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End Times: Wisdom and Faithfulness from our Children

What we can learn from our children is so vast. Any parent knows that our children teach us at least as much as we can possibly teach them. Oh, we try… but in their case, they are just being themselves.

Innocence contains wisdom.

Here is something new…

I’ve witnessed — and practiced myself from time to time — tears and deeply felt weeping out of the gratitude for Jesus’ love. Many adults have repented and wept as Jesus receives and forgives.

But here is something new to me: A child weeping, simply and sweetly, broken-hearted and aware that Jesus loves her:

Super Awareness: Toddler Cries because Jesus Loves Her

But why is she weeping? What does she understand that is beyond me?

This child: what does she know? That Jesus loves her. But for me, her tears are Jesus’ tears for those who aren’t paying attention.

I’m paying attention and I’m drawn to Joel 2.

“Blow the shofar in Zion…”

Looking deeply into Joel 2, will you see what I see? I believe this world as we know it has an end that is drawing near; when children have the wisdom and the grief of Jesus what else can it mean?

Joel 3 begins,

So it will be afterward,
I will pour out My Ruach on all flesh:
your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your old men will dream dreams,
your young men will see visions.”

Are we far from this?

Awake men and women of God. light your lamps and keep them full of oil. The days are drawing near. When is the day of the LORD at hand?

People were marrying and being given in marriage in the days of Noah and the days of Lot. Most did not notice, most did not pay attention. The signs were there but few heeded.

Now, at such a time as this, Believers do not take your salvation for granted. Draw near to God, He will draw near to you.

Awake, be ready, watch.

How soon is the Day of the Lord upon us?

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Oh, Another Election: End Times – Elections, Economics and God’s Will

END TIMES: Electoral Voting, Economies and God’s Will

Across the UK we voted for government in 2015. Then we voted on the EU Referendum in 2016. Now it’s 2017 and we’re voting again! In Scotland, this is election #4 in three years. Though democracy is a hard fought privilege, many are thinking, “enough is enough”.

But the nature of these elections are truly unique, not only in their frequency but also in their spiritual significance. Across the globe there has been a lot of voting going on, and in the UK the election is within the next few weeks.

Does this spate of elections have anything to do with the End Times?

“When the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the holy angels with Him, then He will sit on the throne of His glory. All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats. And He will set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left. …” (Matthew 25:31-33)

We learn as the scripture goes on that the sheep are blessed and the goats are not.

Scripture also says, “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.” (Romans 13:1)

Is He preparing our nations for Judgement? Is Jesus returning so soon that the governments are being prepared for his judgment of the nations?

As believers in the sovereignty of God and followers of Jesus, it is important to vote prayerfully, and to enable God to continue to do His work in whichever nation we have a vote.

But I sense in the bigger picture, that our votes are about much more than who the next leader of our countries are going to be.

I have a hunch the nature of these elections are truly unique, not only in their frequency but also in their spiritual significance. I wonder if the LORD isn’t giving democracies the opportunity to take a stand for right over wrong.

This past weekend, my husband and I discussed the situation. He mentioned something interesting. Tyre was a trading nation — a negotiating nation — and it collapsed. As Britain seeks trade, will the LORD be displeased? Is there something supernatural about trade that the Lord abhors? Is it shades of Babel all over again when nations try to build their towers where the LORD has created boundaries?

Satan is a negotiator. He negotiated with Eve so that she would take the forbidden fruit. He tried to negotiate with Jesus when he tempted him with three “ifs”.  He negotiates with us every time we fast and pray, tempting us to eat something “just a little” or when we are tempted to cheat or tell “just a little white” lie.

Satan is the arch deal-maker. 

When a nation deals, is that not a sign of its decline? It was with Tyre. It has been with Britain.

Was the modern golden age of Britain not when it was a manufacturing nation, when it produced cars, planes, trains, ships; linen, glass, Wedgewood/china, lace, sterling silver and stainless steel, clothing?

Now its biggest industry is banking. The text “you cannot serve both God and mammon” comes to mind.

Donald Trump is seeking to return the States to manufacturing, so it has goods to sell and supplies within it’s boundaries. Is it purely socio-economic, so the nation can build employment again? Or is it also prophetic? Is the End as we know it is near and nations will need to be self sufficient post apocalypse?

The nation who’s economy is growing is China; it seems everything is “made in China” these days!

Theresa May is diligently seeking trade deals beyond its borders so the British economy can carry on. But Britain needs to trade its services; it doesn’t produce much anymore. Should it go back to manufacturing?

The nations of Europe originally came together for trade. Now they are intertwined, and the economies of some are very precarious. One of the major issues politicians debate over Britain leaving the EU is trade.

Tyre was one nation in ancient times that was opulent, successful and proud with its trade; the LORD was unimpressed.

Worldwide, what are we heading for? Society seems to be accelerating to somewhere. Where are we going? What should nations do to prepare? Are our elections preparing the way?

For any believer, we need to pray, serve, love and do as the LORD leads. May we keep our ears to the ground, our eyes looking upward and our hearts pinned to the LORD who is our cornerstone, our rock and our life.

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Media and Donald Trump: An Observation

Donald Trump has been in office for just over 100 days. The mainstream media who mocked him is turning, ever-so-gradually, to acknowledging his presidency.

There are still those tv journalists who seem to revel when he does something that looks like failure, but they are beginning to show some respect too. They are admitting at least that he is the president of the United States, rather than a mistake that happened. They don’t seem to choke as they did originally, at calling him “President Trump”.

I notice they don’t praise him, though the universal opinion is that his decision to bomb Syria after Assad rained down chemical weapons (again) on his own people was in favour of it. But particularly since that decision, most journalists seem to be choosing a more objective language when covering a story about the US or commenting about the president.

They seem to have become self aware of their tendency to editorialise and criticise, and that is a good thing. Personally, I think Trump’s determination to expose them has helped, as has his stomping on political correctness by being blunt.

But Donald Trump too has changed. He is still hailing the victory of the silent majority in the United States but also seems to be aware of the importance of diplomacy. With North Korea rising as a real threat to world peace, the president is realising he needs to balance his words of power and strength with the need for diplomatic attempts too. To try to deter war is his aim, though he is still “telling it like it is” as a possibility.

Let’s continue to pray for the president and for all our leaders.

Let’s also continue to pray that the media will return to its true purpose, which is to share realities with the public so that the public can be informed objectively… rather than be swayed into a perspective that is bias.

As these days are intense, full of news of violence and aggression, let us also pray that the peace of God which passes all understanding will fill the hearts of our world leaders and media, and that the world will recognise the truth of the gospel before Jesus’ return to judge it.

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Theresa May: Does Integrity in Politics pay off

I wouldn’t take her job if it were offered to me.

PM of Britain. Did Theresa May stand in the mirror as a sixteen year old and practice a victory speech after a British Federal Election and thank her imaginary voters for making her Prime Minister?

I’ve given a few imaginary victory speeches in my life, but never for winning a federal election.

This woman has guts and there seems to be very little glory. She’s running again… As a politician she’s been in many elections but this will be her first as leader of the Conservative Party in Britain, the favoured to win in the election on 8th of June.

But – to my transAtlantic readers I address – how is it that there is an election if she’s in the favoured party and there isn’t an election due for three years? What’s the point?

The point is that Theresa May stepped in when PM David Cameron lost “his” referendum on European Union membership. He stepped down and out of politics and, after a brief tussle for leadership, Ms May won and has been at the helm ever since. But while the people in the country seem to like her more than they liked her predecessor, some in her own party grumble. And there are many grumblers in the Senate as well… grumblers not against Theresa May in particular, but sour grapes or “rumbly tumblys” over the issue of Brexit. Of course there is the issue of voters not actually voting for Theresa May as their PM but that’s a relatively minor issue in the Parliamentary System that Britain has.

A year ago Britain went to the polls and voted to leave the EU. It wasn’t a resounding victory, in fact it was quite a surprise and quite a close result. But Theresa May has worked uphill just to get through the initial process to trigger the exit. And, by the way, she wasn’t a Leaver! She didn’t particularly want the country to leave the EU but since it has voted to do so, she has pulled out all the stops to make sure it happens.

Now that the trigger has been fired, and the UK has formally told the EU “We are leaving”, comes the hard task of making a good deal with the EU and countries around the world, so that the bottom doesn’t fall out of British life. Theresa May has to do the dealing. But with many politicians wishing to remain and sticking in their heals, and moaning that they don’t like how she’s suggesting a post Brexit Britain will look, they threaten to make it darn near impossible for her to deal.

So she wants a big mandate from the public to proceed in the manner she has been doing.

She’s going to the polls — again. Against her personal desires, and against the wishes of most ordinary folk who are quite fed up with elections, she’s telling folks, ‘If you like what I’m doing to honour your vote, help me finish the job… otherwise, my hands are tied and we’ll get bad deals all-round’. Well, she hasn’t said that but that is basically an accurate picture. Remainers are still trying to avoid the inevitable reality of Britain leaving the EU, and seem still to be trying to influence and control the next steps.

Theresa May is working for an outcome she didn’t expect or express she believed in, and is doing it because that’s what the electorate voted for. That is integrity personified! From where I’m sitting, she is exhibiting democratic leadership and holding a selfless agenda.

The early polls suggests she’s going to win. If she doesn’t win with a big majority, those against her will hound and needle and track her until there is little room left for her to finesse and orchestrate her deals for Britain.

Yup, Britain is going to the polls again. Let’s see if the mandate she needs is what she gets. Let’s see if a selfless politician is able to bring Britain the new hope it voted for, and lead us into a new era — into the vast unknown. Sounds interesting to me. What do you think?





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What the United Airlines fiasco tells us about our Western Society: signs of the times

Fly the Friendly Skies?

Society is becoming increasingly aggressive. What, for example, does the embarrassing public relations disaster that is the United Airlines’ eviction of one of its customers from a plane warn us about our times?

Last week Dr Dao wouldn’t leave voluntarily. He had his ticket and his seat. But UA wanted some of the seats back. They forced Dr Dao off the plane to make available his seat to a UA employee. To the distress of all the passengers, Dr Dao was humiliated because he wouldn’t comply to pressure.

When bullies force a 69 year old citizen off a plane it reminds me of the brownshirts in Nazi Germany before WWII. It also tells me a lot about how our society has degenerated in recent times.

What was the attack

Degrading themselves through acts of bullying, the staff at United Airlines demonstrated that survival of the fittest, money and power, and the-end-justifies-the-means hold prominence against the qualities of grace, humility and service in the eyes of some big businesses, and their employees. This is not new, but it is shocking that in a Secular Humanist Era, one that boasts of humanity being capable of taking care of itself without God, and where political correctness is supreme, this could happen.

The consequence of ditching the teaching of the Ten Commandments has left people bereft of a powerful code of behaviour that is civilised. Thank goodness passengers recognised the brutality was wrong, but it took a while for the UA CEO even to apologise for the abuse, and that was primarily because of public opinion against the actions on the plane rather than any inherent sense of shame or regret.

What has happened is that the moral compass in our society has shifted from an absolute code, as defined by the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus, to a foggy concept of good and bad, that is adaptable, depending on public opinion and the opinion of the media. There is a serious lack of power or authority in our current social values. It has been eroding over decades with consequences that range from unwanted pregnancy and abortion, to crime and substance abuse rising and continuing to rise with little hope of change.

So when employees on a plane need to have an end result, they force the result they want because they lack the ability to determine right from wrong, and to exclude options that are uncivilised and untenable.

Is it because children are not taught the Ten Commandments that homicide – planned murder – is considered by many young adults when polled, “Would you kill your neighbour’s spouse if s/he offered you a million dollars?” I think it is.

But so far, I’m preaching to the converted, literally… Readers will on the whole agree with me that we need a return to Judeo-Christian values in order to save our society from itself. So of what value is there to my writing about this?

Who is our ally

We need to be aware there is a movement afoot to shift back to what is wholesome, powerful and pure. The agents may not be those whom we would choose, but God chooses our leaders and so we must pray for and stand with them.

When someone(s) you don’t see eye to eye with upholds the values that God originated, let’s stand with them. God is supplying push-back and we need to get on the band wagon of those He’s given authority to.

Whether it is the boss at work, or a political leader, or a celebrity, those who stand for what is Godly will experience hate and a backlash, so they need our support.

Dr Dao is suing the Airline. Many would say he’s justified. The actions of the UA employees was nothing short of diabolical.

But they are pawns. Dr Dao is a pawn. The real enemy is not United Airlines or their CEO of staff members. It isn’t even the tendency for UA to overbook their flights. The real enemy is the same source that ignited the brown shirts and the legalisation of abortion, and who is the source for anything that seeks death and destruction.

Who is the enemy

Death and destruction is on the rise. Satan’s days are short. He may know this. But this much is certain: there is a war between what is Godly and what is not. We who are called by Him must take a stand on one side of the road and stand with all others who seek to uphold and defend right from wrong, the Bible as the inerrant Word of God, and stand against the tempest that Satan is wreaking. We are soldiers, there is a war, and we have been chosen to fight.

How do we fight

The sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God is where we start (Ephesians 6). We band together because where two or more are gathered, there is He in the midst (Matthew 18:20). And we remember how good and pleasant it is when we dwell together in unity (Psalm 133). We represent a mighty and good God. Let us walk in the courage and confidence of our convictions, ready to share and waiting for God to lead us.

Dr Dao’s plight was horrendous. It is a marker of what society unchecked is capable of. And we who see the wrong have the opportunity to sow righteousness and point to the Founder of it to those who seek it. Our behaviour and attitude must stand upright as we seek to reconcile others to God. And we can no longer watch from the sidelines.

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Exposing the Towers of Babel: Part 2 Can we go forward in our Democracy

Exposing the Towers of Babel: Part 2 Can we go forward in our democracy without imploding?

Who are the Fascists really?

Fascist activity sprang from a rejection of freedom of expression. Aggression was it’s tool. The brownshirts of Nazi Germany were aggressive and destroyed public and personal property.

Donald Trump was accused by the media of representing and fostering a fascist movement. Now we have Assad in Syria gassing his own people – again, and suddenly the media is no longer harping on Trump in quite the same way. But I digress…

To my mind, the aggression on Inauguration Day of those who opposed Trump’s presidency revealed their hearts, and in so doing, they displayed the attitude and behaviour of which they accused Trump and his supporters.

There is a divide in American politics, which is also visible throughout Europe. Secular Humanism is at odds with its own roots: the JudeoChristian values and laws on which the West was built. But this divide must be mended because there is a much greater threat to Western society.

At the Heart of Islam

As migration increases from Northern Africa and the Middle East into Western society, and as a significant Muslim population moves into Europe, bringing with it its culture and religion, both JudeoChristian values and Secular Humanist values are under challenge. What we have in common is democracy. Perhaps that is the place where we need to come together.

Islam, whether peaceful or not, has a manifesto to take over the countries in which its people reside. Rather than assimilate, this group stands on its own faith and culture, and according to many, seeks to alter the political and legal landscape.

Can we Stand to Stand together?

In the political climate of Western society, the establishment which is under threat. From outside there is a force which seeks to break it open and pull it down. On the other hand, the establishment does not like transparency and seems to prefer things as they are, denying corruption and the manipulation of the people. Who is right and who is wrong?

One is seeking to destroy the Towers of Babel (clean the cesspool), the other is saying the Towers of Babel hold things in place (offer security).

Given Arab Spring and the collapse of that society’s Towers, I think it is fair to say there is a danger to have nothing in place. But in their zeal to come against threat, some of those who fight to protect liberal values seem blinded by their own self-righteousness. The liberal-minded Secular Humanist attitude manifests as radical and intolerant behaviour.

For a long while, I sense there has been an undercurrent of hostility toward traditional values which runs like this,

“We can stifle the Christians, we can suppress the Jews, but we must placate the Muslims because otherwise they’ll turn on us.”

Well, some of them have turned on us anyway!

Christians have been a silent majority for decades. Under Trump there is a hope that freedom of expression will return and with it the values of righteousness under God. Some have demonstrated a level of passion equal to the Secular Humanists. At the other extreme are those faithful who watch and pray for God’s Word to be upheld and honoured.

Arab spring occurred in an atmosphere of oppression in the Middle East. Although it began in Tunisia, it spread like wild fire. A direct result is the situation in Syria, where the established government clings to power, and forces citizens who do not like the ruler to flee or be killed. ISIS is the opposition, seeking to destroy Assad’s regime, and any others in the West who do not value Islamic systems.

We don’t want collapse in the West. But fighting from within makes it difficult to combat the intrusion of a different system, that of Islam.

A house divided against itself cannot stand (Matthew 12:25). Instead, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity (Psalm 133).

We in the West have to work together if we want to hang onto Democracy. I’m not suggesting moral or value compromise, but if we want democracy to continue, surely we need to stand together with those who adhere to it, in order to defend it.

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Exposing the Towers of Babel: part 1 Dictatorship by Stealth, Liberalism by Design

A Look at Politics – Particularly in America

God establishes rulers,

“Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.” (Romans 13:1)

Who are the Fascists, really?

Donald Trump has been accused of being a Fascist. Those who voted for Brexit have been described as being ignorant and UKIP as extreme right wing (racist and perhaps even Fascist).

But I propose that the behaviour of those against Trump, Brexit and UKIP are behaving like ousted dictators. So, who are the Fascists… really?

Britain and America have voted for change. Sovereignty in Britain and Conservatism in America seem to be preferred, but by a narrow margin. As other more right-wing contenders are on the rise across Europe, what can be agreed is that voters across the democratic West are divided over whether to maintain the liberal progressive status quo or to shift back to tradition.

It seems ironic that the established “status quo” is liberal: pro-choice on the abortion issue, pro-gay rights within society’s structure have helped to define the overall perspective of the current left. Over a number of decades, Western society has gradually swung away from Judeo-Christian values, which was once the established tradition and norm. Recently, the long-silenced voices of these traditionalists have begun to speak again; the American election heralded a swing back to more conservative values, for example. Their opponents however, are zealous in their attacks through the media and protest, and hope to maintain their influence.

By small percentages, Brits and Americans have voted to return to tradition. But the losing side: made up of the establishment, the media and some voters are reeling at the prospect of change. Some have been hysterical in their attacks against Brexit and against Trump.

What is really going on?

From Genesis 11:4-9 comes the following,

“And they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top is in the heavens; let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth.” But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built. And the Lord said, “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them. Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.” So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of all the earth, and they ceased building the city. Therefore its name is called Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth; and from there the Lord scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth.”

Over decades, powerful people have set up a number of systems to control the masses. Then they’ve used the media to manipulate and sway the public to their view. Business, pharmacy, medicine, science, politics are all under the control of a wealthy elite, who remain nameless and faceless. These elite have constructed their Towers of Babel and want to remain at the top of them. That’s my belief. I can’t prove it.

As an onlooker (I did vote in the British referendum, but I live in Spain which gives me some degree of distance; as a Canadian I grew up close to but separate from American politics and development), I think the establishment feels under threat, and are attacking their opponents using any means available to them in order to hang on to control. They are using fear tactics and propaganda to twist words and facts, disturbing the peace of mind of the ordinary voter. They even imply that a shift away from them is akin to inviting a fascist takeover.

But to my mind, their use of propaganda, accusation and fear mongering indicates a dictator’s strategies much more than anything their opponents have said or done.

What does the establishment want? Money? Power? Perhaps they are altruists, seeking to protect society, and are guarding against collapse and chaos. Whether their motives are for personal gain or to protect society, the red flag for me is their lack of respect toward the result of the democratic process. 

Who is The Establishment?

I see the establishment as,

  1. those who have been in elected office
  2. those who want government to continue to operate as it has done for decades, and wield their money and influence to ensure it
  3. international non-governmental bodies with their own hidden agendas

I’ve discussed those in elected office, those of influence and those in the media. There are also non-governing bodies which wield huge influence and power.

Towers of Babel, whether for good or for evil, are manmade constructs. They are built and run by people. Global, non-governmental institutions such as the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund, also part of the Tower Stucture, have their agendas. Individual nations are not democratically electing the leaders of these organisations, yet they seem to wield the greatest power. The governments have so far kept in step. Now, with Trump and May as leaders, there is a shift. Institutions and those who support them are vehemently resisting the shift, however.

Donald Trump says he is representing those in support of a shift back to what is the traditional in America. Theresa May, PM of UK, is standing up for the Brits who voted for sovereignty and against EU membership. These two and other opposition leaders in Europe are anti-establishment and pro-democratic. I don’t think they are fascist and I don’t think they are dictators. (However it’s another irony that wealthy billionaire Trump has made his empire by building what? Towers!)

What is going on? People have voted for a change in political leadership and methodology, and those who didn’t get their vote are uncomfortable.

Personally, I don’t see a shift from liberalism to conservatism as equivalent to a shift from freedom to fascism. In fact, I don’t see either side as fascist, but I do see an undercurrent of control being exposed that doesn’t want to be exposed.

Let’s look at two perspectives: from those who won and those who lost in the elections.

The Conservative Perspective against a Liberal Agenda

If we are to believe conservative strands of the non-mainstream media, there is a secretly-controlled mechanism that rules the common man by stealth. Non-democratic organisations stand above the accountability of the free will of the people. Governments and politicians support and uphold these institutions and the elite are straining to ensure the powers of the UN, EU, the IMP are upheld.

International organisations such as these wield tremendous power, influence and money. They coerce ordinary people and governments under the guise of interventionist “help” by attaching specific conditions to their Aid; these conditions are very liberal and socialist. While on the surface, they have a mandate to keep peace, maintain international unity and ensure financial stability, they manipulate governments who seek assistance. The governments in need will receive Aid subject to specific social conditions and moral expectations being met. The terms are liberal, which suggests the institutions offering the Aid know right from wrong better than the people or nations themselves.

For example, some conservative circles suggest that the IMF will not contribute financial help to nations unless they subscribe to planned parenthood, including abortion. The IMF then has a bias toward pro-choice. There are several strands of a liberal agenda within the institutional structure of non-democratic global organisations that hold influence over nations and peoples. This is a particularly sensitive area, yet only one of many weighty social/moral areas of contention.

Pressure to conform to a particular world view is usually hidden. The masses in both the nations offering the aid and the nations receiving it are meant to accept a new norm of Liberalism and Humanism. But this is a world view which is opposite to the Judeo-Christian principles on which Western nations — and many colonies as well — were built. The conservative perspective tends to prefer the old principles rather than the new Liberal Humanist agenda.

The Liberal Perspective* distrusts Christianity  

On the other hand, there are those in support of the global organisations and even in globalisation itself. They recognise the limitations of people and wish to ensure the protection of humanity against war, famine, disease and over population.

A liberal view holds more trust and acceptance toward the institutions than is its conservative counterpart. My interpretation of it I describe thus:

What seems good in the eyes of the institution is good, because it has a greater insight into the global situation than does the ordinary voter. Peace is desirable, and it is attainable under certain conditions; poverty can be overcome with man’s efforts to do so. Unity within our society is the best way to ensure peace. Globalisation, with national borders being less important than universal harmony, is desirable. Man can make this planet work if we all row together to make it happen. Moral standards are determined by what is right in our enlightened times; while tragically, some people don’t see this as the right way forward, if they could see things as we do, then they’d understand. The institutions, governments, and authorities must protect us against ourselves, because we are incapable of seeing clearly. Ordinary folk aren’t really able to understand fully, so institutions only need to share what we absolutely need to know. Judeo-Christian traditions are intolerant and oppose our views of right and wrong, so to limit those voices facilitates the achievement to our cause.

Well, if these are the two sides, and there has been a democratic vote, why is the established, more liberal side having such a hard time, this time, to let go?

Is it because of a lust for power? Or are they scared of the consequences of a structural collapse? Perhaps we are in danger of our own “Arab Spring” in the West.

I think they are balking because up until now the democratic sides have essentially agreed to co-operate, and the power base for the institutions and the elite have always remained in tact. But now, the Brexit folk and the Donald Trump team are refusing to cooperate; the institutions have lost their ultimate power, and they know it.

The end does not justify the means

I don’t think it matters the reason for the rejection of the democratic result. The reaction is hypocritical, and therefore earns no respect, in my view. The establishment has made accusations and excuses for their rejection of the democratic vote, has insulted the voter, and has manipulated the mainstream news.

I don’t believe the end ever justifies the means. Hiding the truth or attempting to indoctrinate by the use of propaganda (of which I include political correctness as one key tool) just to keep control is, in my opinion, cheating. It’s  undemocratic. One either believes in democracy and the equal right of all citizens to make an informed decision and exercise the right to vote, or one does not.

As to the issue of supplying Aid: to suppress free thought or to bribe another entity, be it a country or an individual in order to get them to act as you wish them to act, tempts them and attempts to coerce them away from true freedom of conscience and thought.

I find it ironic that the conservatives, who tend naturally to represent the establishment are the group that seem to be the anti-establishment. That’s because in the West, we seem to have swung so far away from traditional values that what was once seen as righteous is no longer accepted. As scripture predicted, ‘right has become wrong and wrong right.’

Arab spring occurred in an atmosphere of oppression in the Middle East. Though it began in Tunisia, it spread like wild fire, and as a direct result we have the situation in Syria, where the established government is clinging to power, forcing citizens who do not like the ruler to flee or to be killed.

We don’t want that in the West. But could we in danger of heading in that direction? If the result of a democratic vote is not accepted by a vocal, demonstrative part of the population, and they are being fueled by the losing side and the media, maybe that is where we are heading.

Perhaps, by accusing the winner, Donald Trump, of Fascism, we may end up creating the dictatorship we seem to fear. But not because Donald Trump is the maniac, but because some others who refuse to accept the democratic result, are.

And if the two sides within our democratic societies don’t learn to stand together, they may both fall under a far bigger threat…

Stay tuned for “Exposing the Towers of Babel: Part 2” next time

* I admit I’m less familiar or sympathetic to this view, so please correct me if I’m wrong…
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Identifying the Watchman – the Blurring of Sexuality as a Sign of the End of the Age

Are you a Watchman?

Sound the Trumpet! Blow the Shofar!!

A Watchman is one who sees with a spiritual eye and discerns the significance of events of the Age. He or she witnesses in his/her spirit with sensitivity and is aware that certain sights and sounds of the Present Time have spiritual significance, and asks God: “What does this mean?”

I am a Watchman.

One particular signpost for these days that indicates to me that time is short and our impact upon the world is imperative has to do with the bending of our sexuality.

Beyond reason, our sexuality is being called into question; whether we are male or female has become complicated.

This reminds me of a particular scripture:

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;

Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;

Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,

And prudent in their own sight!” (Isaiah 5:20-21)

For example, women who bear children are called mothers, right? But in the UK there is a move even in the medical field to de-sexualise the term mother and remove child-bearing from being considered exclusively a female thing.

Doesn’t anatomy define gender? Not in America, where there have been disputes over the right for men to use women’s public toilets and women men’s, because some people do not feel their anatomy best defines their sex.

In our Age is this not beyond reason! Is this not man becoming wise in his own eyes?

What do we who are Believers do with this information?

We pray, entering into Intercession for those who are confused by socio-political agendas, and by their own sexuality. We pray that children who are bombarded with an agenda which asks children to question their sex and to experiment with same-sex encounters, will not succumb to pressure to sin. We ask God for clarity and discernment, that we will see the move of the enemy and the power of God to protect society from engaging in practices that are an abomination to God and self destructive emotionally and physically.

And we love: all, whether denying their sex or confident in their God-given identity.

Other Attributes of a Watchman:

A Watchman sees detail in the general, and the bigger picture from the detail, with lenses which are both microscopic and telescopic…. Always, always, events, people and occasions are seen with a duel understanding: in the natural and in the supernatural.

A Watchman signposts or announces the spiritual significance of events in order to sound the alarm and to protect or prepare others, some of whom are Believers and even some who are not.

A Watchman intercedes, praying and drawing God into everyday situations that need His hand and His eye.

A Watchman warns: calling others to account for their behaviour and their relationship with God, aiming to protect those who might be in danger of slipping away from Him.

A Watchman needs to know scripture well – in order recognise signs and times which have been prophesied as they are unfolding in the natural.

We who are Watchmen observe and discern. Always our sign posts must be tested as no prophecy or pronouncement replaces the Bible. But God has placed in all of His children some gifts for the sake of the body of Believers, and for the World, that some may come to recognise and follow Him.

We listen, we look, we read and digest… and then we share our understanding. Those who have ears to hear when God is speaking through a Watchman will be convicted in their spirit that truth is being spoken.

Are you a Watchman? Is it possible you are and don’t even know it?

Have you a discernment that you need to test, to share with others to see what God is saying in His revelation to you?

Share here, please, and let us all have ears to hear what God is saying to those who are ready to listen.

Politics and Society today

Church Age: The End or Not?

Have we reached the End of the Church Age?

I’ve been observing the in/activity in the church for some years.

If God wants people to follow church, they will. But the decline in traditional church has been steady, even though there has been an increase in the number of new believers for decades.

What’s going on?

It is the end of the Church Age, I believe. The Age where Christendom dominates the setting of universal values has ended. We see this across Western culture. That which is abhorrent to God as evidenced in scripture has become the celebrated norm in many societies. Wrong has become right and right certainly has been labelled as wrong. Where Abortion on demand and LGTB rights have been declared as key to freedom, those with opposing values are labeled intolerant. The division, as demonstrated perhaps most clearly in US politics, has become so wide that there have been clashes, protests and even violence between the two sides.

A dear Messianic acquaintance said to me recently that the Church Age finished when Jerusalem was liberated from Gentile control in 1967. That could concur with the demise of values that began in the ’60’s and is ongoing. The morality of Judeo-Christian values has been in decline since the Sixties and in Britain and the US there is downright hostility toward anything that smacks of Biblical truth.

I believe the power and authority of the Church in our society has gone. Moving forward, God knew this time would come, and I don’t believe God’s strategy is to regain its influence, but rather to allow his God-ordained transformation to occur, so that the principles of God can again protect the people.

Do we ignore what is going on in our world and allow the decline? Certainly not. But I believe we must allow God to move differently from how He moved through the established church in the past.

What we need to do is to turn from our traditional concept of the practices of Christianity that are based on Constantine Christianity – aka Roman Catholicism and the spill over into Protestantism – and return to the 1st Century church that embraced its Judeo roots. Jesus was Jewish; as he was steeped in the culture God favoured, so must we learn to celebrate the festivals – not as Law but because it is what delights the LORD.

The Church Age has ended, with our false dates and festivals. We need to return to the Sabbath and the Festivals ordained by God. That’s what I think will bring us in to God’s blessing and freedom, and what will draw those whom He is calling to take notice.

Politics and Society today

Why Donald Trump?

Times and Seasons: God is sovereign over all. So, why Donald Trump for the US presidency when so many in America and across the world despise him?

The simple answer is that God wants him in office. Why? Because he supports Christian freedom of speech, and many of the things Christians fight for, the right to life of the fetus being the greatest of issues.

That’s the simple answer.

I believe it goes deeper. God goes deep, doesn’t He?

I believe Trump exposes the deceit and control of an elite class and the media.

In his rudeness, he exposes the hypocrisy and rudeness of the elite and the media bias.

Some Christian circles have been saying Trump is a Cyrus for our times ( Christian Post ), King Cyrus being the historic pagan king who enabled the Jewish people to return to their homeland after 70 years of exile ( King Cyrus of Ancient Persia ). I agree that is possible. But there is something as important.

Donald Trump is fearless.

While perfect love casts out all fear, and Trump does not – at least on the surface – appear to be loving, fear is certainly how the enemy manages to control the words and actions of people who live in fear.

Trump does not appear to live in fear. He battles back at those who reproach him. There might be a better way, but for now, this is who the man is. He draws contention but does not fear it.

And in fact, if he is sincere, as he claims, to be acting for the benefit of “the people” then his reactionary contentious nature, while often unpalatable, is a means of protecting the rights of “the people” who have been silenced, duped, coerced and forced into accepting socialist liberal agenda for years, under the guise of political correctness and an anti-racist/anti-gay banner.

The elite, with their hidden agendas, won’t admit their schemes to global domination in business and culture. The media either are too naive to see they are being played, or are in on the schemes. And Donald Trump, like the large faction of sincere Christians worldwide who see the anti-Christ in the liberal agenda, won’t cooperate with it.

There are Believers who don’t see the schemes. I don’t understand that, but I don’t think it makes them less Christian. God reveals to whom He will reveal. Nevertheless I see it, and a huge proportion of Christians, by the power of His Holy Spirit, see it.

As for Donald Trump? We don’t know to what degree he is a Christian. That is really between the man and God. But he certainly has been given the eyes to see the reality of what is going on against the Judeo-Christian culture on which the Americas and Europe were built, the courage to fight against it, and the platform in which to do so.

Why Donald Trump?

God has allowed him the office of the President of the United States in order to

  • free Christians from “captivity”,
  • battle against a force of evil that is self-interested, self-righteous, and self-glorifying, all in the name of human rights and ultimately,
  • bring the Lord closer to his return.

What should we do?

Pray. Pray for the leader of the United States: pray for his protection and the protection of his family, pray for his relationship with God, and pray for those who would have ears to hear and eyes to see the workings of God through him in these days.