Preparing the Bride of Jesus Christ

Coping with a World in Crisis

There is always time for prayer. But do you know that praise is a form of prayer and that praise breaks the yoke?!

Yes, World Crises

How to cope? Praise like never before… 

Here is a list of concerns this week:

A volcano, Mount Etna in Italy has erupted.

Earthquakes are happening in diverse places.

Storms are shaking the nations.

Shortage of fuel and therefore of food are on the horizon.

The nation of Canada, voted the “most popular” nation in which to live, and the nation with the longest and deepest history of keeping the peace in other nations, has civil unrest. Civil unrest is echoing around the globe.

There are wars and rumours of wars with tension ratcheting up: particularly in Russia/Ukraine, the Middle East surrounding Israel. North Korea is flexing its muscles.

Last night, Russia attacked Ukraine and war is no longer close but present!

So we pray, right?

Yes, pray, of course pray. But praise breaks the yoke-hold of satan. Praise the LORD on High like never before and see how the demons flee!!

“I sing praises to Your name, Oh Lord, praises to Your name, Oh, Lord

For Your name is great, and greatly to be praised…”

Yehovah, Adonai, Elohim.

Yeshua, Messiah, Saviour.

We sing to the Lord our praises, and “At His name, the demons flee; At His name, captives are freed; For there is no other name than Jesus…”

Prayer…. and Praise

There is always time for prayer. But do you know that praise is a form of prayer and that praise breaks the yoke?!

Find music you can dance to. Find music you can sing to. Or sing or dance without any music at all. But if you praise, your own fear will disappear; if you praise, giving glory to GOD, you will lift the yoke from yourself, from your situation, even perhaps from tense political circumstances around the globe.

So, will you?

Will you praise the Father? Will you praise the Son? Will you praise the Holy Spirit?

Now, more than any time in my lifetime, perhaps in the lifetime of many you, my brothers and sisters, it is time to sing His praises. It pushes fear, oppression, doubt aside. Let us bring GOD’s peace, hope and blessing down to earth.

“LORD, Thy kingdom come on earth as in heaven…” (Psalm 23)

Now is the time to Praise.

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