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Nearing the End of the Earth: a reflective plea

It seems there’s little we can do now — I wonder that anything is only putting a bandaid on the disaster we’ve created…. The beauty of this planet is fading, dying by mankind’s hand. Koala’s are in limited number, elephant tusks are on the black market. Innocent, majestic creatures dying by our hands. For money, for farming expansion, for sport.

I Despair at Earth’s current condition

How near are we to the end of the lifespan of this planet Earth? Too near, too near, and I am grieving. 

“We’ve blown it” a friend said to me recently. 

Indeed we have. The poles are melting. For me, that is the most clear sign of the destruction. Continents of ice are melting into oblivion…. 

Doom at our doorstep

It seems there’s little we can do now — It seems that anything we attempt is only putting a band-aid on the disaster we’ve created. The beauty of this planet is fading, dying by mankind’s hand. For example, koala’s are in limited number, elephant tusks are on the black market; innocent, majestic creatures are dying by our hands. It’s for money, for farming expansion, for sport, not borne out of human necessity.

Sound glum? Yes, I’m glum. We once had beauty; that is now fading. Shall we enjoy, rescue what we can, pray and share with others the hope set before us.… Jesus is the truth and the answer to life’s sorrow. But for the sake of our responsibility toward Earth, is that all we can do?

For “the earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness.” (1 Corinthians 10:26) Were we not called to celebrate, enjoy, look after the beauty and splendour of GOD’s creation? 

Yes. But we did not.

I am not an extinction rebellion advocate. I am not a Green Party supporter. I am not a “leftie”. I’m not saying those are good or bad stances; they just aren’t me. But I am sure humanity has destroyed a beautiful gift and I despair that there is little hope in turning back.


The politicians talk about carbon-neutral. By the time we reach carbon neutrality — the UK projects 2050 — at the rate of destruction and melting, we won’t have a reason to bother. Oh, how we’ve taken something so precious for granted and are reaping the result: an earth so perfect in its creation, groans at our abuse.

How must the LORD sense the tragedy!

What is relevant to the Christian

Why does the earth matter if Jesus is returning soon? Because Jesus spoke and created the earth for us to look after, and we’ve failed him. As one song puts it,

“… (his) hands that flung stars into space…” (Graham Kendrick)


Yes, there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth, but how selfish we are who know Jesus to think we can escape the horrendous damage we’ve been a part of, and that we should rejoice. Yes, what Jesus has done for us is WONDERFUL. But have we not all played our part in the destruction of earth… with our cars, our holidays abroad, our hairspray and our litter.

GOD created man to look after the earth. Do we see what man has done in the last century alone? 

Loving GOD and loving His earth go hand-in-hand. Should we love one of His creation less? No, we are called to love one another. How much too, are we called to love and care for the very earth He created, put mankind upon and told us to look after it.

“Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” (Genesis 1:26)

What shall we do?

I don’t know. Pray certainly! But I don’t know what else I’m going to do. I’ve only just realised how important it is that I do something. I’ve asked the LORD, “Is there more I can do than recycle?” For now, His response seems to be for me to post these thoughts and pray.

SO this I am doing. Such small things. Such a huge problem. 

So little time.

2 replies on “Nearing the End of the Earth: a reflective plea”

Dear Sarah, thank you. Thank you for writing this post and making the urgent plea to pray, then to act as God leads. How we care for God’s creation weighs heavy on me and it is an encouragement to know He is speaking to you about this.

My pastor wrote his Master’s thesis on this topic, and unpacked several passages in the Old and New Testament. A wonderful read for those wanting the Biblical bases (and a call to action) for Creation Care!!!

One term he unpacked is the idea of man’s “dominion” over the earth, in Genesis, and he likened man’s dominion to the servant-leadership of Christ – that just as Christ came to lead by serving, we too are called to serve Him and His creation by caring for it. I found that very profound.

I also heard a recent CBC broadcast on the state of our world. The host reflected, “yes, there is destruction everywhere and it seems the world is ending. But even if it is, what will you do in the meantime?” I believe this is an even more profound call to us believers, who have the hope of living with Jesus in the new earth, but who will also be held accountable for our actions on this earth.

Much to pray about, as you said!!!!

Thank you for sharing, Miriam. It’s encouraging to be sharing and learning others have a similar sense about this issue.
We as believers need to wake up and do our part. As we pray, may we discern precisely how we can best serve the LORD and the planet.
Shalom and GOD bless,

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