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My Heart is Heavy for America Today

My Heart is Heavy for America today

“You have answered me” Psalm 22:21b

Except for Psalm 22:21b, my heart is heavy indeed. I am resolved in whatever direction the world turns now: Let the LORD have His way!

My heart is heavy for America today as I watch the process of the media impatiently pushing for Joe Biden to be president. My heart breaks for the nation of America, and half of its people, who are led by a bombastic but patriotic man; President Trump carries on in spite of a hateful media and 15% of the nation’s loudest and most violent socialists scream to oust him. Mankind is certainly staring into the abyss and my heart is heavy. Because whether we like America or not, whether we agree with President Trump or not, whether we believe in climate change or Biblical prophecy or capitalism or not, where America goes the rest of the West and perhaps the rest of the world will follow.

We are on a precipice: do we soar toward righteousness or do we fall into complete depravity and shame? The middle ground is all but obsolete, absorbed into one extreme view or the other. Fence-sitters, it’s time to choose.

Did the Democrats cheat on the election? If they did and they get away with it, it is the end of the free world. This is NOT about who is the best president but about who actually won.

I take my stand, not by my opinion nor my deepest fears, but by faith. I do not know what GOD will choose. For example, I don’t know if President Trump will continue to be president of the United States beyond 20th January 2021. I know that if he does, he may only be delaying the inevitable. Or if Mr Biden becomes the president, it seems inevitable — by the words of his mouth — that globalisation will be pushed, and will likely be established very quickly. With it, personal freedom will be gone with a final breath. Then it seems, the vast majority of humanity will despair!

As might I, but for one thing: a phrase in Psalm 22: “You have answered me.” (v21b)

Dear friends, GOD always answers a prayer.

Today the world as we know it is under attack. Some of the systems have been imperfect, but now we are staring into the face of godlessness. Morality is at an all-time low. The globalists are at the door and pushing to alter the stock market, the infrastructure of fossil fuels, the economic structure of the West, with a lean toward extreme socialism (research: Global Reset). What does that mean and how does it relate to those following Jesus, whose lifestyle encourages us to share?

It means the political classes around the world will unite around one cause and have the power to achieve it: absolute power over humanity. Dominating and crushing free thought, free expression and freedom to prosper, personal freedom has been under increasing attack. With the “Political Class” (President Trump calls it “The Swamp”) dominating in America, freedom will end and it will end quickly.

The opposite is Jesus, who came to give us abundant life, and inherent in that is freedom.

Where is hope?

When Jesus was on the cross he quoted Psalm 22:1 “My GOD, my GOD, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46) But then he said, “It is finished” (John 19:30), completing his task — offering salvation to the world.

David wrote Psalm 22 and within it are the prophetic words, “They pierce my hands and my feet” (v16) and “… for my clothing they cast lots” (v18). He also wrote, “Save me from the lions mouth…. You have answered me.” (v21)

GOD always answers.

As Paul wrote in Philippians, “but one thing I do, forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward calling of GOD in Christ Jesus.” (v13b-14)

And that is what we must do. We pray, we trust, and we move forward according to GOD’s will and plan.

Yes, my heart is heavy for the world, and even for me and my family and friends, because if the interpretation of End Times prophecy is true, and if we are in Daniel 7 or Matthew 24 or Revelation 6 or 19/20*…. then the end is approaching. (*there is so much on End Time prophecy and different ways to interpret Daniel or Matthew, Ezekiel or Revelation, that I encourage you to study and to do your own research.)

But if the end of the world as we know it is near, then so also is the new earth (Revelations 21).

It is my complete belief that we must let GOD… we must pray, His will be done on earth as in heaven. Yes I celebrate those who have faith to believe absolutely that right will win in the battle over America. And I agree with them in prayer. But I also have another conviction, that GOD’s will must be done. These are not contradictory statements, nor are the confirmed to be in total agreement. Ultimately, the one must supersede the other as in all matters. We love and serve a righteous and sovereign GOD and He alone knows how the end and the new beginning will best be accomplished. In that I encourage us all to put our hope. Releasing the authority back to GOD who has given it to us for the earth, enables Him to bring righteousness. Praise GOD, He reigns!

Blessings, Sarah 

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Too much Politics for a Christian?

How much politics is too much politics for a Christian?: a commentary

How much politics is too much politics in these quickly changing times?

We who follow Jesus live in the world and I have always believed it is important to be part of the solution. Telling people about Jesus is important but not all of us are evangelists. Some are political watchmen or even politicians. If we dig our heads in the sand that isn’t good. We are not called to be “of” the world, but we are in it. It has always been natural for me to take an interest: politically, socially, civically — to be aware of laws, of government decisions and social trends and morals is part of my responsibility for the time I am in this world. Knowing prepares me for prayer.


These days are hard. A yet-to-be-resolved US election on the heels of a yet-to-be-concluded Brexit in the UK puts a praying person on high alert. I’ve not even mentioned Covid.

I pose two questions:

  1. If Jesus is returning soon, do we still try to thwart socio-political trends that contradict God’s laws such as legalised abortion or transgender issues or do we accept them as an inevitable part of the devil’s deception of the nations before Jesus’ return?
  2. If we do battle (against the principalities not the people), do we engage in spiritual warfare over the US election and Brexit?

My short answer is: Yes to both. Though I confess, I am detaching myself from newscasts and much of the social media frenzy that seems to pervade the airwaves lately. I am aware its effect is anxiety, which is futile and  renders folks ineffective.

Nothing really changes, whether Jesus is coming soon or not. We don’t know when he’s coming and we must be ready. So, whatever keeps your lamps full of oil*, do that. If it’s witnessing, do that. If it’s praying, do that. If it’s wrestling in the spirit realm, do that. Our ultimate desire is GOD’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. If we think we know GOD’s will, great. If we don’t, that’s fine, because He does. All we need to do is align ourselves with Him.

Keep the oil in my lamp still burning. Keep the oil in my lamp I pray!

*Matthew 25: parable of the wise and foolish virgins with their oil lamps

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Civil War: attack on the main stream media vs civil war in America

Mine is a fairly obscure site. Yet it is still with some trepidation that I write this message of concern. In America, there is a very real threat of Civil War if the media does not stop taking sides and begins instead, to print and broadcast without bias what is happening in the post-US election period.

This post is much more about the media than it is about politics. Or it would be if the media hadn’t put itself in such a tenuous position with its clear bias and its political editorialising and gagging rather than reporting of the news.

Statistically, the media on count, throughout the campaign for president, criticised President Trump over 1000% percent more than the opposition. For every slang on Mr Biden, there were over 100 slangs against the President. One might easily say that the personality of the president gave fodder to criticism. Fair point. Except that what the media did not report was news based upon neutrality, which is what reporting is meant to be.

Then there is the suspicious silence of factual, evidenced-based material based about Mr Biden’s involvement in “business” in China, Russia and the Ukraine. Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses was ignored by all tv press and all but one newspaper in the States.

Far more serious now is the “reporting” that there is no election fraud, when clearly there is. The federal Department of Justice and the Justice Department in Pennsylvania have already accepted proof of that. That the New York Times says there isn’t not only denies evidence but also fuels those against the system. Hatred against President Trump has blinded the media of the power and consequence they are playing with.

What the media is setting up is a civil war scenario where — whatever happens as a result of vote re-counts and visits to various courts — the decision the people will make will be based upon what has been reported to them. Some in the MSM are “reporting” that the president is attempting a “coup”. What this implies is, if he does win the presidency for a second term, those massed against him will fear it, believe it, and may fight against it physically. Haven’t we had enough of the looting and violence against innocent businesses and people, under the cloaks of BLM and Covid protest? Even before President Trump’s inauguration in 2017 some refused to accept him as president. Some of those same people now are attacking him for not conceding what they never conceded. Isn’t that hypocritical? But I digress…

The other side, those who are pro-Trump are also strong in number and in voice. What will some of them do if the protocol in dealing with this situation is not followed scrupulously?

The media is very quick to accuse the president of denying democracy; however, he is standing on the principle that all votes that are made legally should be counted, and those made illegally should not. Isn’t that a fundamental principle of democracy? So is the DOJ. So is the government of Pennsylvania. Even if the president loses the count, isn’t it important to stop the fraud?

Those who oppose the president say he should go quietly? Well, apart from the fact that Mr Trump doesn’t seem to do anything quietly, should he ignore voter fraud and pretend it doesn’t exist?

If the president is wrong in his assessment of the result of the vote, that will become apparent. If he is right, it will be dealt with.

So will the MSM please stand up, grow up, take their roles seriously and stop acting like propaganda machines. Set aside your political opinions and biases. Why don’t you stick to commentaries where appropriate, learn to listen to and read the evidence, or leave the journalist arena. There is too much at stake to continue to try to manipulate the truth, ignore the facts, and insult your perceived opponent. America has an excellent constitution. Read it, learn it, and allow those with the authority to do so, apply it.

The American Constitution is founded on a principle, “In GOD we trust.” It will stand regardless of who wins or loses this election. Those who don’t like it need to learn to live with it rather than stop those who do like it from living accordingly. Otherwise, in an effort to change it, you’re now in danger of destroying the nation entirely.

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Conviction vs Condemnation: part 1

Conviction vs Condemnation: Conviction good, Condemnation bad

When GOD trusts you to see your weaknesses He is encouraging you. Only through revelation and experience can we discover our failings and be changed.

Conviction is that which we receive from the Holy Spirit: His whisper, telling us of our weakness, frailty, humanity, error.

Our pride will fight the message.

Condemnation is that shout into our minds that we are abject failures, miserable and wanton in the futility of our flesh. It comes from the world, the flesh and the devil.

“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus…” (Romans 8:1)

Our pride relishes the message, even when it hurts. It loves the attention.

Pride prevents character growth

When we let go of pride, we can instead rely on GOD and His ability in us to overcome our situation. When we recognise our prideful heart and accept the need to change, GOD can work in us.

Trust in the voice of the LORD, “with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all ways acknowledge Him” and He will lift you up. (Prov 3)

Count it all joy when you fail and recognise it. (James 1) Do not linger there, but allow the LORD to lift you up to a new height. We cannot soar without the catalyst. Often the catalyst is failure and the recognition of it. The way to perfection (and yes, perfection is possible just as Jesus encourages) is through trials, testing and patience.

Pain raises us to the next level

Inevitably, we go through pain to get to the next level of strength in the LORD.  It isn’t always external but is often self-inflicted. Through yielding, in humility, we overcome. Know this: the tunnel always leads to righteousness, joy, peace in GOD.

Abide: spend time with GOD, so He can expose your weaknesses

Know this: you are imperfect. Perfection comes from exposing the flaws. To polish the edges of a diamond makes it more beautiful; without the grit against the edges to smooth the rough, it will not sparkle to its full potential.

So it is with us all. We are diamonds in the rough. But we aren’t meant to stay that way.

Trust, lean, hope and persevere. Making decisions to live this way will bring you through all suffering and mature you, strengthen you, and prepare you for what lies ahead.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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The Uprooting Process


The Uprooting Process 

This whole process is about listening to Me, hearing Me, and obeying Me.  The financial resources to come will mean something for a time, but a time is coming afterwards where these resources won’t mean a thing.  The only thing left will be My voice and My direction for those who are trained.  Remember what system is being uprooted.  Is it Mine? Surely not.  I Am the one who does the uprooting.  At that point, you will understand like never before how important it is to hear Me and obey Me, and do not doubt when you hear!  Understand the process that is before you is epic, truly epic.  

And never forget this – never ever forget this – that the light is greater than the darkness.  Ask Me what this means – ask for revelation here – ask for understanding about this topic to a level, you have never asked it before, and I will surely give it to you.  These are the times.

First, the system is exposed in not only the world but in us, because it has gotten on us and into us. 

Secondly, then the uprooting begins in us, which runs in parallel with the uprooting He is doing corporately. This is why things begin to appeal to us that have never appealed to us before, and why things that used to appeal to us so much are suddenly dying to us. As the uprooting is taking place many, if not all, doubt that He is the one uprooting (“Something must be wrong! I must have missed the Lord! This can’t be all of this [fill in the blank] can’t be from him!”). 

Thirdly, after this and the time varies greatly depending on the willingness of the person to work with the Lord, we come to a point in the journey where we stop struggling and fighting Him at every step and come into rest. This too is a process; it doesn’t happen overnight. The alternative path to coming into rest is what happened with the Israelites in the desert after they came out of Egypt. 

Fourthly, we then come to a point of His – very important; not ours but HIS – determination. “At that point, you will understand…” This is a “high point” moment with the Lord of His choosing, when we are ready as determined by Him, when He shows us all of the garbage, he has brought us out of and how much He has grown us up in Him. Not that there won’t be more to grow into! To be a fully possessed vessel of the Lord in which His fullness resides. Think the bride of Christ, the remnant, an overcomer, a huios (mature) son of the Father. This is where He is longing to take those people who will go there with him. 

My words will fall short here but I am going to state something that most Christians would agree with but very few live in the reality of – Jesus is much bigger than anything this life has to offer. It is not even close. In Him is everything that has ever been or will ever be valuable. Apart from Him everything that has ever been or will be is worthless.  

“Tell My children to trust Me, they need to trust Me. All My people struggle in various ways, that’s part of the walk of faith. But I desire they come through that part of the walk where they don’t live in fear but instead, they live in faith. It’s a choice. I am either Lord of everything, or I am Lord of nothing. It’s a choice. 

Provision has been made for them in this hour, and it does not matter what is going on in the world around them. My people live in the world, but they are not of the world. Which of them truly believes this? Will they not be tested in their faith so that they can see if they are in the faith? Did they not endure much for no reason at all? Was I not preparing them? Did they not see my provision in various ways, ways they still have not even fully considered? Remove your unbelief from before Me and let not fear overtake you – My perfect love casts out fear. 

The times are here where those that whisper My name only for the betterment of their lives here on this earth will be exposed. But those that whisper My name such that I may come into them and abide fully in them, they are My secret weapons in this time. They chose to be the chosen vessel that I made them to be. 

Seek the inner life where My spirit resides and come up from the tyranny of the temporary into the high heavenly places they are called and seated in Christ. These moments in time, and this world, are not bigger than them when I am seated in the proper place in their heart. Consider how great My love is for them and rest in that, rest in it FULLY.”

Kevin Huston 11-7-2020

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US Election Result: Moving Forward

The US election result is IN at the time of my writing. It’s unofficial but unless the other side can prove corruption in postal ballots, Mr Trump will step aside and Mr Biden will take over on 20th January.

How to cope: for those who have “lost”

For those who’s candidate and policies appear lost, we must pray and we must love. GOD may have a new way to continue the shift towards Godly ways in Western society, that the American administration sought.

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” (1John 4:18)

If your concern for the nation and for the world has increased as a result of the election result in the US, please be encouraged: as you love, you not only challenge your own torment, but the ploys of the evil one are also overcome. 

This requires great contemplation, with or without regard for the election result. Selah, as the Bible uses in Psalms. Selah marks a pause for reflection, and we must do much of this moving forward.

Love in our personal lives

We who know Jesus are called to love. And where we know we are loved by Our LORD, and where we know we are called to love others, we will have no torment, no fear, no doubt, no shame; in Jesus there is only love.

In my own life, I have been contemplating this truth. I have much more to contemplate. But as I take stock, take time, take the Word, I realise:

I fear much. That comes from a weakness to control. Control is ungodly. I surrender my desire to control.

I am tormented sometimes. That comes out of a yearning for a different reality.

I love much. Therein lies my grace toward others and GOD’s grace toward me.

Perfect love is possible. Perfect love is fearless. As I love GOD, as my faith grows, as I trust Him, I am not afraid for others nor for myself. 

Those who are called by GOD are few. Those who respond are fewer. But when I love GOD, and entrust others to Him, I know I’ve done all I can for them. And fear subsides.

As to the election and the future of the world? 

We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and rulers of this Age (Ephesians 6)

When I look at those whom I do not trust who hold political power, I refuse to hate. Instead, I look to GOD for justice and mercy: Mercy for those who are are under an evil influence, and Justice to those who do evil. 

The world IS in decline. We who know the resurrected Jesus hold the key to eternal life. As evil influences the world more and more, how much more must we live in love and pray for GOD’s mercy before judgment.

“Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have already come;

’Tis grace that brought me safe thus far

And grace will lead me home.”*

We pray for more love in us

Love is the starting point, not for healing in nations but healing in hearts. Then, the healing of nations will follow.

Hallelujah. We despair not. Love holds the key. Perfect love, like peace which passes all understanding, holds the power for life, joy, and the overcoming of all else.

This is not a quick fix. We must take time to reflect and to pray. It will take time. Selah

*from hymn, Amazing Grace by John Newton

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The Benefit of Another Lockdown

The benefit of another lockdown exists. 

For Believers, I’m not speaking about health safety, but about what ancillary helps arise from lockdown. And there are some. I’ve noticed I’ve been spending less time with the Holy Spirit recently, compared to earlier this year in the grip of the first lockdown. I suppose I need another lockdown to recalibrate.

This week in England, a second lockdown of a sort has been instituted. This follows what has been occurring all across Europe and in the other nations of the United Kingdom over recent weeks. Today is the first day of a month-long closure in England of all but essential trade businesses. Schools and other educational institutions continue. But work from home, which has become the norm goes on, service industries and fitness places are closed, shops beyond those which supply essentials are also closed. 

Why has our sovereign LORD allowed this?

I’m not choosing to discuss the merits of fighting Covid over fighting the fall- out from closures. I am weighing up how we can grow in these times by spending more quality time with GOD.

Lockdown offers a slowdown, an opportunity to reflect, contemplate, pray.

As we abide with our LORD, we grow in love and surrender. Surrender enables us to receive more of the Holy Spirit’s guidance and leadership: 

More of you, less of me, LORD!

Overcoming the flesh

As we walk in the Spirit of Christ, we become more like Jesus; we overcome the flesh and live in the fruit of the spirit, including more peace, love, joy and all the other fruits.

Walking in greater love and surrender: allowing Jesus to prepare his bride; defending us against worldly distraction — however “good” the cause; deepening our understanding of GOD’s word, His ways, His truth. These can only be good things.

This is the antithesis of rebellion

It is equally possible that this lockdown is a ploy to shepherd citizens into greater fear and docile capitulation. Tyranny may well be at our doorstep. There is an abundance of conspiracy theory and alternative scientific views about how to manage this virus. But we must choose to look up, to rest in His presence, to trust in His word.

GOD is sovereign and He has given us the governments of His choosing. Romans 13 tells us this.

Lockdown is at best, a human effort to protect. It is not a spiritual battle.

Lockdown gives society the opportunity to reflect, revise, reshape, spending more time with our children and less time in the rat race.

Church as we know it needs to revise. It is based upon Greek thinking and roots that are a far cry from Jesus’ initial church. Can we let it go to let GOD raise up His church? I think we can, and we must.

Shortcomings of the Church as we know it

There are some excellent aspects to the organised church. It offers a sense of family to those even without family. It gives an opportunity to learn about GOD, for those already in the family of GOD and also for those still outside. 

But is everything that is “the Church” operating as Jesus intended? I don’t think so. It seems to me that church, in the main, is more about people and less about Him. Worship is more about how we feel and less about His Glory. It is top-ended and front-focused, a system rather than what was recorded in Acts 2:42-47:

“They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and they ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising GOD and enjoying the favour of all the people. And the LORD added to their number daily those who were being saved.”

Let us embrace lockdown as an opportunity

To dwell more deeply with the LORD and even to return to church with an altered mindset can be our goals. Let us trust that our sovereign GOD will never leave us nor forsake us, and that His battle is for the hearts and minds of the people. Our role is to dwell in His presence and to prepare as His bride. When He pronounces us ready, there will be much to do. Let us wait on Him for His timing, His anointing and His leadership.

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Psalm 2 Election Prayer

Taken from Psalm 2, here is an Election Prayer for USA today, UK Parliament tomorrow…..

“Why do the nations rage,

And the people plot a vain thing?

The kings of the earth set themselves,

And the rulers take counsel together,

Against the LORD and against His 

Anointed, say,

“Let us break Their bonds in pieces

And cast away Their cords from us.””

This is speaking of Yehovah GOD and His son:

“Yet I have set My King

On My holy hill of Zion”

“You are MY Son,

Today I have begotten You.

Ask of Me and I will give You

The nations for Your inheritance.

And the ends of the earth for Your possession.”

Jesus, we ask you to give us this day Your victory over the nations:

Over the American election today,

Over the parliamentary decisions in England tomorrow,

So that we may rejoice with you with trembling.

We “kiss the Son, lest he be angry,”

We do not wish to perish along the say.


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Time for a New Paradigm

          Time for a New Paradigm is a guest post by Gary Gay.

Paradigm definition:  a typical example or pattern of something; a model. 

The old paradigm I grew up with is worn out, with nothing of value to show for it. There is no life or grace in it. The Lord told me, “I am where life and grace is, I am not where life and grace is not.” 

I am talking about the worn out “End times” message that tries to scare people into heaven so they can escape hell. It is a distorted view of the Father and His love for the world. It has been billed as the “Turn or Burn” paradigm. This is not a message of relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Where is the message of faith, hope and love in this type of message? It is no wonder the world mocks this message while we have declared that God is love. 

The three main characteristics of God’s nature is love, give, and forgive, summed up in John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

First and foremost, God is love. Second, God is a giver. He gave the most valuable gift in the universe, His only begotten Son. Third, because He gave, we are forgiven if we believe on the Son.  This is the nature and paradigm of God. But for the most part this is not what we have heard. We have been deceived. Matt 24:4 And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you.”

Yes, there will be trying times a hundred or more years from now. However, those that bear His name will be covered by Him. Wherever the Father sends us, Jesus has already been there and prepared the way! Yes, there will be those who have the great honor of being martyred. But like everything in the kingdom that the Father asked us to do, they will have grace for it. 

A big mistake we all have made is trying to see ourselves going through horrific times with the knowledge and the maturity we have now. We can’t do that. We are not prepared for that, nor can we be until the time God has established for such things.  So many in the Body focus on the second coming instead of living for today. Consequently, they miss out on the relationship the Father has for them. They live in fear of “what if.” If I am living in the “What if of tomorrow” I cannot gain strength from my “Daily Bread” which grows me into the maturity I will need when those times come. There is no need to fear, Jesus made that clear. Why do we not believe that? Is it because we are holding onto our life? If I am, I will lose it. Only by giving Jesus my whole life will I be able to keep it. See Luke 9:24.

Note: By laying down our life with no control whatsoever, can we inherit everything. This is an amazing paradox. It is the world system flipped upside down. 

In December of 1999, I broke free of the religious system. It was not easy, but oh so rewarding. If I had stayed in that system, I could not have written or taught what I have promoted for the last twenty years. In 2001 the Lord said, “You cannot know the power of truth until you have lived under the strength of a lie.” I had lived under the strength of a lie for twenty years. However, now I have chosen to live in the power of truth. Jesus and His word is truth. The Father said, Matt 17:5 “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him!”  

It is Time for a New Paradigm.  It is time to love people to life, not judge them to death. Love never fails because God is love. God has never failed at anything.  There is a new paradigm that we are to declare although it is not new. For those who are concerned about the second coming this will be good news. Matt 24:14 “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” This is not talking about the gospel of salvation. 

The kingdom of God message will be preached with signs and wonders. Those that preach this message, are the signs and wonders. They will be observed as a sign and people will wonder about them. They are the message that will be seen and read. They are already here if we have eyes to see. What message are we? 

The “restoration of all things” (see Acts 3:21) has begun in earnest and it starts with a great harvest. Restoration begins with what was lost or destroyed last. Matt 20:16 “So the last will be first, and the first last.” Example: When the Romans destroyed the nation Israel in 70 AD, the first thing it destroyed was the Temple. The last place the Romans destroyed was Masada. When God started the restoration process of Israel, the first place He restored was Masada. The last place to be restored will be the temple. 

We, His Body, are His Temple. We will be restored without spot or wrinkle as the Lord was before His crucifixion on the Mount of Transfiguration. The Lord has made it clear to me we will have completely restored bodies before the Lord’s return. We will be signs and wonders. Can you receive that for yourself? 

Gary Gay 11-1-2020 all scripture NKJV

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How to overcome Gloom

How to overcome gloom is a question best answered when the gloom has lifted, and best digested before a next episode arises.

Gloom is that dark, oppressive sense we have when something hits us emotionally or spiritually. It’s like our car being sideswiped while we’re in it: unexpected, without warning, hard!

Triggers are small but explosive: a tiny difference of opinion with someone dear (or even one not-so-dear) to us; a bit of foreboding news, whether in the paper or on tv (there’s so much news at the moment that is negative) or more family-oriented; realising we’ve made a wrong choice which we cannot change. As you’re reading, I expect you’re thinking of something right now and wondering, “Could that be a trigger?” Yes, probably.

Gloom is temporary: that’s the first and most important thing to realise when  you’re in it. The dark sense of hopelessness will not remain; and that knowledge is the first step to getting through it.

Gloom is separate from us: it is external or biochemical but it is not a part of you. It may be demonic, in which case you pray it off, bind it or cast it out (getting others to help can be useful). It may be biochemical, in which case eat healthy, drink fluids, exercise (endorphins lift us naturally). It may be based on a thought, so to trace the gloom to a particular mindset or discovery which has brought you down can constructively help you through it.

Gloom is down so look up!: Jesus and worship music lift us from the heaviness of worry, desperation, listlessness and gloom. It may take some effort to get to a point of celebration, but putting on positive, life-giving worship music is sound advice (pardon the pun!) Singing is even more powerful. Dancing is a great option. The point is to look up to our GOD, lift up our voice (even if it’s to cry out rather than to sing), and move out of our misery physically. Writing it out, using creative expression of any kind, helps to move the gloom out and away from us.

Gloom is oppressive: it’s not GOD. Is is flesh and we have overcome the flesh, the devil and the world through Jesus. It is not to be condemned when we feel gloom, but rather to know we’ve been rescued from it and He can overcome it for us. 

Gloom may be prophetic: What we experience may be only a piece of what others are experiencing. Elijah experienced serious fear and futility when confronted with Jezebel. And yet, GOD said he was not the only one for GOD’s word but there were 7000 others (see 1 Kings 19:1-18). We are not alone in our gloom and in fact, we may experience it for the sake of prayer for others. You are not alone, we are not alone; and we stand for others so they may not fall.


We best play our part by asking GOD to take the gloom and to help us through it. Knowing it is temporary, separate from us, oppressive, and knowing that looking up and away is not denial but sound strategy helps us through. Whether external forces and circumstances or internal dismay has brought about the gloom, facing it, working through it, trusting GOD is in even this, will help us until it passes. 

Know this: we can rejoice in all circumstances, and when circumstances take away our joy, we can allow GOD to carry us. Surrender in everything makes anything possible.

Love, Sarah xx