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As Christians we carry the Spirit of God within us. But not all of us are walking in the fullness of God’s authority or confidence all of the time… not yet. Larus Press aims to change the odds, to enable Believers to overcome the limitations of our thoughts, emotions and will and to walk in the faith, love and courage that God intends. “Do not be afraid” is repeated 365 times in the Bible; that’s once for every day of the year.

Learn how to live in the assurance we have been reborn into. Larus Press offers free interviews and insights to help Believers overcome whatever has held them back, be it fear, insecurity, shame or unbelief.


Insecurity plagues many Christians, preventing us from living in the fullness of Salvation and inhibiting us from fulfilling our potential in Christ. Walk 5 steps toward overcoming the barriers that keep you from growing and ministering to others.

Meet Sarah Tun, Doctor of Ministry, Ordained Pastor and Author of Free to Be, as she discusses how Biblical study, life experience and prayer enabled her to allow the Holy Spirit to renew her mind, so that she could walk in her unique calling and purpose.

These broadcasts introduce you to Free to Be, the first of Larus Press’ publications.

It is possible, and it is your destiny, to live a life boldly and passionately for Christ, free to be all you have been created to be, so that you can do all that you have been created to do.

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Teaching Series: Overcoming Insecurity

Sarah Tun: Teaching Series: Overcoming Insecurity

Overcoming Insecurity: 5 Steps

Part 1: Recognizing God’s Sovereignty and giving up the Illusion of Control (5 Minutes)

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Part 2: Deepening the Awareness of God’s Sovereignty (5 Minutes)

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Part 3: The Holy Spirit and God’s Unconditional Love (5 Minutes)

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Part 4: Developing Healthy Friendships (5 Minutes)

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Part 5: Recognizing and Overcoming the Religious Spirit (5 Minutes)

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Free to Be (Promotional Video)



UCB Canada: Radio interview with Melanie Linn, 2012: Introducing Free to Be: Defeating Insecurity, Transforming Relationships, Building Character

Alive in Christ: Radio interview with Tony Marino and friends, 2013: Self Esteem and becoming Free to Be


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