Prepare – Prepare – Prepare

On Tuesday of this week, I wrote and posted on social media a short Psalm-like poem. Reminiscent of Psalm 150 it began, “Sound the Trumpet”. I include it now, and will afterward explain its relevance. As America Goes to the Polls Sound the Trumpet Soar, Oh Angels. One speaks of Your Righteousness One You have… Continue reading Prepare – Prepare – Prepare

America On the Brink

I don’t write regularly because while I do enjoy it, I am attempting to write only what the LORD leads me to write, when He leads me. I send out Soaring Post sparingly because, as there is so much that all of our email in-boxes are bombarded with, I aim to be read when I… Continue reading America On the Brink

Why are nation groups splitting off and redefining themselves?

Nation groups are seeking independence, sovereignty, autonomy. Do I experience prophetic revelation? Am I simply discerning the times? I’m looking into current events, seeking to discern their significance and relevance to Biblical Truth: Why are nation groups in Europe seeking their independence on the rise? I seem to have had a eureka! moment earlier today. I was… Continue reading Why are nation groups splitting off and redefining themselves?

Is God Building an Army of Peacekeepers?

Is this a time for war or a time for peace? The truth is God is raising an Army of Believers to fight for the human race against spiritual darkness. We fight to the glory of God, for the Prince of Peace, with the power of the Holy Spirit who operates within and through us. Ready: The… Continue reading Is God Building an Army of Peacekeepers?

Witnessing Salvation to the Unsaved Spirit

How can we best minister to the Unsaved? When people talk about making a decision, and they are wrestling between their head and their heart, I believe they mean the are debating between an intellectual choice and an emotional one. But actually, both our intellect and our emotions are part of our soul, our mind. Neither have anything to do with our heart.… Continue reading Witnessing Salvation to the Unsaved Spirit

The Internet: The Void

Larus Walk is a group of blogs from Larus Press, inspiring, equipping and empowering you to fulfill your Identity and Purpose in Christ. Wholeness, Witness, Word and Worship&Warfare are the four strands that build us, enabling us to soar.   THE INTERNET: The Void – a musing There are times when the internet is not my… Continue reading The Internet: The Void