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How to do Anything: a reflection

“If you’re really bothered about something and want to off-load to someone, tell GOD first.”

From time to time, we can be overwhelmed with our work load, family responsibilities, life. What do we do when we feel overloaded? We pray.

Finding perspective

Sometimes we share with other folk, and it can be good to off-load pressures by talking them through. A mentor once said to me, “If you’re really bothered about something and want to off-load to someone, tell GOD first.” Whenever I’ve followed that advice, it’s always been good. It helped me avoid saying things to someone in anger and frustration, it ensured I didn’t bend someone else’s ear. But most of all, I received a clean, clear mind in speaking to the LORD. Our best audience is always the one with perfect wisdom and patience.


The Word of GOD says, “Be still and know that I am GOD.” We really need to stop, wait, and know Who is listening. Allowing a troubled mind to rest in His does bring rest and often the solution to a situation we otherwise could not resolve.

When we stop and wait, and recognise Who is listening, when re allow ourselves to remember the Creator of the Universe is giving us His attention, our troubles really can pale into insignificance. 


Praying is mostly the art of listening for the various ways the the Father communicates with us. Yes, we talk to GOD, but to benefit fully, we need to listen as well.

We might hear an audible voice, occasionally. But more often, we hear GOD through His Word. And through nature, music and the sights around us, we can receive from Him an insight we might otherwise not have recognised. When we pray, we tune in. When He speaks, we recognise His message to us, because we were asking in the first place.

Nature tells us a great deal, when we pay attention. It reveals the majesty of GOD (Romans 1). Look at the message in the vast blue sky, or in the array of stars on a clear night. Hear the rustling of the leaves in the trees or the bark of a dog, or the cry of a baby. In all these sounds, the LORD is whispering perspective. As we wait on Him, as we “be still”, we will discover His thoughts, which are not our thoughts, and His ways, which are not our ways.


Earlier I mentioned the Word of GOD. Reading scripture when we are seeking an answer to a troublesome situation, so often we find the answer directly in scripture. But even when we don’t, it gives us peace of mind which brings clarity. It helps us to draw away from our struggle, which gives us the necessary peace that allows us to find a new perspective. 

Sometimes, the words of the Bible will give us a direct answer to our question, or a strategy to solve our problem. But even if what we read is unrelated, His Spirit digests the words and we find rest in our minds and peace in our hearts.

If you’re struggling with an idea, reading scripture will draw your attention away from the problem, and give you a new, fresh perspective. If you’re a writer like me, you’ll find that reading the Bible helps release your creativity.

Resting in the Word of GOD or the Presence of GOD is the way forward out of any difficulty, and will always help you to do anything. Always.

By Dr Sarah Tun

Dr Sarah Tun began her professional career as a teacher. Years later she became a performing artist and administrator to property development. She felt the Call to write full time in 2004. Dr Sarah has traveled extensively, and lived in New York City (for a year), London England (for a long time) and Hong Kong (briefly) before returning to her home in Ontario, Canada, then to Spain and finally now, has re-settled in her adoptive home of England. She graduated with degrees in Drama, Education and diplomas in Acting and Theology. Most recently she was awarded Honorary Doctor of Ministry and became ordained. Her favourite experience to date has been following her Creator and Lord. She doesn't think Life can get any better! Dr Sarah Tun is author, singer, preacher, writing coach and all-round enthusiast, celebrating and seeking to inspire all of us to quench our thirst for deeper intimacy with God through the Holy Spirit.

2 replies on “How to do Anything: a reflection”

Hi Sarah, Thank you for your thoughts. Listening to God! A friend of mine believes the word of God is not necessarily what is written but what he actually knows in his spirit that the Lord is saying. It’s rarely audible. It’s a conviction about the truth in any situation. You talk about God revealing Himself through nature. That’s a bit like God revealing Himself through the scriptures. It’s a global statement if I can put it that way. What most of us are looking for is the facility to sense God in our everyday circumstances. God can use nature that way but I’ve come to see Him use TV in my circumstances because that is a medium He knows I am switched on to. Hugh, on Sunday preached one of his best sermons dealing with God’s great respect for our individuality, delighting in it and meeting each of us where we are. Blessings!

GOD speaks to us in whatever way we are listening!
But a firm foundation in the WORD helps to ensure we are listening to the right voice.
It’s great you thought to respond. I’m glad you find RTV a great support.
Thanks so much for writing down your thoughts.
In Him, with every blessing, Sarah

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