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How do I ask for GOD’s help?

Meditate on His word. If you don’t catch it, try refocusing

How do I ask for GOD’s help?

Ps 119:77 reads, 

“Let Your tender mercies come to me, that I may live;

For Your law is my delight.”

When you need companionship, spiritual support or emotional help, here’s a prayer that makes a lot of sense. One simple phrase and GOD puts it all together for us. Using GOD’s Word to pray is so simple, so profound, so effective:

I ask you to allow your mercy to come to my mind and my heart, because that is what will bring life to me. Your law is all I need — your law of love, your law of the universe, your law of relationship to You and to others.

If all I dwell upon is You: Your forgiveness, Your grace, Your mercy which I do not deserve, I will be revived regardless of the mental or physical state that I am in. I absolutely love, get, accept, benefit from and am blessed by Your Law! It isn’t law of rules but law of love, packaged in grace, mercy and truth; it is simply the way GOD has made things to work in the universe.

That’s my paraphrase. Funny how my restate is far more wordy than the original. But I just want to be sure I cover all the bases with you… That you catch what I’m throwing: GOD’s word in this verse of this Psalm tells me that my life springs from His mercy, His truth, His love, His grace and through His Law — His way of making the universe work both for animate and inanimate objects — is delightful, life-giving and just generally all round wonderful.

Meditate on His word. If you don’t catch it, try refocusing on my explanation. I pray you catch what I caught when I read this verse this week.

Every blessing to you:)

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I am awaken to the Law of forgiveness. This law is the chief cornerstone to love…the love of self and the love of others. Without the Law of forgiveness religion and grace don’t work. Why because even those believers who claim love, still show anger, resentment, jealousy and guilt within. I was speaking to a believer yesterday, who still has a strong resentment about an incident that happened 12 years ago, yet he professes a love for G-d ! So let us meditate on the law of forgiveness when we meditate on the law of love, you will be surprised how this changes your perception.

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