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Conviction vs Condemnation: part 1

Conviction vs Condemnation: Conviction good, Condemnation bad

When GOD trusts you to see your weaknesses He is encouraging you. Only through revelation and experience can we discover our failings and be changed.

Conviction is that which we receive from the Holy Spirit: His whisper, telling us of our weakness, frailty, humanity, error.

Our pride will fight the message.

Condemnation is that shout into our minds that we are abject failures, miserable and wanton in the futility of our flesh. It comes from the world, the flesh and the devil.

“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus…” (Romans 8:1)

Our pride relishes the message, even when it hurts. It loves the attention.

Pride prevents character growth

When we let go of pride, we can instead rely on GOD and His ability in us to overcome our situation. When we recognise our prideful heart and accept the need to change, GOD can work in us.

Trust in the voice of the LORD, “with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all ways acknowledge Him” and He will lift you up. (Prov 3)

Count it all joy when you fail and recognise it. (James 1) Do not linger there, but allow the LORD to lift you up to a new height. We cannot soar without the catalyst. Often the catalyst is failure and the recognition of it. The way to perfection (and yes, perfection is possible just as Jesus encourages) is through trials, testing and patience.

Pain raises us to the next level

Inevitably, we go through pain to get to the next level of strength in the LORD.  It isn’t always external but is often self-inflicted. Through yielding, in humility, we overcome. Know this: the tunnel always leads to righteousness, joy, peace in GOD.

Abide: spend time with GOD, so He can expose your weaknesses

Know this: you are imperfect. Perfection comes from exposing the flaws. To polish the edges of a diamond makes it more beautiful; without the grit against the edges to smooth the rough, it will not sparkle to its full potential.

So it is with us all. We are diamonds in the rough. But we aren’t meant to stay that way.

Trust, lean, hope and persevere. Making decisions to live this way will bring you through all suffering and mature you, strengthen you, and prepare you for what lies ahead.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Reflections and Poetry

Overcome the Flesh: Emotion as Flesh

Overcome the Flesh

“My soul clings to the dust;

Revive me according to your word.”

(Psalm 119:25)

As mature believers we need to learn to ignore the flesh and that includes our emotions.

When the world has said feed the emotions, we have followed with inner healing. That was important and much good has come from it. But the Season has changed and now we need to learn to ignore the flesh in order to soldier in the fight for souls.

How do we overcome our emotions in a healthy way?

We recognise the flesh is death and the spirit is life.

We do not ignore pain and suffering. Jesus heals and we must allow him to do his work in us. And in ourselves, we will discover life beyond pain, learning to rejoice in all circumstances (Philippians 4:4-9 ), and recognising that what Satan or man means for evil, GOD allows for good (Genesis 50:20). When we trust in His sovereignty, we see our lives unfold on His terms; then we live freely and soberly, fully conscious that this is the Time for our lives to be solely committed to Him.

“So shall I meditate on Your wonderful works.” (Psalm 119:27b)

When we fully embrace the mercy and justice of the LORD, His timing and His strategy, we will no longer suffer — not because we are in denial, but because we have learned to overcome the flesh.

Hallelujah, where the Spirit is, there is LIFE.

Reflections and Poetry

What to do when your handbag is stolen

What to do when your handbag is stolen?

  1. Pray for its return — even if that means looking in bins in the side streets of the theft.
  2. Pray for the person who stole — maybe they will be wholly convicted and turn to Jesus.
  3. Thank the LORD your person wasn’t stolen, your arm wasn’t broken, or your child didn’t go missing. There are always better situations, but also always there are worse.

I’m most struck by the fact that I could “afford” to lose the £275 cash that was in the wallet. I could “afford” the loss of my favourite eye glasses (‘m tying with poor vision, grateful I can touch type). I could “afford” the hassle of having to notify the banks, replace the cards — including my driver’s licence, find a new handbag, etc etc. Losing that amount of money hurts (I had literally just gone to the ATM). But I won’t starve as a result, and I will not take that for granted.

I didn’t have any house or car keys in the bag. Thank the LORD for that!

I didn’t get injured. Thank you for your protection, Father.

I didn’t panic. And one kind person who overheard my plight at the bank offered me money for a taxi (I didn’t accept as it wasn’t necessary).

So, what do we do when we have a handbag — or wallet, or keys, or something else of relative value? We call the police and other relevant parties. But we find the good and thank GOD for that. We praise Him in ALL seasons. We count our blessings.

I am still reflecting upon the occurrence. I was in a shop and had set my bag down — foolishly. GOD didn’t intervene, didn’t warn me, didn’t scold me either.

I don’t know why this happened today. Beware of the thief who comes in the night to steal and destroy. The adversary isn’t only the devil, but sometimes is a person.

I’m sad, I’m reflective. I feel a little bit bruised and a bit alone. But these feelings will pass. And in the meantime, I focus on the kindest shown me by the store clerk who contacted the police and the man in the bank who offered a helping hand. And I praise GOD I’m here to tell the story.

I’m dwelling on the aftermath and the peace which will eventually be fully restored. That’s how we process and recover from the experience of a theft.

Reflections and Poetry

Perish… Perish Not: A Reflection

I am still. I perish not!

I pause in this busy life to reflect. And I reflect on direction, purpose, and ultimately my thoughts rest on Vision.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18)

I guess I’m perishing… because I don’t have a vision. Rather than create one, I’m waiting on My GOD. But in so doing, rather than feel as though death is at my door, I am at peace as I wait upon my next steps.

I have plenty of passion, loads of skill, but no clarity. And as I wait upon the LORD, He renews my strength (Isaiah 40) and I long for, hope for and pray for His vision for the next phase of life.

I am not a great strategist. So if I had a direction or mission or vision for ministry, I’m sure I would need the LORD to weave it all together for me.

But as I have said, I don’t even have a vision. So, I wait. I think he’s waiting for me to wait, and perhaps then He’ll move me. For years, I’ve desired for Him to move mountains with mountain moving faith (Matthew 17), and that he’d use me. But I realise I’m the mountain who needs moving. And first I must be still.

I am including a lovely piece from a new on-line friend, Gary Gay. He talks about intimacy with GOD and this dovetails nicely with my reflection today. Intimacy will prevent our perishing:)

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.” (Psalm 23)


Intimacy Affects Everything by Gary Gay

Everything in scripture from Genesis to Revelation is about relationships.  The main reason Jesus came was to restore man’s relationship to God.  To the degree of intimacy, we have in our relationship with the Lord Jesus, is the degree we have peace in the face of tribulation.  Intimacy will quench every fear, everywhere, every time.  Intimacy draws us close to Him regardless of our circumstances.  After counselling for thirty years, I have never found an exception to this truth.

Intimacy takes one’s focus off self.  It puts the burden of truth on our creator and relieves us of all our fears.  Alternatively, self-focus will lead us to some level of worry or fear.  True intimacy invites the Lord Jesus to inspect every area of our life, thoughts, words and deeds.  His inspection should be of no concern unless we are hiding behind fig leaves, we have sewn together (see Gen. 3:7).

Intimacy with the Lord Jesus affects every area of our lives. Intimacy is the answer to every concern we have.  If we fear intimacy, we are self-focused and give place to the evil one.  Intimacy brings light to every dark place in us.  The level of peace one has reveals the level of intimacy.  An outside force cannot affect true intimacy.  Meaning one cannot blame someone or something for our lack of peace or intimacy.  The only thing that can come between our relationship and the Lord is self-focus and we are in charge of that.

Intimacy is the foundation for everything that follows in the building of our relationship with Him.  The next step is trust; trusting Him for and in everything.  Trust ushers in abiding/rest in Him.  This relationship is a three step dance.  Intimacy, trust and abiding/resting bring us to the promises of God, revealing the Kingdom of God, which is the promise land.  He brings us to the dance, and He will take us home.    

Gary Gay

You can get in touch with Gary directly by email at:

Reflections and Poetry

LIFESTYLE: Learning to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit


I have been invited to mentor new theology students and to act as a guest lecturer at a UK University. This is something I’d love to do. But I believe I must turn it down — at least delay it for the immediate future. Why? Because as much as I’d like to support the student endeavour, I have no sense from the Holy Spirit that this is the time for me to do it.

If I ignore the prompting, I am denying the university and the candidates GOD’s perfect choice.


I am seeking to live totally surrendered to the Spirit of GOD.

In times past I would (unwittingly) contort the circumstance to fit my passion, heartfelt desire, ambition or hope. No more. My single desire is to be available to GOD and to follow only the prompting of the Holy Spirit, for only in this is there real fruit.

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faith, patience and self control. (Galatians 5:22-23)

If I am to minister, it must be by the power and presence of GOD, not in my flesh. I have tried using my talents and gifting, and there has been some “success” for others as I have ministered. But it has taken me a long time to realise that the use of talent is not the same as making talent available to GOD. I’ve jumped the gun many times, for good intent. But now I shall wait upon GOD for His timing, rather than assume because I’m able that it is GOD’s choice.

I have offered and spent my talents; so many diverse skills have I picked up along life’s journey. But I’ve come to the conclusion that since everything is to GOD’s glory, making myself available to Him is what matters and I must exercise the discipline to do this.

Lifestyle of Service

I believe we are all called to a life of service, but it is not of service to man but service to GOD. Good deeds are wonderful, but as Believers, GOD deeds are the deeds we must focus upon. Sometimes there is overlap, but sometimes not. In all things, we make GOD our focal point, for His will to be done and to His glory.

The great commandments are these:

To love the LORD our GOD with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love our neighbour as ourself. (Luke 10:27) GOD comes first, and out of our love for Him, flows a ministry to others.

The World’s Perspective

In the World, there are many goodwill organisations who seek to help those in need. Much good is done by these world organisations. Recently however, cracks of corruption and abuse have been revealed in some of these organisations.  They are flawed.

We as Believers in Jesus are not meant to “do good deeds” in the World system but rather to obey the above commandments. We need to distinguish between these two strategies. Some of us are called to work within these systems and that is right, when we are called to it. But it is important we do not place reliance on World systems nor to assume we are to place our trust in them.

Love, Honour, Obey

When we follow the Holy Spirit, we are certain to be following the path that the LORD has chosen for us, the path which He needs us to follow for His ends. It is time we lay down our lives in deed as well as in word, and surrender to the will of GOD. When we love Him, when we seek Him, when we desire to honour and obey Him, and as we wait upon Him, He will reveal to us His will. The still small voice of His Holy Spirit will prompt us in directions that may surprise. Let us wait on Him for His surprises, and see where He will lead.

Do others say with me, “Amen”?

Reflections and Poetry

Why are we trying so hard? – A reflection on the Supernatural Working of GOD

Surrender! That is the key to everything as we relate to Yehovah GOD the Father and Jesus, His Son. Actually, I find surrender is difficult, but I persist in my efforts.

Here’s a short reflection, perhaps something some of you can relate to:

I am discovering the reality of intimacy with GOD the Father.

Oh, I’m not special. I’m just determined. And I won’t leave Him alone. Of course when he draws near, then I draw back. But I’m getting better at hanging in.

And in the waiting, I am seeing that reality is far more spiritual than it is natural.

When I gaze inwardly for a while — as I pray, I begin to feel His presence. Then when I open my eyes, what I see is the same before I closed them… and yet, it is different somehow.

I want to be close to the Father because that is what the Father wants.

I don’t want to manufacture anything. And I’m not worthy of a heavenly experience. But He says He wants me — by His Word. And so I am getting a little braver and allowing myself to surrender to Him more and more. I wait. I close my eyes to block out the physical. And I sense His presence.

Oh Father, keep me brave. And don’t give up on me. I’m beginning to discover that reality is spiritual. As that reality becomes more and more clear, I sense I will understand the miraculous. (In times past, I did bring some healing, through the laying on of hands or discernment, all in Jesus’ name. But that was decades ago.)

Maybe now, as any of us allows Him to come closer, perhaps we will be able to lay hands on people or even simply to walk passed them — as Peter did in Acts, and they will be healed.

Hoping for more

Jesus did it. He promised we would do even more. Peter did it. We must be brave and hope. One day, I’d love for GOD to move a mountain. Wouldn’t you? Could we be brave enough to allow Him to use us to do it?

It’s all through the Holy Spirit — which sounds easy, doesn’t it? So why is it so hard?

He’s so awesome. I do get quite nervous around Him, and I suppose I run away.

I think it’s time I stopped running, hiding; instead time to rest, and abide.

Reflections and Poetry

Maturity: Overcoming Disappointment with a Soft Heart

We all have a need to be useful

We all have a sense we have some purpose on this earth, and quite naturally, want our purpose to be fulfilled. We have gifts and talents, given by GOD, to support the fellowship of Believers. GOD has given some to be apostles, some prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers. Some are called to be watchmen, some to serve, still others to encourage. There are several lists of ways GOD has fashioned us to serve. See Romans 12, Ephesians 4, 1 Corinthians 12, Hebrews 2 for those lists.

As I walk in the presence of the LORD, I offer myself to Him. Often that means surrendering my spiritual gifts to the service of others. Sometimes that offering is received; sometimes it is not. Sometimes fellow Believers are not able to see the gift or the offering, or if it is seen, it is not received. This is heart-breaking. There is a need, which we can fill — even offer to fill, but the one in need does not accept that support.

This must be heart-breaking for GOD as well: Prayer is offered up to Him, someone pleading for help. Help comes in the form of another Believer. Yet the help is undetected by the petitioner, or rejected because the form is not what is expected or “acceptable”.

How then do we walk in love and grace, honouring GOD, honouring others, when injustice or disappointment or lost opportunity arises?

What not to do

Do not take offence.

Do not blame, or complain.

Do not become hard-hearted.

What angered GOD when the Hebrews were in the desert was their complaining. Such behaviour is not the mark of a mature Believer.

What to do

Work it through with dignity and grace:



Seek GOD for another opportunity to use the gifts we have.

Past experience teaches us grace

Many years ago, as a quality singer and lover of GOD, I was on a worship team in my home church. Unfortunately, the team leader and I didn’t connect very well. That happens sometimes; we can’t naturally “get on” with everyone. But it caused me a lot of pain because I wanted to serve GOD with my abilities, and was frustrated and limited because the relationship with the leader was poor.

A wonderful minister within the church — not a leader but a fellow congregant — could see my suppressed pain.

He said, “When you are disappointed or frustrated, go to GOD first.” His wife, an equally mature and wise minister said, “You have a sweet spirit. Keep it.” I took away from that encounter that I was to pray when injured, and not to become hard-hearted.

Like all of us, I have taken some knocks delivered from within the Body of Christ. “Church” is our greatest source of pain, I think. But it is also our greatest source of support, as witnessed by these dear ministers.

It is a fact of our humanity, that we learn more from disappointment, failure and heartbreak, than we do from victory and success.

Because I took that advice to seek GOD first and to keep a sweet spirit, now I have become a minister. Such is the development of every Believer. We are children first, then young men, and finally fathers in the LORD (1 John 2).

It is a hard road

Being a follower of Jesus, serving in the Body of Christ, is often a thankless task. But our reward is in Heaven and our Father is pleased as we give, love and devote ourselves to service. Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. One of his dearest friends, Peter, rebuked him for it. But Jesus stood fast. We are to humble ourselves to receive, just as we are to offer ourselves to serve.

Let us allow ourselves to be available, both as servants and as recipients of His grace and love, as we relate to others. This is preparation for us as his Bride.

Reflections and Poetry

Intimacy: Seeking the Presence of our Creator GOD

I read the Bible, I read books, I am inspired by music too.

But most of all, I seek His presence

Yet push him away, I do.

That’s a little ditty that describes my heart versus my behaviour.

Seeking Intimacy

If I could spend all my time with the Father, I feel sure I would. And yet, when time and stillness are available,
I realise I have yearning but also hesitation. I do seek Him, but I don’t always give all my attention.

Why do I hesitate? He comes gently, carefully, peacefully. And yet, I am afraid, even quivering a little as He draws me to His presence.

I am discovering, as I meditate on scripture and am inspired by others who share their experiences*, that although I have been encompassed by His presence in the past, I am still learning about Him and know Him so little.

“I never knew you” (Matthew 7:23) comes to mind and I wonder, does he think that of me?

I look up the scripture in its entirety, “And then I will declare to them, I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practise lawlessness.”

The Word gives me solace.

In our walk with Jesus

There is total surrender when we commit our lives to Jesus. We say the words but to what degree do we practise “total surrender”?

We are imperfect, made perfect in Jesus’ sacrifice for us, so this isn’t to lay a guilt trip on anyone, and in fact I’m sharing in the way that I am, personalising this, because I want readers to have the sense that it’s okay not to be perfect, even though we are called and are responsible to give our all.

We can rest assured his work is finished and his salvation sure. And yet, I don’t want to take this for granted.

The days are closing in

There seems to be endless speculation on the timing of Jesus’ return. Some say we will first be raptured, others say we go through the tribulation just like everybody else, as witnesses to the reality and goodness of GOD. What seems to be agreed is that these are unprecedented times and as the world and its systems and human beings spiral out of control, we who love Jesus hope there will be an end to the way things are. So whatever an individual believer’s End Times theology, I think most readers will be on the same page: the world is in bad shape, we are called to witness goodness, and must not take that call for granted; time is short!

And in our remaining short time, we are to mature into His likeness and to witness to others His goodness and truth. I believe we can no longer do this without the manifest presence of GOD: His Holy Spirit working in and through us, not any longer.

For centuries, it seemed the gifts and callings for the Holy Spirit were dormant. There may have been pockets of outpourings and a peculiar few anointed, but by-and-large the traditional denominations operated outside of the manifestations of the Spirit until Azusa Street (1906-1915) in California and the birth of the Pentecostal movement.

Now now now now, we need the Holy Spirit and we need Him fully. True surrender, as I understand it, is to allow Him to fill us to the brim and to operate in His call. The anointing comes to us for ministry and His presence fills us. We need the Spirit to operate in signs and wonders, to build the body of Believers and to surprise and delight others to discover GOD for themselves.

The Cost of Intimacy

But it does cost. I am learning that to ask the Holy Spirit to fill me requires courage and patience to wait for Him. It isn’t just allowing Him to fill me when His circumstances permit, but to ask for Him to dwell in me always, then yielding when He does, seeking to live in His presence always, placing the illusion of control at His feet.

It isn’t romantic. It isn’t fleeting. It’s always. And for an independent person like me, that’s hard.

But without Him, am I even on the narrow road? Without willing to surrender fully, am I truly available? Am I truly committed? Taken literally, if I have committed to give Him my all, then what does that look like?  And am I doing all I can to live for Him, for my Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith?

What is our need

I write this today out of compulsion to yield and to encourage others to yield to Him. GOD will not give us a serpent or a stone when we ask for bread. Jesus is the bread of life. But he returned to the Father in order to send to us the Holy Spirit: comforter, presence and power of GOD, not only for salvation but for anointing as well, to live as Jesus did whilst on the earth, and to be as Jesus was whilst on the earth. I certainly cannot fulfil this call in my own strength. I need His Spirit, not only to dwell within me but to be ignited within me, leading me, transforming me, inspiring me to “be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48)

Will we surrender?

Taking everything into account: the cost of surrender and the reward of His presence, can we do anything else?

As David the shepherd wrote long, long ago, “He restores my soul;… He leads me in paths of righteousness… For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff they comfort me… You anoint my head with oil [of the Holy Spirit]… Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.” (excerpts from Psalm 23)

My prayer

Oh Father, lead me into Your way everlasting,



* Most recently, I’m in the process of reading Terry MacAlmon’s 30 Seconds in His Presence… will change your life forever! as shared with me by a dear sister and prayer partner. Graham Cooke is also someone whom I also find inspiring — urging us to draw closer to Our LORD Yehovah GOD, Creator of this whole entire spectacular universe.

Reflections and Poetry

Rising above Disillusionment

“And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” Let him who hears say, “Come!” And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely.” (Revelation 22:17)

Preparing the Bride means followers of Jesus all, as the bride of Christ, are to grow in maturity and to be ready for his return. This includes rising above disappointments and even betrayals that we may experience from others.

People often disappoint us. Even best friends, close family members, colleagues with whom we’ve shared secret concerns — anyone can betray us and life is full of shocks, let downs and discouragements. That is not a surprise but how we respond makes us mature or makes us bitter.

Going beyond forgiveness

When someone lets us down, how can we respond in a way that places us above the disappointment? Do we forgive or do we obsess about the betrayal? We can be offended, resentful, bitter, depressed or angry. Or we can rise above.

Forgiveness is important but along with that, profoundly stronger than the offence, is to recognise we understand more, know more, are superior to any offence caused us. And when we sit above it, we realise we have reached a level of maturity and strength no set-back can damage. We have more wisdom than the offender, and nothing can damage that inner confidence, resilience and strength that we have acquired through our walk with GOD.

This is profound. For us. And for the offender. Whether the hurt was caused deliberately or whether it was an oversight doesn’t matter to us. We move on. We are free and beyond the circumstance. We are strong, resilient and liberated from the offence and from the circumstances that resulted.

“I rejoice in all circumstances” Paul of Tarsus writes. Beaten, battered, falsely accused, imprisoned — none of this really mattered to Paul. I suspect he knew, not only that GOD was sovereign: all-knowing and all-seeing and all-powerful, but also that freedom comes from our attitude to our circumstances. Rising above sentiments that entrap us in negativity, moving on from disappointment, are not just warm fuzzy sentiments of love and forgiveness toward others who may have wronged us; empowerment is fostered within us which moves us forward, above and beyond what has happened to us, and into the realm of maturity and refinement that cannot be shattered.

“He who overcomes….” Jesus says repeatedly in Revelations. We can choose to be Overcomers. Such choices will be key to our development, our effectiveness and ultimately, to our success in whatever business or employment or experience we face.

Will you allow GOD to elevate you through your painful experiences? Pain brings gain when we overcome as a result. If we want human intimacy or crave justice, we can be held back. But when we yearn for GOD’s supremacy in our lives and desire His victory, we overcome. As we meditate on the Word of GOD, we are built up. Scriptures such as “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” and “Whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely…. Think on these things” (Philippians 4) will carry us through dark times. Dark times will come but how we deal with them can make us strong Overcomers.

Hallelujah, Yeshua Jesus has made a way for us in all things. He is our Saviour, our Messiah, not only in our way to heaven, but in our walk on earth as well.

Reflections and Poetry

Contentment – A Trap: a reflection

In all circumstances, be content: a reflection

Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. (Philippians 4:11)

Paul wrote from prison when he wrote those words. And of course the Holy Spirit inspired him.

There are all kinds of prisons.  Contentment of the flesh can be one. Remember the rich young ruler who was sad to learn that to inherit eternal life he would have to give up his wealth? (Mark 10:17)

In the nation of the UK where I live, we have been in some state of lockdown for 10 weeks. Around Europe and various other parts of the world, lockdown has become a way of life. I have not found this difficult myself, because I have a garden and because the UK, for the most part, is a gentle authority when it comes to law and order (even in its strictest lockdown, daily outdoor exercise has been encouraged). It took a week and a half of suggestions and gentle prompts before the government finally issued the direct “instruction” to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary to go out. This was made law but was expressed as an instruction and eased in over a week and a half of hints, cajoles, and persuasive words.

But I digress…. because what I want to address is my contentment being a trap. I have been content — in a comfortable home, with modest financial security, and faith that assures me that GOD is in control.

BUT this in itself can be a trap that prevents me from being and doing all GOD has created me to do.

So I’ve been asking Him for more… more responsibility, more boldness, more courage to follow my heart’s desire to make a concrete difference in the way this world is operating…. in some way, some small way, I aspire to make a difference to people who need and want rescue — spiritually and physically. I have a heart for the homeless and for those addicted to drugs.

Yes, I’ve been writing for years, as GOD’s instruction has led me to do. But I don’t know how effective I’ve been. And I withdrew from social media advertising some months ago because it ate at my time and seemed to evoke relatively little response. Has what I have posted brought glory to GOD or helped others in any significant way?

I love people… it has been a long road to travel to care: I’ve grown from being a bullied child realising the unkindness of humanity to a woman keen to help those in need but cocooned in my own safe circumstances.

So, I am content but find myself now discontented with my contentment and I wish GOD to push me out. Perhaps I am simply ungrateful. Or perhaps the LORD is prompting me to give more to the lost. Oh, I hope so!

How has lockdown effected your state of faith and your state of mind?

How have your aspirations changed or your heart been moved in recent months?

A simple but earnest prayer

Come, Holy Spirit, fill us all with more… more grace, more motivation, more clarity, and more of your presence, that we might be as useful and active as the early church who ministered, shared, and grew in number exponentially, to Your glory and purposes. In Yeshua’s name, Amen.