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LOST: a poem

I finally know what’s true

Lost in such a fast-paced world

Lost being tossed to and fro

No one knows or sees or cares

That life is full of woe.

“Not true” says the stranger on the road

“Not true” no one can cope;

Someone sees and knows and cares

That life is full of woe.

“Speak above the noise” I call

“Speak aloud to me — and all”

“I have” “I am” “I always will”

Declare: Life is full of hope.

I hear, I trust, I follow now

I finally know what’s true

Found at last, I know what’s right

Found amidst the roaring crowd

He sees, He knows, He cares for me

The One who took my woe.

2 replies on “LOST: a poem”

Hello Ms Byrne, Lovely to hear from you. I’m sure you’re writing as always, and brilliant as ever. An encouragement from you is a true blessing. Thank you.

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