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Father, we pray for our families, that those on our hearts will grow, discovering more and more about the truth of Jesus

What is family?

In the Kingdom of GOD we are a family of believers, as Matthew 12:50 says, “For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother.”

In the world, we have blood relatives which is the traditional definition of “family”.

In our hearts, we have close friends, special colleagues, neighbours whom we may call “family”.

Family is so valuable and important to the human being. We are made for relationship and family. “And the Lord God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.” (Genesis 2:18)

Family, I will define as those with whom there is a special bond: be it spiritual, physical, or interpersonal. Whichever way you define it, family is vital to our happiness and to our quality of life.

What of Evangelism 

In our sphere of influence, we will consider our family as those closest to us and therefore most important to us. If they know Jesus we want them to grow, right? And if they do not, don’t we want them to discover Jesus for themselves?

So, why is it so important and yet often so difficult to speak of our Lord casually and naturally to our family members? Why is it difficult to discuss the “elephant in the room” with blood relatives who know what we believe but show no interest?

We need to practise balance in our witness

I am not an evangelist by calling, but like all of us who know Jesus, am called to “And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations.” (Mark 16:10)

Can we season our conversation with salt: not too much or it loses its natural flavour, and not too little for the food we offer will not be preserved.

A Prayer

Father, we pray for our families, that those on our hearts will grow, discovering more and more about the truth of Jesus: of who He is and His love, power and might, and that those who do not yet know Him personally, that you will draw them to you until they surrender and discover the peace, love, joy, contentment and truth of the only salvation available.

In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

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Hi sister Sarah, thank you for your letter regarding Family, shalom to you and your family, from the love of Elohim Adonia in His Son Messiah Jesus.
Recently whilst in Greece a friend asked me if I would like my photo taken in front of the statue of Zeus and Nymph, although my friend genuinly helps many people in a charitable sense, she has a habit of saying “God bless you and touch wood that its soon.” Instantly I replied, no thank you, I believe in the God of Israel, not Zeus.

As your letter relates Sarah, I did not want to appear religious or assume I was better than my friend, because I am grafted into the cultivated olive tree of Israel, knowing Elohim Adonia in our Lord Meshiach-Messiah, equally offers her and I His shed blood on the cross, as full payment for the covanant that delivers us both from our sins. When we returned to England my friend who is also my neighbour, phoned to ask if I had any Covid testing kits, she wanted to be sure of her previouse test, which said she had Covid, when she opened her door asking me to place the testing kits on the floor at a distance, I stepped into her house, and after placing the test kits on her lounge table, I gave her a hug still without a mask on, offered her any help she may need until she has fully recovered. I am pleased to say I did not have Covid.

After reading your letter Family today, Sarah, I can see now I was treating her as Yeshua Jesus treated me, even though I was a child along my journey with Him, He offered me meat when I was used to milk, His love and compassion simply taught me, that it’s not my will but my Fathers will through Jesus who is in heaven, that blessed my friend that day.

It’s not always what we say that blesses another person, its simply what we do out of our hearts, that Messiah taught us.

Since arriving back from her cruise on Thursday my friend is feeling much better.

Thank you for sharing your heart with us Sarah.

Shalom always and for all ways…


What a blessed brother you are to your friend and also to me. Family is of the heart, which you demonstrated to your friend/neighbour and in your sharing of your journey — straight from the heart. It is such a privilege. Thank you:)

“Amen and amen” to your concluding prayer Sarah, and “Thank you” for the preceding thought-provoking words on the vexing subject of “Families,” who may be considered to be “members,” and who (surprisingly perhaps) may not be!
Christ Himself spoke on this puzzling dilemma, using the Words from Matthew 12, that you quote early on in your excellent piece, to explain His ‘verdict’ on who is TRUE family, and who isn’t.
These Words followed His refusal to welcome His blood relatives into His company (including His Mum surprisingly.)
Could it be He was more than a tad disappointed with them, for having denounced Him as a “madman? (Mark 3 verse 21.)
I know how infuriated i was, when members of my blood family, similarly dismissed me as a religious nutter, having made my full and final commitment to modern-day discipleship of ‘Rabboni’ Yeshua-Ben-Yosef.
They couldn’t have possibly known about that commitment (a Covenant made between me and ‘AbbaDaddy’ Alone, at Ellel Grange in their prayer tower) but satan certainly knew!

Thank you for your encouragement and for sharing a part of your family experience. We don’t often hear affirmations or acceptances of Yeshua from some blood relative family members, but they do observe and as we stand steadfast, they can find their hope through our faith, eventually. That’s one prayer, in any case. Thank you for sharing from your heart. Every blessing.

Thank you Sarah- Thank you for this piece. Do we appreciate people more after they have gone . There is lesson for us to appreciate whatever we have – and not focus on what we would like. There are 2 brothers in this town who have not spoken for over 40 yrs – their wives just pray quietly- God knows – how he’d wants to bash their heads together in their pride and stubbornness. O Father forgive us for hurting those close to us- help us to see them with your eyes and to forgive our little hurts. I’d like to ask you how is your family since you lost Alan and how is your son. I was so sorry at the time- feeling the pain of your loss. A wonderful gentle man – I met him a couple of times. May God Bless you both

Bless you for standing with these women, these sisters-in-law who know what is right and patiently wait for freedom for their husbands. You, and now I too, stand with them.
Thank you Ursula, for writing. My son, step daughter and I are well GOD is so good. Yes, Alan was a decent, good man, a lovely husband and wonderful father. A good teacher of our GOD’s word too.
Shalom, shalom. xx

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