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Prophetic Signs

These are the signs of the times.

Chris Wickland for 24.04.24

On 24th of April, 3 remarkable things happened in the UK.

Horses bolted

Five military horses, well-trained, well-disciplined: 4 black, 1 white, bolted in terror caused by noise from a nearby construction sight in Central London (was it in Horseguards Parade?). Some ran 6 km through the streets. At least one was injured, blood covering the white horse’s chest and front legs. A prophetic sign.

Revelations 6 talks about the 4 horses of the Apocalypse. The first is white, and Jesus rides the horse. Well, a white horse bearing a blood-stained chest is surely a prophetic sign, a warning that the wrath is to come, or Jesus in His glory is to come, or we are simply being warned we need to remember the sacrifice of the Messiah during this Passover.

Will you listen to a prophecy from Chris Wickland which resonates with me above.

Big Ben Stopped and then…

On the same morning these horses bolted, Big Ben, not far from Horseguards Parade, stopped. The clock in the Elizabeth Tower which has had millions poured into its refurbishment just suddenly stopped at 9am! About an hour later, around 10am it was re-started. However, when it chimed, it rang 11 bells at the 10th hour. My first thought when I learned this: I thought of the day GOD stopped the sun for 24 hours while Joshua did battle.

Do you know the chime of Big Ben is based upon part of Handel’s Messiah and there are long-established lyrics to the chime? The lyrics are,

“All through this hour, LORD be my guide.

That by Thy power, no foot shall slide.”



These events in London, England occurred on 24.04.24.

Saint Georges Day for England and the Passover for Isreal were the day before.

Do I need to expand upon the possible reasons Big Ben stopped and the horses bolted? I shall add my thoughts of the possible prophetic significance of this…

A hearing against 2 committed Christians was heard

And on this same day, 24th April 2024, when chaos was arising in London, even moreso there was chaos in Northern Ireland because a high profile Christian couple were facing very serious charges. Scapegoats I should think.

These days of violence, aggression, suffering where time stopped!

While in London UK pro-Palestinian protests become more intense and anti-Jewish sentiment is multiplying exponentially, highly trained horses bolt, and the clock of all clocks stops short; while people attack and hurl insults at a pre-trial hearing where innocent until proven guilty seems to be a tradition of the past; while fear seems to have gripped the politicians and the people flounder leaderless: the decline of the UK  seems to run unabated and in fact accelerates.

These are the signs of the times

Read Daniel and Revelation. Yes all of it!

Be still before the LORD. Yes, still.

Trust in the GOD of GOD’. Yes, trust.

And ask: LORD, What shall I do?

Be still and know that I am GOD (Psalm 46:10)

We need to be still: We need to wait upon the LORD to renew our strength. (Isaiah 40:31)

We need to trust the LORD. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

We need to prepare, to be ready as the wise virgins were. (Matthew 25)

And we need to ask, “LORD, what shall I do?”

Shalom and the the shalom of GOD rest upon you.

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Do you know the chime of Big Ben is based upon part of Handel’s Messiah and there are long-established lyrics to the chime? The lyrics were written linked to economic collapse according to chapter 58 in David Pawson’s Unlocking The Bible, referencing Chapter 19 of Revelation,quote”very few realize that the famous ‘Hallelujah’ chorus in Handel’s Messiah oratorio is a celebration of the collapse of the world economy, the closure of stock exchanges, the bankruptcy of banks and the disruption of trade and commerce! Only G-d’s people will be singing Hallelujah (which means ‘Praise the Lord’) on that day!

Beautifully inspiring song Sarah, which i’ve shared with others who’ll appreciate it.
Thank you also for this inspiring piece that you’ve written, which to me is a ‘wake-up call of wake-up calls,’ in these “Last of the Last Days.”
Take care. Shalom/God bless+++

Thank you very much Clifton, for this timely reminder of David Pawson’s epic work “Unlocking The Bible,” which was the “go-to” book (after the Bible) that i used when prepping up to preach on the Methodist ‘circuits’ and elsewhere.
Rev. David Pawson ‘lives on’ through that book, long after he was “promoted” to Glory.
Thanks be to God for him and his unique ministry, as well as for the incredible legacy of minutely accurate, highest quality, written and recorded material, that he left behind, for us to refer to and still enjoy.
I’d forgotten the reference to Big Ben’s chimes in chapter 58, but i’m about to re-read that now.
Many thanks for referencing it.
Take care.
Shalom/God bless+++

The WHITE Horse with blood-spattered chest is surely symbolic of Christ, returning as the “Rider on the White Horse,” and wearing a “Robe dipped in Blood” (Revelation 19 verse 11 onwards > the Battle of “Har Megiddo” a.k.a. “Armageddon” at the end of that chapter.)
‘Har-Megiddo’ is a REAL place, outside Jerusalem.
It’s a flat plain in fact, which we could easily see from our coach, as we passed by in the year 2000, and our tour guide pointed it out.
The “Battle of Har-Megiddo” (as described in Revelation 19) will be between Christ-plus-the-armies-of-Heaven, also on white horses, dressed in “fine linen, white and clean,” who will fight against “Kings, Generals and mighty men,” real mortals on earth, facing up to the Son of God in His Resurrection Body, and the “Hosts of Heaven” in theirs.
It will be a “No contest” battle.
In fact the “kings, generals, and mighty men” end up as “bird food” – but best go read it for yourselves…….
Shalom/God bless+++

Thanks very much Sarah, and you’re very welcome.
PERHAPS even we will be riding white horses, behind Christ, who knows? (Almighty God does, of course!)
Once we’ve been “raptured” then sufficiently well rested, we COULD be available in Heaven, or outside of Heaven, to serve the King of all kings, and Lord of all lords, in any way HE wishes.
Just a thought!

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