now especially for Canada and the United Kingdom. Forever may Jesus reign, Amen.


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