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Hello Sarah,

I have happened upon your details when googling “Christian Ghost Writer”.

I am an evangelical Christian with a testimony of being saved from an LGBT lifestyle 2 years ago.

I can send you a copy of my testimony if you wish but, in short, it is a story of 56 years of confusion around my gender identity. That confusion led me to transition from male to female in 2001. I came to faith in 2017 but was not truly born again until I came to confession and repentance of my trans lifestyle as a result of healing ministry received through my church in 2019 and which has led to me de-transition to my birth gender.

I am currently undertaking further inner healing and ministry training at Ellel Pierrepont in Farnham, Surrey.

With the debate around, so called, conversion therapy increasingly in the news, I am exploring ways to put my testimony into the public domain. I wish to do so, however, in a way that is not self indulgent but to promote prayer and inner healing ministry as a legitimate means of addressing unwanted same-sex attraction and cross-gender feelings.

Is this something you feel able to help me with or, perhaps, you can point me in the direction of someone suitably qualified.

Thank you and God bless.

As you know, Elohim God He created male and from Adam a female, Eve was able to conceive in her own? wombe! giving birth, something a male body cannot do! As Steve mentions in his testimony, he was delivered from wanting same sex relationships. It is not Elohims plan for either male or female to change the sex He chose for them, but when we ask Yeshua (Jesus) to be Lord of our lives, at that special time, when He leaves us, so the Holy Spirit can come and dwell in us, when we as Steve said, are born again, we can now love in Jesus, the person who has gender confustion? but not the spirit that confuses them!
Just as we all have to repent from being guilty of sinning against Elohims Word, Sarah.
Steve has all so repented, from breaking Elohims Word which is: Man must not lay with man… meaning not to have a sexual relationship with the same sex). Its impossible to be delivered from any sin, without first admitting one’s guilt?
I personally have no issues with same sex relationships, as a born again Jew in Yeshua (Jesus), my best advise to Steve, is to consider writing an eBook on Amazon’s platform, explaining that gender issues are not caused by physical confustion), but are due to spiritual confusion.

Amen, indeed, Kenny. Steve, I hope you see this:)
Every blessing… may GOD continue to minister in these vastly and quickly eroding times, so that the youth today can begin to heal and be restored to their GOD-given identity in Him. Shalom, shalom.

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