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Living in the Eye of the Storm

When there are storms in life, as there most certainly will be, how do we live as a testament to our faith in a glorious and powerful GOD? Living in the eye of the storm, we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

When there are storms in life, as there most certainly will be, how do we live as a testament to our faith in a glorious and powerful GOD? Living in the eye of the storm, we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

Only God

Our focus is on the issue, but instead, when we transfer it from the problem onto Jesus, the storm which rages around us has no effect. 

Practically speaking, praise music helps enormously, listening constantly to uplifting, Spirit-led music. For me, the LORD lays specific songs onto my heart, at certain times, to play again and again, until my mind becomes quiet. 

People in our lives will come forward too. And I use my spiritual discernment, honed for such a time as this, to consider who the LORD has appointed at this time to support me as I intercede or pray through the storm, until it passes. This has nothing to do with friendship, or offence. This has to do with calming the storm! Some people will be called, and will carry a burden or an anointing, others will not. To “get the job done” we must use the people the LORD has provided.

Trust God

Has GOD made you a promise or uttered a word into your ear? Stand on it! We do not know why specific storms arise, but we know all storms are opportunities to grow. Maybe the enemy has a foothold somehow, or maybe the enemy is being used to demonstrate your strength against him. Remember righteous Job and the pain he suffered, simply to show satan how faithful Job was to GOD. Ultimately he received his reward. We can trust GOD in any storm, as the master of the storm and as our righteousness.


No matter how stormy the sea, stand in it. No matter how rocky the boat, stand upon the waters, look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith (who incidentally literally calmed the storm for his frightened disciples), and do not yield to fear or foe.

Be Nimble

Paradoxically, we also need to be nimble as we experience the situation. 

As the storm rages, it will take twists and turns. Allow GOD to lead you through it. Keep your balance in the waves, and trust the leading of the LORD to take you to the shore. He will. He always honours His promises.

No Storm is Impossible to calm

The storm may rage, it may seem unconquerable.

Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who [loves] us.” (Romans 8:37)

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, and the storm will subside.

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Amen Sarah. When I was fishing in the North Sea and Ocian around Australia, when in the eye of the storm, the skipper waited on God His creation, after we prayed? To be at shalom!
Then in God His timing when the hedge of the storm calmed, we turned the bows directly into the huge waves, it’s the only way out of the peaceful centre of any storm in life.
Sometimes Elohim like Yeshua would completely still that’s sea. Other times we were expected to go through the waves on the hedge outside of the eye.
At these times with a very brave ex Royal Navy Skipper at the helm, whilst praying the mind of my spirit? Was always back in my peaceful garden on the mane land, when I fed and waterd the Sparrows, it helped me knowing then in a place of shalom, and looking at that rough sea, that in both places the eye of our God Elohim Adonia, was looking on us.
Before I called on Yeshua to replace the Goat sent into the wilderness? with my sins upon its back! And for Him to be the Passover Lamb and Lord of my life! I once drownd near Botany Bay, that’s were I gave my life to my Elohim, and eventually to Jesus Meshiach our Chief Rabboni.
Like you and Allan Sarah will come out of the eye of your storm, we can all thank the One who calms the water.
We have life because of Him.
Shalom to you
Kenny Shergold

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