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Coronavirus: Vaccine

It’s not for me

I shan’t be taking the vaccine.

When I first heard about “Coronavirus” I thought, if there’s a vaccine, I won’t be taking it. I don’t like the prevalence of vaccines. When I was a child there were polio vaccines; praise GOD that polio was combatted.

But fast forward to modern times, where vaccines have become so prevalent. For a good while, I’ve been suspicious. After careful and prayerful consideration, I did have my son take the MMR (mumps/measles/rubella). Although I do think children are better off getting the childhood illnesses and overcoming them, society has asked parents to have children vaccinated to reduce the risk of contamination and epidemic.

Flu vaccines are not on my radar, not for me nor for my son. Illness isn’t friendly, but it is a natural part of the course of life. Fear of illness is not a good reason to vaccinate. Fear is not a good decision maker. What doesn’t harm us does make us stronger. And how many times does “Do not fear” occur in scripture? 365 at last count.

When it was confirmed the medical scientists are looking for a vaccine for Coronavirus I stated aloud: it won’t be something I’ll take… not for me, not for my son. (That doesn’t mean it isn’t for some; but for me, it is not.)

Then I heard on the “Alternative Media” from different sources that vaccines will contain stem cells from aborted babies. How can I endorse that? No, I certainly won’t be taking it.

Vaccine or Vaccine +

When I heard the vaccine may include a nano-chip as a means for buying and selling, and for tracking us, alarm bells began to ring — loudly. The jury is out as to whether that is true, but nevertheless, I won’t be taking the vaccine for coronavirus. Nor do I intend to take any vaccine that offers an easy means to buy or sell… whether it is separate or included in an anti-virus vaccine.

“…and that no one may buy or sell except one who has [the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” (Rev 13:17)

Yes I’m confident we are in the End Times (Matthew 24; Revelations13). We don’t know when or how distant the return of Jesus is, but we have been forewarned about such matters as the Mark of the Beast; I shan’t be taking a vaccine into my hand which offers a means to buy and to sell.

Wake up Church

This is the time for those who are In Christ to wake up, get up and get going. Whether it’s for the war or for the wedding, we need to be ready. When the Lord comes, will our lamps be full of oil? (Matthew 25)

Holy Spirit

But the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. The Word of the LORD is the sword of the Spirit. Love is our greatest asset. The Holy Spirit anointing is our immunity, our protection, and our comfort.

So, we need to abide in Him, rest in His Word, wait for the power and presence of His anointing through the Holy Spirit.

Is it time to be ready? I believe it’s time.

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Indoctrination: Conspiracy Theories vs Mainstream Media

Indoctrination: Conspiracy Theories, Mainstream Media, The Holy Ghost and Discernment

In these days we have seen increases in disease, poverty, war, famine and earthquake (Matthew 24). The beheadings of Coptic Christians by Jihadists a few years ago were for me, representative of the persecution of Believers as referred to in Revelation. I believe we are in the End Times. And so, I also believe we are called to be prepared as the Bride of Christ for his return (Matthew 25). To my mind, we are not ready, and therefore, that is our #1 priority. How we do that is to watch and pray, and to fill our lamps and keep them full…. in other words, we need to be filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit continually.

For a good while I’ve been a history buff and a political spectator, seeking to take responsibility for the role I’ve been given as a Watchman (Ezekiel 3 and Isaiah 21). I’ve attempted to scrutinise the news broadcasts, have studied the alternative — sometimes rebel — views expressed outside of the mainstream media, and lost a friend or two over the process (so apologies particularly to RS and EM whom I inadvertently offended along the way, and who may read this). I’ve sought to make people consider for themselves the scope and breadth of what we are told — taking little at face value — and have aimed to draw people to reflect on GOD’s Word and where His Truth fits into the society in which we live.

Sadly, it is indeed true that the picture we are painted through TV news is not objective reality. At best, broadcasters and their channels have their own agenda through which everything is filtered; objective journalism is nearly obsolete (praises to those who still aim to demonstrate objective integrity). But neither is the picture we see within the alternative spectrum unbiased. It is human nature to rise up in the flesh and take a stand against what we don’t like and about what we suspect. I believe that is what the alternative media is doing.

This is not a matter of either accepting the MSM or the alternative media; it is a matter of scrutinising both. How we as Believers navigate “the news”, obey the Father, and hold up what matters to unbelievers who may be fearful, confused and seeking GOD, is key for us in these days. But also, if we become diverted or worse, go astray, then don’t we need to put it aside and realign our emphasis on what the Father would have us do to prepare for the return of the Son?

I am concerned that, in our zeal to learn the truth behind current events, we are rising up in the flesh instead of deepening our relationship with GOD through stillness (Isaiah 40:31), dwelling on His Word, and broadening our experience of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

We who know Jesus have the means to filter our thoughts and feelings toward the media; the Truth of His Word and the power of His Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. We can ask for spiritual discernment and trust His response. Are we not at a point in time where we desperately need that discernment? Speaking metaphorically, He will not give us stone cold blindness;  he promises, like a loving father, not to give us a serpent when we ask for a blessing (Matthew 7).

The issue I have with alternative perspectives aka conspiracy theories is not that they are utterly false. YouTube posts are numerous (although some get removed as they are considered too controversial), expressing alternate views to the MSM; there seems to be much validity to their points of view. But beyond obtaining this information, we need to be aware they are not objective. Further, when they are taken as absolute reality, they are a distraction to us as Believers, who need most importantly to be seeking intimacy with the Holy Spirit and abiding in Him (John 15). Our mission and our ultimate destiny is to be prepared as Bride for the Groom, Yeshua/Messiah-Jesus/Saviour (Matthew 25).

These conspiracy theories concern me when they draw in my sisters and brothers in the Faith. They are interesting, but often are put together by people as biased as the opposing liberal news media; they are not life giving nor beneficial. And they are hugely distracting. We must guard against those “who creep into households and capture weak women, burdened with sins and led astray by various passions, always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth.” (2 Timothy 3:6-7 )

The liberal ‘left wing’ MSM has an agenda to squash capitalism and freedom of thought. I don’t like it, because they pretend they are objective when they are actually editorialising the news. But the right wing has an agenda to expose the left wing as hypocrites and liars. While there may well be validity in their opposition, neither extreme is healthy. Rather, a society in balance is what is beneficial to its people, for within that healthy state of balance, the Gospel flourishes.

I’m concerned alternative broadcasts lead some astray. We who believe are called to “attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, so that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes. Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ.” (Ephesians 4:13-15)

I’ve no doubt we are in the End Times. We will never know beforehand when Jesus will return, because he told us he will come “life a thief in the night” and we must be ready. Helping others to see that we are in the End Times and that the threats of the mark of the beast, the evils of the false prophet and anti-Christ, the battle of Armageddon that looms, are not wrong. But also it is not preparing us as his Bride. Becoming embroiled in the battle on the airwaves over this or that conspiracy is at best a distraction. We war, not against flesh and blood (not even against those who would seem to be working evil for their ultimate idea of what is good), but against principalities and powers; we must discern and pray, but not gossip.

In my own mind, I do not trust the world institutions; they are attempts to build moral Towers of Babel, in the name of good deeds. So, in large measure, I agree with a lot of alternative media posts. But my opinion is not the point… We are not to get embroiled in exposing conspiracy or opinion to the World.

Rather, we are called to prepare as the Bride. We are called to witness Yeshua through love. We are called to hold fast to our faith and to draw others to the Truth of Yehova G-D, the Creator of the universe, whom in their conscience they already know (Romans 1). We are called to fulfil whatever individual calling He has given us. And we are to be focused on this: “To love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love our neighbours as ourselves.”

I am truly sorry if my words offend. I don’t want to be a toothache to the fellowship of Believers. But when I see broadcasts over the airwaves that talk conspiracy, I am reminded of Isaiah 8:12, “Do not call conspiracy all that this people calls conspiracy, and do not fear what they fear, nor be in dread” and not to gossip (Romans 1:29).

We are called not to be fearful. Perfect love casts out all fear (1John 4:18). So, if the conspiracies frighten you, remember that all these things must pass, but GOD will not pass away.

There is a time and a season for all things. This is not a season to fear nor to gossip, but to prepare for the End and the return of our Lord Yeshua, Jesus.

Hallelujah, he will come again. Amen.

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Coronavirus: Watchman seeking to discern

As a Watchman, it is simply in my nature to look beyond the obvious to discern the spiritual significance in all things. All things. It happens. Before I realised I was a watchman I thought everybody experiences life through this lens.

At this time in the world, I am looking at coronavirus, and wondering how this fits into the Biblical perspective.

  1. Judgment of the Nations: Jesus will judge the earth, and separate the sheep nations from the goat nations. There is an old adage: “Home is where the heart is.” Over recent weeks, we have had a mass migration of people returning to their home nations. Some are still trying to get home. What about Jesus’ perspective? Perhaps getting everyone into their “home” countries — either literally or spiritually — is how the LORD wants people congregated before he judges the nations. (Matthew 25:31-46)
  2. Aliyah: There are more Jews in New York City that anywhere else outside of Israel. New York City has been hit hard by the coronavirus. It is only logical, as it is a very congested city. But what about the Jews? For decades people have been speculating about how Aliyah will be made when the Jews are politically forced out of their countries of residents to return to Israel to be safe. What if it isn’t politics that will drive them home, but health? Here is the current situation according to Barry Segal. (Zechariah 10:6-10)
  3. Coronavirus vs 5G*: There is a British man called Pastor Jonathan who is speculating that coronavirus is a ruse and that the real cause of this illness which is sweeping the world right now is the introduction of 5G. It’s believable, and certainly more electromagnetic impact cannot be good for human flesh. Biology vs technology is possible but what if it isn’t so stark? Does it have to be either/or? Cannot it be both/and? In other words, what if this virus is both biological and a physical reaction to hyper-technology? Our bodies cannot possibly sustain ongoing impact of radiation and radiation-like influence on our bodies. But would all of medicine and science be duped? Or would they all be in on a scam to delude the world population? Instead, what if there is both a technological-related “virus” and a physical virus that plagues us? Such technology could be weakening our immune systems so that non-threatening viruses attack and kill the weakest of us. Surely as Believers we can pray that the world would wise up to the dangers of technology and rebel against such “advances”. Coronavirus: how to pray? Information helps to lead us. The following link is of Dr Thomas Cowan MD who supports the possibility of the 5G link to the coronavirus and explains it quickly and clearly:         Each of us can weigh up what we hear, consider it in our spirit, and ask the Father what He will confirm. (James 1:5)
  4. How do any speculations or theories matter? A lot is gossip and gossip is not for the Body of Christ (Proverbs 16:28; 1 Timothy 5:16). Gossip creates concern, separation, fear. Even looking to predict the End of the Age and Jesus’ return is not really where are focus is meant to be. We are the Bride of the Saviour of the world and are meant to be preparing for the Wedding Feast, when Jesus returns for us (Revelation 21:2). Speculation and gossip divide. They lead us away from a study of the Bible and they look at the signs and the times instead. BUT there is a place for considered thought when it leads us to pray to strengthen the Body, to pray to lead unbelievers to Jesus, or to pray against the whiles of the devil. Let us put on the armour of GOD (Ephesians 6:10-18) and pray.

Hallelujah! We know the end of the story. Fear not! Jesus came to overcome the world. 

Hallelujah and Amen.

* Also economic collapse within nations is a threat, triggered by the national lockdowns

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Coronavirus: Earth’s response to Mankind’s excesses

And can it be, after centuries of abuse, that the earth is responding to our over-use of the planet? Is Earth, in its generous and good nature, giving back to mankind something that is only marginally deadly but yet sends a clear and strong response to our excesses? 

We have abused Earth with our carbon-spewing cars and machinery and factories; we have abused Earth with our over-farming; we have abused Earth with the general destruction of natural resources: trees, animals, and our incessant digging into the earth for precious jewels, precious metals, precious oil reserves.

Could Coronavirus be Earth’s response to mankind? 

We’ve had flooding, earthquakes, all sorts of natural disasters. Mankind has cleaned up and carried on. Now, on a global scale, we are being forced to STOP our shopping, our socialisation, our travel, all in an effort to curb the overall human death rate. Factories closed in China first — arguably the greatest emitter of carbon fuel waste. Streets around Europe are bereft of people, certainly the epicentre of the international bustling economy. New York has effectively shut down: New York City the 24/7 city of excess. Why? Because man is desperately holding on to the one thing more important than money: life itself.

How many times when there is loss do we say, “Well, we have our health at least.” Now our health, on a global scale, is under threat. And so we do all we can to protect humanity’s most precious asset: life itself.

In centuries long past, Greta Thornberg would be burnt as a witch, if authorities thought she’d cast a spell to create Coronavirus. Or the Jews would be blamed because their superior cleanliness would have protected them, yielding a death toll lower than the average (apparently there are some absurd murmurings even today that are attempting to blame the Jews for global economic chaos). But centuries ago, Earth was not bereft, raped, its natural beauty and purity stripped and abused, as it has been on every continent today.

Today we have conspiracy theories, speculations as to how Coronavirus was started. Did the Chinese do this on purpose, to distract the world from its stagnating economy? Have wealthy entrepreneurs and big business caused this deliberately to manipulate the stock market? Have phoney philanthropists caused this to curb the escalating world population?

Or quite simply, has Earth responded to centuries of abuse, to wake up mankind to its dereliction of duty, which has always been to protect and preserve it?

Man was created and given Earth as a responsibility

“Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it.” (Genesis 2:15)

Is this chaos ultimately GOD’s fault, a punishment for our abuse?

Or, in the sage words of the American young poet Max Ehrmann, who lost his right to copyright by sharing his Desiderata of hope during the disastrous Depression (1929-1939), perhaps

“the universe is unfolding as it should.”

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Coronavirus: have no fear

To my fellow believers

The world is watching, waiting for Coronavirus to strike. Are we helpless victims or active participants in our present?

The virus will hit most countries of the world. Thankfully it is not deadly per se, though there are vulnerable groups: 

  1. the elderly and 
  2. the infirm with respiratory issues, cancer, heart or diabetes in particular.
  3. pregnant women

Otherwise, it is not a threat to civilisation. 

It is a threat, however, if we panic!! Because panic attacks society. It attacks the economy (which threatens serious increases in poverty). And it can attack the respiratory system, which is where coronavirus targets.

As we say in the UK, “Keep calm and carry on.” That isn’t easy when panickers surround you. But always we have a choice: give in to our emotions or stand determined to defeat fear.

“Fear not” occurs 150 times in the Bible. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

So, at this time, we are called to be salt and light (perhaps mostly light right now). We can ask people how we can pray for them. And we can model confidence in GOD, who is sovereign and just and loving.

Personally, to the Prime Minister of the UK I say

“Hold fast.” 

I pray he doesn’t buckle under pressure. In a secular world, doing as the experts advise seems the best strategy. There are opposing experts of course, just as there are opposition political parties. But the majority voted Boris Johnson to be in charge, and we trust GOD has given us the leader for such a time as this….  to do the job of coordinating in the natural, the effort to overcome this virus.

So, let’s pray

… For us to overcome fear, for others to receive prayer and experience the grace of Jehovah, and for the leaders in the nation, beginning with our Prime Minister and our Queen, that wisdom and leadership would lead this nation to a sincere humility, a greater fellowship with one another, and a deepening relationship with Yehovah, the Creator of the Universe.


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The Royal Family: health and fitness

The richer you are, the healthier and more fit. Well, at least that’s the case with the Windsor royal family.

At 98 Prince Philip is long and lean and walking on his own steam. The queen, though tiny, avoids a weight problem. One or other prince or princess may be a bit chubby, but most are fit and healthy-looking.

I suppose when you have wealth and fame, you have opportunity and incentive to eat well and take care of your diet. Still, it requires self discipline too, and royalty seems to have an abundance of that.

The British monarchy gets a lot of flack from those who believe they should not, in principle, exist. But whether one believes Monarchy is an essential part of the British fabric or should be relegated to history, it is clear they are a family that take on a lot of charitable work and receive a great deal of scrutiny, which means their lives are very public and they live under a microscope, with little personal privacy or freedom of choice. How is this relevant to health and fitness?

They must be healthy and fit, not only in the physical sense but in the mental sense as well. Witness Kate — the duchess of Cambridge and in line to become queen one day.

She is savvy. Raised a commoner, she was accustomed to a private life, which she gave up to marry Prince William, who will one day be King of England according to his God-given birth right. How does she handle her lack of privacy? With grace yes, but also with wisdom and control: she has become a photographer so she can provide (her own) photos of her children so craved by the public; she has cleverly become master of her children’s destiny rather than becoming a victim of the paparazzi. She has risen to the responsibility of royalty by joining rather than bucking the system, for the love of her husband. She is well-liked for it. She has, in effect, put herself last and has become first.

Wow! That’s a familiar principle:

“But he answered one of them and said, ‘Friend, I am doing you no wrong. Did you not agree with me for a denarius? Take what is yours and go your way. I wish to give to this last man the same as to you. Is it not lawful for me to do what I wish with my own things? Or is your eye evil because I am good?’ So the last will be first, and the first last. For[d many are called, but few chosen.” (Matthew 20:13b-16)

Whether or not you believe in the monarchy in principle, to look at them is to see a family under much scrutiny and expectation. In greater measure, they do “live up to” the expectations put upon them, and represent Britain within the country and around the Commonwealth, as self-sacrificing people. Living in a glass bubble, they are expected and do, live, look and sound above the masses. Though financially privileged, they are, in principle, intermediaries between GOD and mankind, not in a priestly sense, but in a positional one. When they experience justified reproach, they lose their position, influence, and income (witness Prince Andrew’s recent fall from grace), and when they are respected and valued, they are placed to point to GOD as benefactor: to themselves and to all in Britain.

“Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour” (1 Timothy 2:1-4)

Let us pray for the royal family, that like the queen, they — and we — might recognise where their real provision comes from. May all celebrate the one true Provider.

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Nearing the End of the Earth: a reflective plea

I Despair at Earth’s current condition

How near are we to the end of the lifespan of this planet Earth? Too near, too near, and I am grieving. 

“We’ve blown it” a friend said to me recently. 

Indeed we have. The poles are melting. For me, that is the most clear sign of the destruction. Continents of ice are melting into oblivion…. 

Doom at our doorstep

It seems there’s little we can do now — It seems that anything we attempt is only putting a band-aid on the disaster we’ve created. The beauty of this planet is fading, dying by mankind’s hand. For example, koala’s are in limited number, elephant tusks are on the black market; innocent, majestic creatures are dying by our hands. It’s for money, for farming expansion, for sport, not borne out of human necessity.

Sound glum? Yes, I’m glum. We once had beauty; that is now fading. Shall we enjoy, rescue what we can, pray and share with others the hope set before us.… Jesus is the truth and the answer to life’s sorrow. But for the sake of our responsibility toward Earth, is that all we can do?

For “the earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness.” (1 Corinthians 10:26) Were we not called to celebrate, enjoy, look after the beauty and splendour of GOD’s creation? 

Yes. But we did not.

I am not an extinction rebellion advocate. I am not a Green Party supporter. I am not a “leftie”. I’m not saying those are good or bad stances; they just aren’t me. But I am sure humanity has destroyed a beautiful gift and I despair that there is little hope in turning back.


The politicians talk about carbon-neutral. By the time we reach carbon neutrality — the UK projects 2050 — at the rate of destruction and melting, we won’t have a reason to bother. Oh, how we’ve taken something so precious for granted and are reaping the result: an earth so perfect in its creation, groans at our abuse.

How must the LORD sense the tragedy!

What is relevant to the Christian

Why does the earth matter if Jesus is returning soon? Because Jesus spoke and created the earth for us to look after, and we’ve failed him. As one song puts it,

“… (his) hands that flung stars into space…” (Graham Kendrick)


Yes, there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth, but how selfish we are who know Jesus to think we can escape the horrendous damage we’ve been a part of, and that we should rejoice. Yes, what Jesus has done for us is WONDERFUL. But have we not all played our part in the destruction of earth… with our cars, our holidays abroad, our hairspray and our litter.

GOD created man to look after the earth. Do we see what man has done in the last century alone? 

Loving GOD and loving His earth go hand-in-hand. Should we love one of His creation less? No, we are called to love one another. How much too, are we called to love and care for the very earth He created, put mankind upon and told us to look after it.

“Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” (Genesis 1:26)

What shall we do?

I don’t know. Pray certainly! But I don’t know what else I’m going to do. I’ve only just realised how important it is that I do something. I’ve asked the LORD, “Is there more I can do than recycle?” For now, His response seems to be for me to post these thoughts and pray.

SO this I am doing. Such small things. Such a huge problem. 

So little time.

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Mental Health Today: Was King Solomon Depressive?

I read Ecclesiastes with some familiarity

It’s a book I’ve read often, and Chapter 3: A Time for Every Season is popular with many people. But Chapter 2 which precedes it is what I dwell on today.

I ask myself, was Solomon depressed when he wrote it? He must have been. To have all the wisdom and wealth in the world, and to start a book with,

“The words of the Teacher, son of David, king in Jerusalem:

“Meaningless! Meaningless!”
    says the Teacher.
“Utterly meaningless!
    Everything is meaningless.” (Ecc Chapter 1:1-2 NIV)

and to come to this stark conclusion, I think he must have been at a low point in his grand life when he wrote Ecclesiastes.

Solomon’s focus in Chapter 2 is on the futility of effort, as legacy does not hold any guarantees of sustaining the result of one’s effort; to enjoy one’s labour is worthwhile, but with no forward expectations.

“I hated all the things I had toiled for under the sun, because I must leave them to the one who comes after me. And who knows whether that person will be wise or foolish?” (Ecc 2:18-19a NIV)

Solomon has strayed rather than prayed; if he had prayed to GOD, he would know who would follow after him, or be at peace with whatever GOD would bring.

“Nothing is better for a man than that he should eat and drink, and that his soul should enjoy good in his labor. This also, I saw, was from the hand of God.” (Ecc 2:24 NKJV)

He has not lost faith in GOD, but he has lost relationship. He speaks not of the spirit, but of the soul.* This, I think, is the key to his depression.

He is alone, ruminating in his mind, rather than searching GOD and His spirit. Truly, he is wise and correct to say, ‘everything is meaningless’, for without GOD, without relationship to Him, Solomon is truly alone — with his wealth, his wives, his children, yet he is isolated and alone.

from Peter Paul Rubins’ The Judgment of Solomon

Today in our society, depression and lack of mental health is on the rise, particularly amongst the youth

Today, we live in a society where GOD has been removed from schools, from health care, from society in the main. The result? 

To Solomon, who had wealth, fame and power, came depression. His success became meaningless to him. Today, though higher education, prosperity and independence have become increasingly available to young adults, they have proven meaningless to the happiness of many. Just as Solomon became isolated from GOD, likewise today, our youth grow up without GOD. Our relatively prosperous society too, on the whole, suffers from a lack of the Joy of the LORD, who provides humanity with its true source of strength (Nehemiah 8:10) and purpose.

“To know GOD and to make Him known” was the key slogan behind my discipleship training course, provided through a YWAM-trained pastor when I was a young woman. How I wish (and pray), that more Believers and society on the whole, would discover this key to a truly fulfilling life.

“For God gives wisdom and knowledge and joy to a man who is good in His sight;” (Ecc 2:26a NKJV

*Yes, it is true that in the Old Testament man did not receive the Spirit of GOD as we do through Jesus Christ. But David, Solomon’s father, often spoke of the Spirit. For example, Psalm 139:7 says, “Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?”

Note: Images from and Peter Paul Rubins’ Judgment of Solomon, available at

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LGBTQ Sex Ed in Schools


Unchartered territory:

Children as young as four years old are going to be taught as a mandatory part of education (UK, September 2020) that we can choose the most rudimentary part of our identity: that of whether we are male or female… or something else. Some state schools have already begun to implement these “relationship” lessons and have told children there are up to 100 gender identities. The purpose to all this is to combat a bully-attitude towards a small number of families who may have an adult in their make-up who identifies as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transvestite or queer. The thinking is that by indoctrinating such thinking into young minds, bullying will end, and as a bi-product children will discover a freedom society has never enabled before: that of gender choice. 

Never before in the history of mankind has government denied the truth: that basic biology demonstrates that as human beings we are either “male” or “female”.

But what of the further consequences on these young minds?

Cracking a nut with a sledge hammer:

Bullying is mean and unwanted regardless of who the target of the bullying might be. But to bend society to a tiny proportion of people is not anti-bullying; it is in fact another kind of bullying, which is attacking innocent children and heterosexual families.

What is our role as Mothers?

As mothers, we are inherently protective of our children. We want what’s best for our children and can identify that other mothers want the same. Do we believe bending biological reality in the mind of every child is a “best answer” to the issue of bullying toward a disproportionately small minority of people?

Mothers, is this what you want: Do you want your child confused or taught to choose their sexual identity? Do you consider it a choice whether you are a boy, a girl or something else? Do you consider it a reasonable question to ask a 4 or 6 or 9 year old? 

To those readers from a household who do have an LGBTQ person, is this what you want to impose upon society? Is this turning of the tables something you really want to do to innocent children?

What is at the root of this?  

Is this a trendy curiosity, a funky time in post-modern times? Rather, isn’t this simply a dangerous experiment, a manipulation of our children to attempt to normalise what is actually an unscientific and disproportionate emphasis of social engineering to placate 1.5% of the population, which also has, incidentally, a disproportionate number of cases of depression and suicide (which is not being addressed by this new strategy)?

Children do not belong to the State:

There has been for quite some years a move towards getting all children into pre-school. The State is keen to influence children from a very young age, and seems to be skeptical of parenting and family authority, presumably because some homes are not the best environment for children — though surely these are the exceptions not the norm. 

The family is the most fundamental social unit in society. Its strength, purpose and influence has been gradually eroded by a number of factors, some to include the internet in the home, 2 working parents, and single family homes. So much erosion has taken place that the word “family” has been redefined in an attempt to fit current reality.

It is my belief that we need to grip onto what influence we still have as leaders and moulders of our children’s minds, values and mores. We need to come against government education policy in “relationship education” and speak common sense into these ridiculous claims that people aren’t necessarily either male or female; the biology proves otherwise.

Analogy: what our children are facing is like…

Consider John and Susan, typical happy-go-lucky children in a reception class. In fact there will be some 20 or 30 children, a mixture of Johnnys and Susans, in said class. A teacher — who is to any child, a parental figure and a Godlike figure in their minds — begins to read to them that boys are not necessarily boys nor are girls necessarily girls. And then the teacher says, “Are you a boy, a girl or a transvestite? Do you feel happier in girls’ clothes or boys’? And did you know there are up to 100 gender identities that you can choose from? What will you be today? Or tomorrow?”

It’s like putting a child in a candy store and asking, “Which candy would you like?”

Or it’s like asking a child to pick a puppy from several in a puppy shop, and then saying after they’ve taken the puppy home, “By the way, you can change your puppy tomorrow if you like.”

Only the consequences over the issue of sexual identity in the long term is far more grave than eating too many different candies or not bonding with a pet. 

Our core identity begins with our sexuality. It is our most personal and private sense of dignity and ownership. In messing with the maleness or femaleness of our children, we are tampering with their mental stability and inner sense of self worth. Proof is in the damage done to children who experience sexual abuse.

What shall we do?

We shall not riot. We shall not hate. But we do need to protest in our own unique way to come against this onslaught of sexual imposition upon our children’s bodies and manipulation of our children’s minds. 

The easy route is to cry:

In total frustration, I sometimes find it soothing to cry, whenever I find something hard to deal with. But this is not a time to cry.

The tougher route is to dig in and to resist the tide.

For those who believe:

For those of us who follow Jesus, we know this notion of choosing our sexuality is unbiblical teaching. But how do we combat it in a society which has turned its back on GOD?

My way is to speak to mothers’ hearts. We speak to the common ground we do have: that of common sense and biological fact. Yes, we can offer the Good News too, but this battle is both spiritual and natural. We battle in prayer, and we battle in practice, with the vigour of Wilberforce* in a society that has lost its moral compass and does not heed Biblical truth.

*William Wilberforce was the Member of Parliament who stood against slavery for years before it was finally undone legally, through laws being changed by government.

Politics and Society today

Are we there yet?

News in Great Britain

PM Boris Johnson has come up with a proposal — a new deal with the EU to get Britain out of the European Union.

This three-and-a-half year process has nearly brought Britain to its knees, simply because Parliament refuses to allow the public vote for Great Britain to leave the EU to be recognised and fulfilled.

Well, the now-Prime Minister of Britain is trying to keep his promise to “get us out” and to “get Brexit done” and today, following a funny (we need some levity in this country right now, don’t we?) and engaging speech, his plan arrived in the EU to mixed reaction.

I’m not going into any depth here, because there is simply too much to say. However, I do ask us all to pray for this country, to pray GOD’s will, to persevere and protect the PM, and to have the UK in the palm of GOD’s hand. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Boris Johnson is not a perfect man, but he is the man GOD has put in charge for now. We need peace in this nation and the only way is compromise. But we must compromise to sow good will, and show compassion and forgiveness, not to give up the sovereignty of the land.

And while we’re at it, let’s pray for all the nations of the world, to come into their fullness and the knowledge of Jesus, who alone saves us and draws us to the one and only GOD, Jehovah.

Let us pray.

Amen and Amen