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Destabilised Nation

I have this overwhelming sense that things are only going to get worse, not better. How then can I keep going forward…

I have this overwhelming sense that things are only going to get worse, not better. 

How then can I keep going forward in what seems like a destabilised nation? Here is the solution: a call to prayer!

Politics today in the UK

A nation destabilised is not a healthy nation at all… Unity is needed to bring stability to the UK. Back-biting, infighting, squabbling, self righteous indignation: these are the stumbling blocks of the only party with the experience and expertise to navigate this time in the nation when we are being overrun with lies, disputes, and hatred. The enemy looks to be winning. What shall we the people do?


We pray. We humble ourselves. We seek GOD’s face, because man is failing, failing badly. What have we done but bring this upon ourselves by ignoring the ways of our heritage, the truth in all its light and love: the Gospel of Jesus. We need You Lord, oh how we need You!

Barbarism: Around the world, led by California, New Zealand and soon Canada, babies can be aborted up to the day of their birth.

Hedonism: Self has become GOD as what we feel trumps reason, biology and moral decency.

Gluttony: We waste more in unfinished take aways than some nations have to eat.

Fear: Rules our decisions, opinions and choices, led by the politicians and — especially — the media.

Despair, Decay, Decadence….. Dig in!

Yes the world around us seems to be imploding upon itself. But we have a choice: we can give in the the hopelessness, or we can dig in and pray.

While “Hope deferred makes the heart sick” (Proverbs 13:12)

we also know that “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

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Thanks Sarah for your timely reminder that though the events we witness here in the UK and around the world, especially, in the West may cause us to despair and be hopeless people, we know and believe that God is in control and have not forsaken us
He still have His purposes to fulfil for the UK .Yes we desperately need to turn back to Him in repentance and prayer. We ask Him to heal this land as well as pour out His spirit on the people here so that many will come to a true knowledge of Him…
God bless you and your family

Yes Sarah, We are a nation in a mess . Much prayer & repentance is desperately needed. But we have a hope that’s sure and certain when we trust in Jesus Christ.
Kingdom’s may rise and kingdoms may fall but the Word of the Lord endures forever.. Love & blessings. Margaret

I prophesized that God is not dead and he would judge this nation for broadcasting the Commonwealth games from Birmingham after The Tower of Babel stage was built and the Bull brought into the arena, and the Church of all denominations leaders were silent via the press and social media about this. We are in a Road to Emmaus situation as far as politics today, and God will give a nation a Prime Minister it needs, or a Prime Minister it deserves…you choose what is happening today! Can a practicing Hindu PM be more effective than a Born Again Christian PM? I prophesized years ago that the day Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll passes, the anointing on this nation will be withdrawn, and that is exactly what is happening before my very eyes. All I can see is that Covid has unlocked the Building & Fellowship churchgoers for good…yet, I also see a Goshen remnant who will continue through these dark times for Britain, because the Kingdom of God will never ever leave this great nation…

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