Reflections and Poetry

Impatience is Arrogance: a poem

Make a way for me, my time is short and you must obey…

Hurry up! 

I tell myself

Anyone listening?


Hear my voice!

(Not supplication 

but demand)


Make a way

For me, my time

is short and you must obey.


Fruit of GOD

is patience

surrounded by Love.


Love not World

Rush not self

wrapped in its own cloak




demands its rights.




Fruitless impatience

arrogance its root.


Uproot it!

Cleanse the heart

revoke demand.


Grace abound


— not hurried stress.


Purity lives…


covers me in Love


Let my heart

take time:

be still and know Love.


We’re not GOD

Not god of time

Love lead on.


Tomorrow comes 

after today 

unto day…


Love life!

In patience

humility lives


While arrogance

dies a death

then Love leads on.



our time moves on

living our moments


Breath of life

Love of man

breathe humility

over me.

2 replies on “Impatience is Arrogance: a poem”

1Corinthians 13) This unconditional love I agree Sarah, it’s the greatest gift, without it we are nothing.

Thank you for sharing the love of Elohim in Yeshua.

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