GOD’S STORY pt 29 Creation History

Preparing the Bride for GOD’s Story

How do we prepare as the Bride of Christ? One aspect is to learn GOD’S STORY. He created us in His image…. Piece by piece, and peace by peace, we learn to walk as He has walked. And we learn His perspective. 

The history of Creation is encapsulated in the Genesis story. But why does the Bible restate so often the Creation History?

Genesis 2:4 says, “This is the history of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD GOD made the earth and the heavens,”

To follow the Word of GOD there can be no doubt in this and other statements that GOD is the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

The time line may be debatable and for our purposes I don’t think it necessary to debate that here and now. GOD simply wants it reiterated that He made it all. Why?

Ages Past

In pagan times, before the western world heard the Gospel of Jesus and in the main accepted it, pharaohs and emperors led their people in worship to gods and demons. There was an understanding that there were higher powers…. or that the Pharaoh was himself deified and was included in the realm of the most powerful. Humanity knew there was power beyond themselves.

Then was the voice of Judaism and the beginning of a world understanding who ruled ultimately. Ruth and Rehab are just two examples of Biblical persons outside of the Hebrew nation who came to recognise Yehovah, Elohim: the GOD of the Universe. Some from outside the Hebrew line accepted the Hebrew GOD. Ultimately, when Jesus walked throughout Israel He brought attention to the Father of Creation and gentiles received the message. Matthew 15:21-28 reveals a Canaanite woman asking for the crumbs from GOD’s table.

After Jesus’ commission, the apostles began ministering, “into all the world and preach[ing] the Gospel to all nations.” So the Word of GOD became known and accepted by people of many nations and across the socio-economic spectrum. Thus the way was paved for the Creation story to be spread across the known globe. And so it was.

Scientists and Faith

Across the Middle East and Europe, there was no real debate for centuries. Scientists in Europe were struck deeply as they investigated the intricacies of their speciality, to discover how GOD, through His creation, was confirmed repeatedly. Galileo, Newton are just two incredible scientists who did not alter their belief in GOD but were in fact moved more deeply and more profoundly in their faith in GOD.

Then came Darwin. His theory of evolution challenged the time line of GOD. Those who came after him though not he personally, as well as philosophers jumping on the bandwagon, lusted after pushing out religion and the Bible and GOD in the name of science and philosophy.

Today’s challenges

So much for the scanty history lesson.

Today western society’s most vocal contenders for authority (the so-called Woke folk) have thrown out GOD and science as well, in favour of individualistic truth and attempts to put current individualism: feeling and emotion, above and before any biology or historical reality.

And so, whilst GOD had Moses record early history all the way back to His Creation, He knew such a time as this would come. As we have headed our way back into paganism and hedonism in the West, and as Christian persecution is by far the greatest religious persecution on the planet at 86% of the total, we know GOD has this all in hand.

GOD’s Message to us today

With my whole heart I believe the Father’s message to us today is, He is the Creator. He knows the heavens because He made them. He knows the earth, because He made it. As we look to Him we will know how to navigate the times and seasons we are in. He knows how to take care of the planet earth and He knows how we can best take care of one another. We are stewards. Nothing has changed since GOD commissioned Adam and Eve to look after the garden.

Nothing has changed. We can hold onto that.

Every blessing.

5 replies on “GOD’S STORY pt 29 Creation History”

Jesus restores us onto the frequency Adan had in the Garden By Faith By Action thanks to the Holy Spirit who never stops working

Very good, as always Sarah, thought-provoking, challenging each reader to go deeper into the many mysteries hidden in God’s Holy Word.
Well done!
Interestingly Charles Darwin, a Pastor’s son, WAS a christian believer, until his voyage to the Galapagos Islands (on the good ship Beagle.)
In his memoirs “My Life and Work,” he freely admits in Volume 2, that there was NEVER any evidence in the “fossil record,” of species-to-species change (aka “MACRO-evolution.”)
THIS unwelcome Truth (unwelcome to evolutionary theorists) has been hushed-up by those with a vested interest in promoting Darwinian THEORY (it’s never been proved!)
So-called “Micro-evolution,” i.e. “Survival of the fittest” aka “Natural selection,” plus “Adaptation,” are easily proved to be correct, e.g. to prove the latter (“Adaptation”) send me up a high mountain, then take a blood sample after 48 hours, and my red blood cell population will have increased significantly, in order to transport oxygen more readily in a rarefied atmosphere.
Watch hunting animals targeting the weakest prey to kill, and there is “survival of the fittest,” aka “natural selection,” plain for all to see.
So we need to be careful when we critique Darwin’s work.
Also, he may well have had a so-called ‘deathbed conversion,’ having been stalked by an australian, female, christian evangelist, who MAY have secured his RE-conversion to Christ.
If so, we’ll be spending Eternity with him, so maybe we shouldn’t judge him too harshly after all.
Shalom/God bless+++

Bless you Bryan. Thank you for, as always, an informative contribution, this time into Darwin. I certainly read in passing that he recanted on his “theories” realising I suppose, the contradiction or complications his writings created (pun intended)!

Lol! Yes “…created..” – or PERHAPS “..the complications evolving from his writings…” maybe?
In Medicine they talk about the early hours/days following a stroke as a “Stroke-in-evolution,” which used to make me think of dear old Charles D.
What they mean is that it’s uncertain what the maximum damage from a stroke will eventually be, so there is an evolving process to observe, before the end result is clear.
THIS is one example of using the word “evolution” correctly, in my view. TTFN!

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