Confronting the Darkness

betweenrealittiesBLUEfinalebookcover-220x310Confronting the Darkness:

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Book 1 – Between Realities Series

What if you woke up to a world of utter silence and total isolation? When 10 year old Jasper realises her entire community has disappeared, she must face an altered world of shadows and demons to find her own strength and purpose.
Will she overcome her doubts and fears or will she be consumed by them? Journey with Jasper as she discovers, no matter how young you are, you hold truth within you that the whole world needs in order to survive.


This paranormal story takes you from earth to alternative time dimensions where science meets fantasy and offers you a supernatural experience that pits good against evil.

For parents and grandparents seeking to encourage lasting faith in the Creator this book is available for their children and their friends.

Price: £9.00 Print version & Ebook: £2.49

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Author’s Bio Sarah Tun


Sarah has been writing stories since the age of seven, when her school principal published two of her stories which she wrote after being sent out of class for talking too much.
Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, she has lived on three continents and travelled to most of the others.
Her ideas come from imagination and a love for people. She particularly adores teens and empathises with them for the challenges, temptations and ambitions they face, with so much passion for life and so little experience of it.
Sarah is keen for every reader to discover the strength inside, and from the Creator, who has put into each one of us a unique identity and purpose to fulfil.