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For Mothers: on giving advice

They don’t have to follow what we say.

What do we do when our children ask for our advice?

I don’t want my child to ask for my advice… because I’m likely to give it. And then what?

If things go pear-shaped, it’s my fault.

If things go well, they’ve not achieved it on their own.

And yet, if they don’t ask advice and things go very badly wrong, we might have been helpful.

The fact of the matter is, our children need help, love, support from us. But they need to work life out for themselves.

And so, if asked, we parents are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

So, here’s my thinking:

Be honest.

Be encouraging.

Be frank.

Set them free.

And then, let go

They don’t have to follow what we say.

They can make their own move: mistake or otherwise.

In the mix, hopefully, they have some sensible peers they can ask advice of as well… Because a generation can make quite a difference, and perceptions change from generation to generation; making our way in life really does include a measure of fitting in with current society.

That’s my thinking. What’s yours?

Every blessing, 


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