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Mental Health Today: Was King Solomon Depressive?

I read Ecclesiastes with some familiarity

It’s a book I’ve read often, and Chapter 3: A Time for Every Season is popular with many people. But Chapter 2 which precedes it is what I dwell on today.

I ask myself, was Solomon depressed when he wrote it? He must have been. To have all the wisdom and wealth in the world, and to start a book with,

“The words of the Teacher, son of David, king in Jerusalem:

“Meaningless! Meaningless!”
    says the Teacher.
“Utterly meaningless!
    Everything is meaningless.” (Ecc Chapter 1:1-2 NIV)

and to come to this stark conclusion, I think he must have been at a low point in his grand life when he wrote Ecclesiastes.

Solomon’s focus in Chapter 2 is on the futility of effort, as legacy does not hold any guarantees of sustaining the result of one’s effort; to enjoy one’s labour is worthwhile, but with no forward expectations.

“I hated all the things I had toiled for under the sun, because I must leave them to the one who comes after me. And who knows whether that person will be wise or foolish?” (Ecc 2:18-19a NIV)

Solomon has strayed rather than prayed; if he had prayed to GOD, he would know who would follow after him, or be at peace with whatever GOD would bring.

“Nothing is better for a man than that he should eat and drink, and that his soul should enjoy good in his labor. This also, I saw, was from the hand of God.” (Ecc 2:24 NKJV)

He has not lost faith in GOD, but he has lost relationship. He speaks not of the spirit, but of the soul.* This, I think, is the key to his depression.

He is alone, ruminating in his mind, rather than searching GOD and His spirit. Truly, he is wise and correct to say, ‘everything is meaningless’, for without GOD, without relationship to Him, Solomon is truly alone — with his wealth, his wives, his children, yet he is isolated and alone.

from Peter Paul Rubins’ The Judgment of Solomon

Today in our society, depression and lack of mental health is on the rise, particularly amongst the youth

Today, we live in a society where GOD has been removed from schools, from health care, from society in the main. The result? 

To Solomon, who had wealth, fame and power, came depression. His success became meaningless to him. Today, though higher education, prosperity and independence have become increasingly available to young adults, they have proven meaningless to the happiness of many. Just as Solomon became isolated from GOD, likewise today, our youth grow up without GOD. Our relatively prosperous society too, on the whole, suffers from a lack of the Joy of the LORD, who provides humanity with its true source of strength (Nehemiah 8:10) and purpose.

“To know GOD and to make Him known” was the key slogan behind my discipleship training course, provided through a YWAM-trained pastor when I was a young woman. How I wish (and pray), that more Believers and society on the whole, would discover this key to a truly fulfilling life.

“For God gives wisdom and knowledge and joy to a man who is good in His sight;” (Ecc 2:26a NKJV

*Yes, it is true that in the Old Testament man did not receive the Spirit of GOD as we do through Jesus Christ. But David, Solomon’s father, often spoke of the Spirit. For example, Psalm 139:7 says, “Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?”

Note: Images from and Peter Paul Rubins’ Judgment of Solomon, available at

Politics and Society today

LGBTQ Sex Ed in Schools


Unchartered territory:

Children as young as four years old are going to be taught as a mandatory part of education (UK, September 2020) that we can choose the most rudimentary part of our identity: that of whether we are male or female… or something else. Some state schools have already begun to implement these “relationship” lessons and have told children there are up to 100 gender identities. The purpose to all this is to combat a bully-attitude towards a small number of families who may have an adult in their make-up who identifies as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transvestite or queer. The thinking is that by indoctrinating such thinking into young minds, bullying will end, and as a bi-product children will discover a freedom society has never enabled before: that of gender choice. 

Never before in the history of mankind has government denied the truth: that basic biology demonstrates that as human beings we are either “male” or “female”.

But what of the further consequences on these young minds?

Cracking a nut with a sledge hammer:

Bullying is mean and unwanted regardless of who the target of the bullying might be. But to bend society to a tiny proportion of people is not anti-bullying; it is in fact another kind of bullying, which is attacking innocent children and heterosexual families.

What is our role as Mothers?

As mothers, we are inherently protective of our children. We want what’s best for our children and can identify that other mothers want the same. Do we believe bending biological reality in the mind of every child is a “best answer” to the issue of bullying toward a disproportionately small minority of people?

Mothers, is this what you want: Do you want your child confused or taught to choose their sexual identity? Do you consider it a choice whether you are a boy, a girl or something else? Do you consider it a reasonable question to ask a 4 or 6 or 9 year old? 

To those readers from a household who do have an LGBTQ person, is this what you want to impose upon society? Is this turning of the tables something you really want to do to innocent children?

What is at the root of this?  

Is this a trendy curiosity, a funky time in post-modern times? Rather, isn’t this simply a dangerous experiment, a manipulation of our children to attempt to normalise what is actually an unscientific and disproportionate emphasis of social engineering to placate 1.5% of the population, which also has, incidentally, a disproportionate number of cases of depression and suicide (which is not being addressed by this new strategy)?

Children do not belong to the State:

There has been for quite some years a move towards getting all children into pre-school. The State is keen to influence children from a very young age, and seems to be skeptical of parenting and family authority, presumably because some homes are not the best environment for children — though surely these are the exceptions not the norm. 

The family is the most fundamental social unit in society. Its strength, purpose and influence has been gradually eroded by a number of factors, some to include the internet in the home, 2 working parents, and single family homes. So much erosion has taken place that the word “family” has been redefined in an attempt to fit current reality.

It is my belief that we need to grip onto what influence we still have as leaders and moulders of our children’s minds, values and mores. We need to come against government education policy in “relationship education” and speak common sense into these ridiculous claims that people aren’t necessarily either male or female; the biology proves otherwise.

Analogy: what our children are facing is like…

Consider John and Susan, typical happy-go-lucky children in a reception class. In fact there will be some 20 or 30 children, a mixture of Johnnys and Susans, in said class. A teacher — who is to any child, a parental figure and a Godlike figure in their minds — begins to read to them that boys are not necessarily boys nor are girls necessarily girls. And then the teacher says, “Are you a boy, a girl or a transvestite? Do you feel happier in girls’ clothes or boys’? And did you know there are up to 100 gender identities that you can choose from? What will you be today? Or tomorrow?”

It’s like putting a child in a candy store and asking, “Which candy would you like?”

Or it’s like asking a child to pick a puppy from several in a puppy shop, and then saying after they’ve taken the puppy home, “By the way, you can change your puppy tomorrow if you like.”

Only the consequences over the issue of sexual identity in the long term is far more grave than eating too many different candies or not bonding with a pet. 

Our core identity begins with our sexuality. It is our most personal and private sense of dignity and ownership. In messing with the maleness or femaleness of our children, we are tampering with their mental stability and inner sense of self worth. Proof is in the damage done to children who experience sexual abuse.

What shall we do?

We shall not riot. We shall not hate. But we do need to protest in our own unique way to come against this onslaught of sexual imposition upon our children’s bodies and manipulation of our children’s minds. 

The easy route is to cry:

In total frustration, I sometimes find it soothing to cry, whenever I find something hard to deal with. But this is not a time to cry.

The tougher route is to dig in and to resist the tide.

For those who believe:

For those of us who follow Jesus, we know this notion of choosing our sexuality is unbiblical teaching. But how do we combat it in a society which has turned its back on GOD?

My way is to speak to mothers’ hearts. We speak to the common ground we do have: that of common sense and biological fact. Yes, we can offer the Good News too, but this battle is both spiritual and natural. We battle in prayer, and we battle in practice, with the vigour of Wilberforce* in a society that has lost its moral compass and does not heed Biblical truth.

*William Wilberforce was the Member of Parliament who stood against slavery for years before it was finally undone legally, through laws being changed by government.

Politics and Society today

Are we there yet?

News in Great Britain

PM Boris Johnson has come up with a proposal — a new deal with the EU to get Britain out of the European Union.

This three-and-a-half year process has nearly brought Britain to its knees, simply because Parliament refuses to allow the public vote for Great Britain to leave the EU to be recognised and fulfilled.

Well, the now-Prime Minister of Britain is trying to keep his promise to “get us out” and to “get Brexit done” and today, following a funny (we need some levity in this country right now, don’t we?) and engaging speech, his plan arrived in the EU to mixed reaction.

I’m not going into any depth here, because there is simply too much to say. However, I do ask us all to pray for this country, to pray GOD’s will, to persevere and protect the PM, and to have the UK in the palm of GOD’s hand. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Boris Johnson is not a perfect man, but he is the man GOD has put in charge for now. We need peace in this nation and the only way is compromise. But we must compromise to sow good will, and show compassion and forgiveness, not to give up the sovereignty of the land.

And while we’re at it, let’s pray for all the nations of the world, to come into their fullness and the knowledge of Jesus, who alone saves us and draws us to the one and only GOD, Jehovah.

Let us pray.

Amen and Amen

Politics and Society today

One World Religion

A Papal Announcement

Is this the beginning of the end?

The pope has declared 14th of May 2020 the day for all world religious leaders and organisations to meet to develop an education-based faith that allows us all to come together.

There’s no mention of Jesus.

The Nazis in Germany and the Communists in Russia used education to indoctrinate their nations’ youth. Is that what’s happening here?

Here is a dear nun who shares the document put out by the pope. But she neither supports it nor the pope in his endeavour to “unite” the world.

Watch: (the first 20-25 minutes is explanation; after is a phone in)

Let’s pray.

May the Holy Spirit bring wisdom to us as we navigate these time.

Politics and Society today

Misandry is the hatred of men

I heard recently a church bishop, a woman in her thirties, suggesting that GOD is neither male nor female*, and if Jesus was a man, and called his GOD Father, it was only because convention would not allow him to call him otherwise. I think her aim was to attract women who might otherwise not wish to accept the reality of GOD if he is called Father and were represented as male.

Is this revelation or thoughtful insight or merely demented thinking, just another step in the bid to put down men?

With all the negative talk toward men: talk of how men have treated women badly in the past and will continue to do so unless they are indoctrinated to recognise women as their equal; with all the focus on the disrespect toward women by President Trump over a decade ago as though it were yesterday and his being labelled a misogynist; with the disgusting abuse of power by Harvey Weinstein and others being exposed — those who rape and attempt the rape of female colleagues — has created thinking that seems to suggests all men are painted with the same stripe, and must otherwise prove themselves worthy of respect by demonstrating they are feminists too. This “move” in society is a form of bullying; it seems clear to me it is a demonstration of misandry, and should be labelled as such.

The “Me Too” movement awoke women who had been abused into standing up for themselves, which is excellent**. However, many feminists have come on board to attack men, and in their bid for gender equality ie equal pay for equal work, have pushed gender issues to such an extreme that schools in some states and countries are being mandated to teach gender fluidity and messing with the innocence of children to score political points.

This is not funny and needs to be addressed, even attacked for what it is. Misandry is the hatred of men, and although it was first labeled in 1898, it is alive and thriving in 2019.


*The bishop took as her Biblical text Galatians 3:28, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Paul discusses the equality (not the neutrality) of all who are in Jesus: no separation between men or women, Jew or Gentile, slave or free; there is no preference or hierarchy between them, but instead there is the equality of all, one to another.

**I myself was abused and raped in my younger years, so I speak not from ignorance but from the perspective that some men are bad, but not because they are men but because they are people who behave badly.

Politics and Society today

Social Media: A GOD opportunity or a part of the World’s mystique?

More questions than answers

Are you using your voice to stand out as a follower of Jesus? Is social media the best way to use your voice? 

Social media provides worldwide access. But is it a good platform to use for evangelism, or is it merely easy — and tacky — advertising?

“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life. He who is wise wins souls.” (Proverbs 11:30)

So then, let us be wise, discerning the best way to live our lives as followers of Jesus to share the message of his grace, love, forgiveness and salvation.

Let us look at social media as a platform to consider whether it is a useful tool or a time-consuming distraction for the followers of Jesus.

Social Media as a means to share: is it good or bad?

“Using our voices” as Christians/followers of Jesus used to mean evangelism. On social media I have seen some great posts, but often I’m not sure of the intention of the sender. Images with scripture or loving words share the goodness and love of GOD, sometimes directly highlighting Yehovah as creator of the Universe or His son, Jesus as the Saviour of the World. Such posts share the wholesomeness of life, and offer a scent of what is right and best for the world from the Christian perspective. Through social media there is a lot of earnest posting using encouraging words, Biblical scripture with images of nature or prayerful folk, and thoughtful viewpoints expressing the goodness of GOD. But is that evangelism? Is that fulfilling the “Great Commission” of Matthew 28?

I wonder how well does this work as Godly evangelism? Is it effective spiritually, or is it feel-good inspiration to feed the flesh: ours, so that we think we’re doing our part to share Jesus, and the reader’s, so he or she feels good: hopeful, and happy?

Paul said of his enemies, whether the gospel is preached by them or by him, even if their motives are for self, what does it matter as long as the gospel is being preached. So be it.

The world’s attitude to Christianity

Although Judea-Christian values are what Western Society has been built upon, modern and contemporary governments and societies have rejected Jesus, and the bedrock on which societies’ laws have been based. Laws are changing dramatically and rapidly; as a result, civil discussion and relationships have already divided into two camps: liberalism and traditionalism. Furthermore, toward the extreme ends of each, a polarisation has occurred, with each side accusing the other of fascism, totalitarianism, ignorance and ignoring democracy. Either their definitions differ or their preconceptions of the “other side’s” point of view are in error.

I believe we who hold the message of salvation through Jesus need to share our understanding of Biblical scripture and share our relationship with GOD. But the Christian message seems to have become buried under the socio-political dichotomy of liberalism

vs conservatism. This tension does not translate into a message compatible with peace and love and salvation through Jesus/Yeshua. 

Do we want to be caught up in such contention? In fact, Romans 1 lists strife as one of many attributes that are “deserving of death” (Genesis 1:29b).

Within a social media full of contention, can there be a useful and powerful vehicle for spreading the Gospel?

Caught in the midst of clashing political views (both on social media and in our physical society) is the Christian, who loves GOD, and seeks to love others. Collectively we are being attacked for holding traditional views. Unfortunately, the more liberal side of society does not seem to grasp the message of Jesus and within that group sit most of the main stream media. We are being misunderstood and labelled intolerant. We are being put into pigeonholes that the left considers “extreme right” and we are perceived as racist, homophobic, intolerant. The right wing seems to be gentler on us, but some of these people are themselves quite extreme, and do not necessarily hold views we’d want to be associated with; there is a strand who do sound bigoted, racist, angry at gays and immigrants. 

As followers of Jesus, shouldn’t we be without judgement, as “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first”? (John 8:7) On the whole, I don’t think, we do judge; rather we do see a difference between a person’s behaviour which is sinful, and a person who is broken. While in previous centuries the Church did include professed Christians who were judgmental, but I think that pertains far less today. Current followers of Jesus more clearly recognise we are not to judge the world but rather we are to hold brothers and sisters in Christ to account.

Does how we are perceived by the world matter?

Do we like being lumped as “extreme right” bigots and anti-democratic because we believe, for example, that babies in the womb are human and should be treated as such? How do we respond when we hear of Christian parents losing the right to raise their own children because in some countries, social workers remove children from Christian homes because they disapprove of the Christian indoctrination of these children?

Certainly we are dismissed if not downright persecuted for our views as Christians, because of mis-perception — whether it be deliberate prejudice against us or the result of inadvertent misunderstanding of who we are and what we believe… (or more accurately, who Jesus is and what he calls us to). Such misinformation creates a barrier, which prevents proper communication and understanding.

How do we cope with prejudice?

Do we overcome prejudice and carry the Gospel message, risking persecution for the sake of the Gospel? Do we find a way to communicate which breaks down barriers and misunderstanding; are little memes and snippets of the Word useful? Or do messages through social media weaken the message of GOD’s power and love to a catch phrase or a cute image? Are we living the Gospel? Or have we as Christians been intimidated by Political Correctness? 

I think Christian posting on social media attempts to break down the barriers between believer and non-believer. But is it effective, or is such posting an easy way to “do our job of evangelising” with minimal personal risk?

The power of liberalism to intimidate

What was once a societal push toward political correctness so as not to offend, seems to have morphed into an almost totalitarian message: kowtow to a liberal way of thinking or forfeit respect and employment… and perhaps even your children. We who fundamentally disagree with much of the liberal’s world view is certainly can feel bullied into silent submission.

So have we been affected by the PC brigade? Are we gently sharing the message of Love to a world that mostly isn’t listening? Have we watered down our evangelism so as not to offend? Social media definitely enables us to reach more people, but what is the message we are sharing? Is it worthwhile to post positive thinking, pretty images and scriptures?

Doesn’t it all boil down to our love, our courage, and our passion for Jesus and the lost.

Love, Love, Love. We seek to share this; it’s a part of our born again DNA. But are we able to demonstrate it through social media in a meaningful way? Is sharing through social media worthwhile?

I’m not sure it is GOD’s way. I used to think it was a “way in”. Now, I’m not so sure. Good ideas are not necessarily GOD’s ideas. Never more than today is our time a limited commodity. Everything is changing so fast, there’s no time to lose. And if Jesus really is coming soon, we need to do what we can, NOW.

Don’t we need to measure our time and make sure we are using it wisely?

So, why are we engaging on Social Media? 

“Do you not know that friendship with man is enmity with GOD?” (James 4:4b)

If social media is a human construct, created by unbelievers, should believers be using it to share the message of the Gospel? If we don’t insert goodness, the platforms are full of hedonistic and self-gratifying carnal exchange. Yet, if we do post messages of love and hope, are we compromising for something far deeper: to lean on GOD rather than on our self-sufficiency? 

How can we use social media to our best advantage?

Is this question even a godly question? Should we be thinking in terms of what our “best advantage” is?

Who’s instructions and tips are we following, when we’re seeking to get found on Google? Does the LORD can speak through secular people? Do you think He needs to speak through secular platforms?

Are we being unequally yoked (2 Corinthians 6:14)  if we are using social media?

We are not meant to live according to the knowledge of Good and Evil

In using social media are we partnering with the secular world. Does this weaken our authority? Is using social media an advantage or a diversion from ministry? It has been created to socialise us worldwide. And aren’t we called to preach the Gospel to all generations, to “make disciples of all the nations”? (Matthew 28:18) If so, then social media enables us to reach out most efficiently, doesn’t it?

Social media is a construct by which Google Translate has ensured language barriers are broken; we can share with anyone across the globe. How easy then, to reach the world with the Gospel message. However, when I think of the world wide web in that way, it echoes to me of a tower that was constructed several thousand years ago, the building of which so concerned GOD that it led him to introduce various languages, to frustrate human effort:

“Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them. Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.” So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of all the earth, and they ceased building the city. Therefore its name is called Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth; and from there the Lord scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth.” (Genesis 11:6-9)

Whether or not social media is good or bad is actually irrelevant, because we aren’t meant to make decisions based on whether something is good or not. Eve ate the forbidden fruit to gain that knowledge, and all hell has broken loose ever since.

But can some action based upon the knowledge of good vs evil be righteous? Are we meant to use vehicles in the world to evangelise, to “take back control of the airwaves”; or are we being swept up by the world’s ways and should we avoid using social media now because of the hurt it has been proven to cause?

Who builds the house?

The Word says, “Unless the LORD builds the house, they labour in vain who build it.” (Psalm 27:1)

For my life, it has boiled down to a matter of discipline. For me, social media distracts me from GOD. I’m not managing to build a garage, never mind a house!

What is our motive?

James 4:10 reads, “Humble yourself in the sight of the LORD and He will lift you up.”

If our motive for using social media is to be discovered, have our profile raised, make breakthrough on the internet, then I don’t think the LORD can use our posts effectively.

Rather, when we are fully surrendered to the Father, then He can use our time, skill, ability for His kingdom and the church of Jesus Christ.

What is our effectiveness?

Are we experiencing the LORD’s evangelism in the world through social media? Or are we a part of a network that shares gossip and causes strife? Are we following the devil’s way to win souls, and missing the ways and means GOD has for us?

I’m wondering if we who use social media to witness aren’t using an expedient way, a convenient way to reach out, when instead the better way would be to knuckle down in deep deep prayer to see how the LORD wants us to be His hands and feet.

This is a harder way, and a slower way, but if it’s the LORD’s way then it is the only way.

As I said in the title:

I’ve posed more questions than I have composed answers. Would you like to share your thoughts and experiences with me? (feel free to comment publicly below or for privacy, email me at

May the LORD download His will into each of us, and give us the courage to surrender at every step.


Politics and Society today

Freedom of Speech is not to be taken for granted

Preaching Freedom of Speech

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist and university professor and the new guru of university students across the globe. The answer to the positive thinking of the 1990’s, he has hit the public with a book called 12 Rules Life.

He is a firm believer in freedom of speech and freedom of thought. He’s angry that his Canadian Government has imposed a demand that if a transgender person wants you to address him/her using a particular pronoun, you must; it’s the law. Dr Peterson doesn’t have a problem with addressing individuals how they choose; he does have a big problem with it being made illegal to do otherwise. It’s a slippery slope: creating a law imposing how we address someone, to losing our freedom of speech entirely. 

Here’s one of many, many videos he’s posted, this on freedom vs equality:
Jordan Peterson short lecture on Socialism vs Freedom of Speech

To surf YouTube will bring to you any number of short or long interviews or lectures given my Jordan Peterson.

Thought control

One strong societal current seems to be flowing way beyond Political Correctness to thought control. As regards anything to do with women’s rights or the rights of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender people, this seems to apply; the attempt to indoctrinate young people is rife. It has happened on university campuses. It is being pushed in elementary schools. If the spokespeople are the new “Establishment” then Peterson is definitely anti-establishment. 

The Establishment used to be comprised of conservative-leaning folk. Ironically, those who have established themselves as main-stream are the leftists with the attitude that human rights re-defines biology, and women’s rights to choose supports the termination of newborns (in some US states) who are born alive when a term abortion has failed and birth results in a living child. Such an attitude quite contrasts the conservative establishment of the past. 

But how an attitude toward abortion and LGBT rights infecting our freedom of speech? Because whenever someone disagrees with the radical ideas, the dissenting voice is accused, berated, attacked for his views, and labelled racist, bigoted, or some other unworthy denigrating title.

Yup, Peterson is quite a cool figure in the eyes of many young people, particularly young men who have become lost in the Feminist extremism and other current trends.

But why is Jordan Peterson relevant to Watchman on Alert?

Jordan Peterson speaks his mind without apology. That is refreshing. It is bold. It is life-giving in a society which is becoming increasingly stifling.

Jesus said in John 12:50,

“And I know that His command is everlasting life. Therefore, whatever I speak, just as the Father has told Me, so I speak.”

Jordan Peterson speaks his mind in a refreshingly direct, even blunt way, kind of in the vein that Jesus spoke to Pharisees. 

The Western world is clamping down on freedom of speech, in the name of protection against terrorism and extremist speech. Jesus spoke as he saw fit, and so does Jordan Peterson. In Western society, we all used to celebrate our collective freedom to speak our minds, until political correctness crept in. Now, like a bulldozer, there are groups telling us what we can and cannot say. On university campuses, speakers are being denied access because a voice of dissent rises to say, “Oh, this will offend me.” It is no longer a matter that the person who “may be offended” does not attend the seminar, but rather that the speaker should not even be allowed on campus.

What about freedom of religion

Those of us who speak of Jesus, while we have sensed for a long time an awkwardness about speaking of our Faith openly, now find it illegal to do so on the job, in the UK and other places. 

We must not bulldoze our faith upon people, but likewise, we must not be silent, when the Father leads us to profess His love and righteousness. And most of all, we must not take for granted our right to speak. Freedom of speech is an important part of our ability to witness, and at its bedrock, it is our freedom of thought sincerely articulated.

Today we witness children being told what to think by those who believe Faith — especially the Christian Faith — is untrue and detrimental to society. We who practise our faith are told we must not indoctrinate our children (witness parents losing their children to state institutions in Scandinavia for example).The socialist and atheist-driven movements hate any hint of indoctrination of Judea-Christian values and yet instead, they attempt to indoctrinate children at the primary school level with transgenderism that defies biology and common sense, in the name of protecting minorities. 

Many youth have already been indoctrinated into thinking right is wrong and wrong is right. Brainwashing has brought democracy and free thinking into question and even rebuke.

But Isaiah 5:20 says,

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;

“Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;

Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

The Father is sovereign and this we must remember. Yes, these times are rife with strife, and yet we do not fear, for, “who is he who will harm you if you become followers of what is good?” (1Peter 3:13)

What now

We must pray that our freedom to think our minds, and speak our thoughts in love and truth, will not be totally forsaken by those who preach human rights, yet hypocritically threaten to silence those of us who disagree with their (new) definitions and parameters. 

We must spread our love (not just the love but also the righteousness of Yehovah GOD) and the truth of the Gospel, without fear. 

We must be aware of our dwindling freedoms, so that we can value them all the more, not taking them for granted, but using them to the fullest while we still can.

And we must love even those who seek to stifle us, as we are commanded to love our enemies. 

Finally, we must hope Jesus — our Yeshua, our Passover Lamb — will return soon.

Politics and Society today

Laws of Science echo Laws of GOD

Psalm 119:64 states,

“The earth, O LORD, is full of Your mercy,

Teach me Your statutes.”

Word of GOD and Law of GOD

These two phrases would seem to be disjointed. But what if you link them? If you link them, then the physical earth holds laws that enable us to be protected and blessed, if we live and move under GOD’s statutes. GOD’s mercy fills the earth when His laws are maintained. Mankind on earth is protected by GOD’s mercy directly by the keeping His statutes.

I always have known the logic, the truth of this connection, but I never saw it in scripture before. It has always made sense to me that in living under the wisdom of the Creator of the Universe, man is protected. But I had an “Ah Ha” moment recently when I read this verse and the surrounding text. And I realise that scripture is full of texts like this.

“Teach me good judgment and knowledge, For I believe Your commandments.” (Psalm 119: 66) This is not only philosophical, but it is also scientific.

When we live according to GOD’s Word, we make good judgments. We are not only adhering to GOD’s moral laws, but also his scientific laws. When we are living within the laws of Creation: laws of science and mathematics, geology and physiology, we are naturally, organically, protected. Just as we are spiritually protected, when we follow GOD’s commandments, so are we physically protected.

Wow. It seems so obvious now. And yet, I never saw it so clearly in scripture, until now. 

GOD, Creator of the Universe, has universal laws within the earth and, as mankind maintains them, we experience His mercy.

No wonder the physical earth — as well as society — is decaying as we step away from following Biblical Truth.

Science and the Bible

When a skeptic suggests to you that the Bible isn’t scientific, you can be confident that it is. Logically, if there is a Creator, His creation would stand on the physical principles inherent in His creation. And it does. 

It’s a lifetime of study, but there are hundreds of resources on-line which prepare you for debate and discussion. and are just two starting places. 

Be informed, be not afraid. Your GOD is consistent and you can assure doubters and skeptics that for every question, GOD and His universe have provided the answers.

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Parliamentary System is Alive and Well!

Parliament: Tested and Passing… surpassing all expectations.

In contemplating the implosion of the democratic process around the world, with particular consideration of the BREXIT process in the UK, I’ve not been posting but have been thinking… And here’s what I’ve come up with: Hallelujah! It isn’t broken but it is being severely tested.

So far, we have a divergent House of Commons and a rogue element of back benchers in the governing Conservative Party who are trying their best to make a rogue (going in a different direction) Prime Minister accountable.

So far, the system is protecting the country’s sovereignty. 

Now, I happen to know that a lot of prayerful Christians have been praying “GOD’s will be done.” So, it’s time we trust that same GOD we’ve prayed to, trust that He’s heard and is in charge, and let Him lead as He will.

Shalom, everyone, GOD’s Peace be upon our undeserving nation. Amen.

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Brexit: Time to pray specifically… as the Father leads.

Time to pray for No Deal Brexit

Forgive my presumption… although actually, I don’t think I’m presuming.

Yesterday morning the Father woke me early. It was to pray.

Once I finally got myself up and focused, I prayed.

I was surprised by what He spoke to my spirit: Pray for No Deal Brexit.


I’ve deliberately kept my opinion out of my prayers. Weeks have passed where, if I were “in the flesh” I would have told the LORD precisely what to do and how to do it! But no, I was led, over and again to pray, “Your will be done, on earth as in heaven,” and only that.

But yesterday He broke through with more – a direction, a specific. And so I prayed and am praying,

“Father, let there be breakthru. Let there be a Brexit with no deal.”

That’s what was voted for, before the media and those who want the UK to remain in the European Union, decided to “interpret” the vote, complicate it beyond all comprehension.

This post may confirm for some, go against the grain for others. But quite simply put, that is how the Father has asked me to pray. I share, hoping others will hear the Father’s heart and do likewise.


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GOD has heard and is In Charge: It’s our time to surrender

In contemplating the implosion of the democratic process around the world, with particular consideration of the BREXIT process in the UK, I’ve not been posting but have been thinking… And here’s what I’ve come up with:

Hallelujah! The parliamentary system isn’t broken. It is being severely tested.

So far, we have a divergent House of Commons and a rogue element of back benchers in the governing Conservative Party who are trying their best to make a rogue Prime Minister (heading in a direction different from the House) accountable.

So far, the system is protecting the country’s sovereignty and it’s democracy – though there is the ever-present threat against it.

Now, I happen to know that a lot of prayerful Christians have been praying “GOD’s will be done.” So, it’s time we trust that same GOD we’ve prayed to, trust that He’s heard and is in charge, and let Him lead as He will.

Shalom, everyone, GOD’s Peace be upon our undeserving nation. Amen.

Yes, there is intrigue. Yes, there are divergent opinions and some looking to thwart the result of a democratic vote taken in 2016. Yes, those who seek to evade that result also do so in the name of democracy … “Let the people re-vote in the name of getting a different result.” But still, at every turn, there are voices of integrity as well as voices of manipulation. Yet, we have prayed.

Now let us trust that the voice of GOD – the will of GOD – will be done as we have prayed and declared.

Amen and amen.

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Surrender to the Tower of Babel – revisited in the 21st Century

As Europe and the US riot, which threatens and defies Democracy –

Where are we heading?

On Democracy:

People in the West have the right to vote. And so, I observe, about half of us routinely exercise that right. But will democracy last much longer? Certainly, recent elections have proved to bring unsatisfactory results for some, who then protest, “Not my president” (after the US election) or “Let’s have a re-vote” (following the UK Referendum). Their right to freedom of speech is bordering on attempts to overthrow democratic results.

On Globalisation:

There is a move in the world to get rid of national boarders. Europe has been working on it. Migrants are engaging in efforts to cross – and crash – the barriers that prevent them from moving from their ‘purgatory on earth’ war torn or impoverished homelands to fulfil their dreams and expectations in Europe and the USA. Some in the wealthier West are suggesting it’s time for peace and prosperity, and the way forward is by bringing into existence one international government with one monetary system. This is called Globalisation and some are for it, some against it. Surely should a vote lead to it, it is my personal suspicion it would be the last election on earth.

Is globalism a threat? and if so, how? Let’s look at Biblical history to work out an answer…

The Tower:

“Now the whole earth had one language and one speech.” (Genesis 11:1)

So begins the story of the Tower of Babel, where mankind sought to construct a tower to reach Heaven and God, knowing man could achieve this, thwarted mankind’s plan. If they reached the top, they could eliminate any need for GOD.

Who was behind this? Satan…. He puts seeds of ideas into man — anything to thwart GOD’s Master-status.

What was GOD’s concern? IF man were to succeed, He says, “nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.” (Genesis 11:6b)

GOD knows man is evil and He does not want evil to be unleashed through men. So He confused the language of mankind so that they could not work together effectively.

“Therefore its [the tower] name is called Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth; and from there the Lord scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth.” (Genesis 11:9)

Fast Forward:

Six millennium later, we have an international language (English) and once again, man is moving forward to control the earth and its people without reference to GOD. And look what we are achieving as a result… science and technology are bringing us to create means to change the biology of a human being at will, design weapons of mass destruction, and disable man’s ability to think clearly and critically.

As for Globalisation:

As freedom of movement increases and demands in the name of compassionate humanism grow, the hidden and not-so-hidden leaders of thought seek a world where there are are no national boarders ….

Yes, man is achieving everything without GOD. As a result, we are advancing towards a one world government, while simultaneously regressing into barbarism. Being able to communicate cross-globally is leading us toward the imposition of One Government, while simultaneously removing GOD from society, has led us back to a form of society that is debauched and uncivilised. Mankind will not behave in a civilised way if he can manage to get away with not being so. The scenario of the Tower of Babel gives us insight into GOD’s desire and man’s weakness. As we head in that direction yet again,

I believe while Globalism is on its way, it is not a good thing.

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The will of the people & the will of GOD: Are they the same?

Democracy & Sovereignty vs Oligarchy and the Vassal State

(WARNING: This is purely an opinion piece; I share it and my accusations as such and am not purporting it to be fact*)

“And end to democracy!” the people cry. Is democracy dying?

Well, no, not really. But Theresa May has deceived her colleagues and the people of the nation of the United Kingdom. If this is Brexit, and “Brexit means Brexit,” then I see it as the end of the democratic state of the United Kingdom.

It’s happening all over the world… beginning in Europe, proceeding to the United States, and with these leading nations sucked into the masse indoctrination of the Global State, who’s left? Taiwan? As the best-acting form of democracy in Asia (according to a CNN report), most people vote, and their voices are heard. But it’s a tiny nation compared to the world, and how long can it survive against the tide going in the opposite direction?

As an intercessor, I feel just about defeated. I sort of “see the writing on the wall” for democracy and Great Britain….

The writing says, “The end of the Church Age, the End of Great Britain. The end of Democracy and the Sovereign State.”

Why? Because…

… though the move to Globalisation is, in my opinion, a bad thing, the media paints it as good by nature of their anti-nationalist/anti-patriotic stance. The youth don’t know any better for they have lived in a more global atmosphere than previous generations. So as old die out and young take over, it’s a race between Sharia Law (in the UK at least) and Globalisation. There’s little room for true democracy, where the population gets to hear issues presented in an honest (Ah, that’s gone too!) and impartial platform, and are given the right to vote as they see fit. That’s been seriously eroded by postal/on-line voting as well as the media propaganda.

Why do the Youth hearken to the cries for ‘Globalisation!’?

They are idealists, by and large. To “do good” through accepting migration, those of poorer nations get into a rich nation and will be better off. So goes the theory.

Ha. But with migration on a massive scale, and violence and crime becoming a part of it, the richer nations will not hold on to their wealth indefinitely, and the lowest common denominator will prevail.

Experience and an understanding of Jesus’ teaching tell me differently what works:

“Love the LORD your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbour as yourself.”

I wonder how many who hear this only focus on the last phrase and see red if folks don’t agree. Others who see the whole commandment yet focus only on the latter part, if they believe in GOD at all, assume they understand and represent His position on giving to the poor.

But Jesus also said, “The poor you will always have with you,” and when you honour GOD first, and seek His voice, He will direct your path — including how to help the poor and distressed. I’m not confident that many people who see their democratic right to vote, see it linked with their faith, and seek to vote the way the Father guides.

Or perhaps, it is GOD Himself who wants democracy to end. Perhaps democracy is part of the deception — part of the “We can build the Tower (of Babel) and there is nothing we won’t be able to achieve”… Perhaps the ultimate has been being self-governed through democracy.

Or perhaps democracy has been a gift from GOD to mankind, so that we might experience man at his best… and worst…. and value our freedom as ordained by GOD.

All I know is, my intercessory life is hard-pressed to dive into prayer vehemently at present. I am, instead, dismayed and how the United Kingdom has been guided to a place of Brexit in name only, and there is a contrivance to keep it tied to the UK in spite of a democratic result that favoured the end of the ties.

I am reminded of the line from a film, delivered by Peter Finch…

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

How about you?


I write this on the heels of a report in Paris, where currently there are riots. People are fed up with ever-higher taxes (a new 6% petrol/diesel tax has been imposed). The little man is fighting back. But will he win? The majority did vote for their current president, by the way, who has imposed these taxes… contrary to his promises before election, I believe.

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In the Wake of the Pittsburg Shooting Tragedy

Aliyah. Yehovah’s children must go to the homeland of Israel before Jesus – Yeshua, Messiah, will come (again). (Ezekiel 36:24-28)

And so we must pray for Aliyah.

Last week, Pittsburg witnessed the killing of eleven innocent Jews while at a Saturday service at their local Synogogue.

Somewhere I read recently that this tragic shooting in America, the safest haven for Jews in modern history, is a wake up call to them, to leave their comfort zone and get to the safety of the Father’s homeland for His people: Israel. I was glad to read it, because it confirmed what I felt in my spirit.

Oh, let nothing of the past persecution of Jews come again.

But if the Father is calling them to return to Israel, what might have to occur to draw them to leave comfort and move to a homeland of their ancestors?

And what can we do to assist their return ‘home’?

Shall we not ask the Father, and pray for the people, and wait?

“He who waits for the LORD will renew his strength.

He will mount up as an eagle. He will run and not be weary.

He will walk and not be faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

And so we pray there will be no faint-heartedness amongst the Jews. And nor for us who are called to pray, without ceasing. Those who are called to help, and those who are called to make the journey…. we pray.

Shalom for all.



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Child Sacrifice, Transgender Issues… and Baal Worship

What is at the root of such huge change as regards procreation and sexuality in the post modern era?

Why has the Transgender Issue become such a big deal? How did marriage between two people of the same sex become legal? How is it that gay couples adopt more easily in some Western nations than heterosexual couples?

All of this is rooted in an explosion of Lesbian and Gay Rights, which led the way to Gay Marriage, and is now morphing into a confusion of what is biologically male and female. It’s amazing isn’t it, how much the thinking in the West has been transformed, even just in this last decade? Even gays themselves never expected the legalisation of Gay Marriage back when they simply wanted equality with heterosexual couples living Common Law.

Another aspect of change is as regards abortion. It is virtually “on demand” as a woman’s right in some states; the unborn are not considered human… so that abortion is perfectly acceptable morally.

What is at the root of all of this transformation?

I suspect what we have now in Western Society, with abortion leading the way, is a shadow form of the Baal worship that existed three thousand years ago. Hinged on the sacrifice of children to the god Baal in exchange for blessing, protection and prosperity, is the pagan religion of the same name that seems to be manifesting today in the West under the guise of human rights for women and the transgender community.

Yes, remember Ahab and Jezebel, King and Queen of Israel? There are many Biblical references to pagan worship infecting Hebrew religious practices, particularly that of the pagan Cannanite god Baal, but perhaps it is particularly pronounced during the lifetime of the foreign Queen Jezebel, wife of Israel’s king in the time of the prophet Elijah. (read 1 Kings 16 – 2 Kings 9)

Baal sought child sacrifice. Baal worship gave honour to women. Baal worship is and has always been pagan; today it is replacing the laws and beliefs based upon Judaeo-Christian roots, which honours the GOD of the Bible, His laws and His ways. Yet if you asked most people who believe and follow this new morality, I suspect few would have ever heard of Baal. In fact, some would even consider themselves Christian or Jewish and standing for the rights, freedoms and needs of their fellow human beings as an act of Christian love. Others defend Secular Humanism, not as a faith or religion but as a principle.

I have watched over the decades the escalation of free sexuality. First it exploded as promiscuity, and then to homosexual expression. Beastiality is now on the rise in some Western cultures. But perhaps the most bizaare indicator of extreme change has been the redefining of male and female. Common sense and biology have been replaced by vague feelings of “what I feel like, is what I am” and it has become politically incorrect and taboo to define girls and boys according to their biological parts (I’ve witnessed it in Spain, USA, Canada to site three nations).

I have been reading a book which has suddenly helped me to put my finger on what is really happening. Jonathan Cahn’s book, The Paradigm discusses the parallel spiritual activities behind the Clinton and Obama years with that of Ahab and Jezebel. The information he provides has made me realise the overall sexual transformation is rooted in Baal Worship… The transgender issue, homosexual rights and freedoms, abortion-on-demand are all rooted in the pagan belief system of Baal. This explains the “religious fervour” of politicians who demand changes in our society and disregard sense, freedom, protection of children and the unborn. It’s a religion!

Now that I see behind the individual issues and lump them all together, it seems clear to me that the move is to extinguish Judea-Christian theology and practice in favour of Baal. It is a deeply spiritual issue, not Christianity vs secularism or even atheism, but belief in Yehovah and a following of His ways vs succumbing to the rule of Baal.

Now we recognise Baal Worship: fertility, sexuality, witchcraft and war

This makes it easier to combat (spiritually) the course of change that has been happening. It really isn’t against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6) nor even individual mindsets and entities, but one pervasive force that is influencing the West, drawing us away from our roots to that which is incomprehensibly irrational, forceful, persistent and deceitful. The force isn’t secularism or even atheism, not Eastern religions or even Islam. It is Baal.

So, let’s read up on Baal: it’s practices, it’s system of belief, and it’s passion so we can fight the good fight and finish the race.

“We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers….” Ephesians 6:10 – 16

Read up, pray up, digest and recognise

It is a false religion we are battling, not a series of random attacks from various sources. It is an ancient false religion. Let’s learn about it, recognise it and fight the good fight to defeat the enemy.

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A Great thing about Brexit


One great thing about Brexit* (and yes there are good things about Brexit) is that politicians are putting their own views and their constituents’ votes ahead of party politics. So it would seem at least. As item after item is discussed and voted upon with close results, gradual progress is being made to carve out an agreement between the UK and the European Union.

Votes in the British Parliament are close as various pieces of the Brexit agreement are being decided. But whether from the Labour or Conservative parties (not much mention seems to be made about the Liberal Democrat vote), Member of Parliament representatives are voting what they believe is best rather that what will make them get ahead in politics; they are certainly voting across party lines.

The result of votes on pieces of the agreement are close, and why shouldn’t they be? The vote to leave the EU was 52% and to remain was 48%; therefore it makes sense that parliamentary votes would reflect that closeness as members vote on various aspects of the final agreement.

I wish the media would have this insight. I find instead they are making a rats’ nest of already complicated information, ideas and decisions. As a “leaver” myself, I wish everyone would be more optimistic, but where they cannot be, that’s okay. Politicians are voting with passion and that is interesting and important in an overall democratic environment that otherwise seems increasingly cynical and self-seeking. Most of the public seem to be wishing the government would simply get on with the matter rather than continue to bicker or try to change how the referendum vote turned out.  But in any case, right will be done, in the long run, regardless of the media or political agendas.

It’s good to hear and read in the news that tiny-increment-by-tiny-increment, progress is being made. Hallelujah! GOD’s Will be Done in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales. My word of wisdom: Fear Not! Great Britain, the best is yet to come:)


*Brexit is the colloquial term used for the legal process of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union following a majority referendum

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Children as Political Pawns in US… leads us to a Call to Prayer

Yes, Donald Trump DID use children as political pawns in an effort to get Democrats to support needed changes to the US Immigration Policies. But yesterday he signed off on the effort, he softened to the needs of illegal immigrant children before the Democrats, and again showed he will do all he can to make needed changes, break political deadlock, and support the American people.

While the world has been gazing at the immigrant children, within the US there is a lesser but equally dire situation amongst some children’s aids societies and the like, who run sex trafficking gangs and use the children under their care and control to satisfy themselves and their clients:

CPS terrorising families

Mr Trump has said he will not allow a borderless country be made of the USA while under his watch. To quote he said,

“Not on my watch.”

Thank you, Mr President.

Likewise, all children in America need protection against any state which seeks to destroy the family* for sexual predatory and financial gain…. It is part of an international and spiritual move to break down the family as a means to one end: to take over independent thought, religious freedom and human reasoning in exchange for control, power and authority over humanity.

This is a call to prayer

Please let us pray for our children, whether they are in our own country or abroad. Children are under attack in so many ways, and the family unit, once broken, leaves children so vulnerable, not only to poverty and abduction, but to indoctrination and brainwashing. As it has been from the beginning so it is to this day: children are humanity’s inheritance. They are now in mind-boggling jeopardy across the globe. We are indeed in End Times (Matthew 24). I pray Yeshua comes soon, for the sake of our children. On a global scale**, child protection agencies are no longer automatically to be trusted.

*Mr Trump demonstrates by his own life his support of children and the family unit.

**Oxfam Charity and child sexual exploitation

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UN Human Rights and its Anti-Semitism

Today I received this notice as part of the JNN* news from Israel:

UK DEMANDS UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL DROP ANTI-ISRAEL BIAS: The United Kingdom condemned the UN Human Rights Council on Mon. 18 June 2018 over the body’s long-standing anti-Israel bias, demanding the council drop a controversial agenda item placing Israel under intense scrutiny. British foreign affairs chief Boris Johnson slammed the UN Human Rights Council – a 47-member body headquartered in Geneva – calling on the council to drop Agenda Item 7, an item which has made the Israel-Arab conflict a permanent focus of the council. Speaking at the opening of the UNHRC’s 38th session, Johnson said that the UK viewed Agenda Item 7 as “disproportionate” and “damaging”. Johnson also threatened to vote against all motions brought under Agenda Item 7 in the future. “We share the view that the dedicated Agenda Item 7 focused solely on Israel and the Occupied [Disputed] Palestinian Territories is disproportionate and damaging to the cause of peace, and unless things change we shall vote next year against all resolutions introduced under Item 7,” Johnson said. (JNN)”

Finally. Late is better than never. Personally, I stand with Boris Johnson, who is finally standing with Nikki Haley, who is standing for Israel against the unfair treatment by the UN. 

*JNN is an on-line newspaper published by Barry and Batya Segal. Email to subscribe

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Movies and Media: Prophetic or Caustic


I didn’t realise there have been movies made recently about Washington and London being invaded and destroyed by terrorists seeking to kill the US President and other world leaders. I intend to watch these films: Olympus had Fallen and London had Fallen. There are other films too, which I might watch: White House Down is first on the Time Permitting list.

Why will I watch these films? Because I’m a Watchman. I want to see what Hollywood is telling us.

Do movies provoke the future? Does GOD speak prophetically through movies? Or perhaps simply, we create our future by inhabiting our fear, worry and anxiety about what terrorism may lead to.


Yesterday I heard on the radio news that we should expect, during the next few decades, to experience a continuation of terrorist attacks such as happened on London Bridge a year ago.

Words carry power. Did the broadcast journalist’s words carry the future? Was he speaking prophetically? Or was he creating the soil for fear to provoke this future? Or (as I first think myself), will terrorism continue simply until they have won?

Our words, thoughts and fears carry power. So does our media. Are we laying seed to the very worst by expressing our fears? Does stating them give them life?

What do you think?

I’d love to read your answer.

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Who is breaking with Human Rights on the Gaza?

The dead in Gaza includes an infant

Why take a baby to a protest where tyres are being burnt and shots — on both sides — are being fired? Why then allow photos to be taken of the grieving mother? This is sick thinking and a convenient — and very sick — publicity stunt.

HAMAS does not support its citizens but rather spends money on arming them with rocks, enraging them against the “enemy” Israelis who “have no right to exist”, and lets the chips fall where they may, using journalist patsies to finish off the argument that the IDF and Israeli’s are heinous tyrants who dare to protect themselves.

That about sums up for me what is going on in Gaza, and the Daily Telegraph’s photo of an 8 month old baby killed in the protests only feeds the fuel of anti-Semitism, mis-information and twisted thinking — if there is any thinking going on at all.

We need to think for ourselves

Why was an 8 month old baby at the Gaza fence during rioting?


Decades ago Gaza was overtaken by Israel in 1967 and held on to, in order to protect the tiny new nation against their enemies who first tried to destroy it a day after it was “born”. Gaza and the West Bank are both areas that Israel would surrender if the opponents would allow the nation to exist. They offered in the past but there terms were refused.

Terrorist fuel

But the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians (and the world has followed suit) and the terrorist groups, Hamas and Hezbollah, refuse to acknowledge Israeli right to exist. No one in the media seems to address that much. Perhaps it is because the Israelis are “the more mature and should know better” or are the “more advanced” and therefore win no sympathy. And I suppose there are some who really do believe the Israeli’s are evil, heartless beings, rather than realising they are victims, just as are the Palestinians*.

Why would someone bring a baby to a protest?

The answer to that holds a key to this whole Middle East crisis that has been going on since Israel  began modern nationhood in 1948.

The fundamental question is this: Does Israel have a right to exist? If it does, then it is the Palestinians (who are not a nation-group historically but a group who left the land in order that the Arab armies would be free to crush the Jewish residents in 1948) who need to be addressed. The Palestinians do not accept Israel, not as one state, not as one of two. They do not accept Jews. All the negotiation in the world is not going to change that.

So, if Israel has a right to exist, then let’s address the issues in Gaza and who is spear-heading the violence.

We outside Israel are being played

Why is there a photograph of a baby killed in a peaceful protest if it isn’t to enrage the world against Israel?

Answer: Hamas has cleverly played the journalists, who look for a story rather than conceive they are being manipulated. The journalists, keen on human rights and freedoms, fall for the ploy and publicise the shame that is the loss of a tiny baby’s life.

But what mother would willingly take her young child to a place where violence is erupting? Yes, a peaceful protest is anyone’s democratic right. But the fence is being attacked by 40,000 people seeking to kill anyone they can reach on the other side of the fence. That is not peaceful. So, why would a mother choose to take her baby to such an unsafe place?

They are being played

The Palestinians are starving. But they need not look to the Israeli’s for medical, food, and educational provision. The money is available to them. It’s Hamas who is spending it on building tunnels to kill the providers, rather than to use it for the purposes for which it has been sent.

The Villains are staring us right in the face. They are staring at their own people, and enraging and starving them. It may not be chemical warfare, but it is it’s own kind of genocide.

The World is naively watching and thinking, “How horrible the plight of the Arabs in Israel.”

But you only need to look at the Arabs in Israel who choose to live as citizens of that country to see they have equality, prosperity and peace.

Israel is not racist. Israel is not denying freedoms. It is simply trying — and succeeding — to hold on to the land given to them after the Holocaust.

Start addressing the real issue

I say we need to recognise the real enemy and stop blaming Israel for the evil that Hamas is doing to it’s brothers and sisters in the Palestinian Territories. The best way to peace is to start by condemning the real culprits, negotiate with them (which of course is impossible because terrorists don’t negotiate), and re-educating those filled with hatred towards the Jews so they can see clearly who their real enemies are.

*There never was a Palestinian nation or people-group. Today, the terrorists just use that concept to drum up anger and hatred for those who now legally own the land. Most who were alive 70 years ago are now dead and the citizens of the British mandated province of Palestine now live in a country with a new name. The land and nation has prospered since 1948, except in the areas where some Arabs refused to allow them. Israel has not forced themselves, except in the sense that they had the audacity to succeed in building a tiny democratic nation surrounded by enemy kingdoms, and defend itself.

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Safe Rooms’ Protection vs Breakthrough to Growth

Safe rooms or Medication vs Conscience and Conviction of HS

I have a theory, a suspicion really, that I’d like to share with you:

There is an active movement which serves to protect our children but is actually preventing them from growing into free-thinking, healthy and strong people, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Today in our universities and some communities, there are “safe” locations, where people can escape to, to avoid anything distressing. And universities are preventing some visiting speakers from coming because the challenge of listening to such people, whose views are unpopular, may distress some of the voluntary attendees.

I’d like to suggest that this idea of safe rooms is not only unhealthy, but really is a means to kill any opportunity to learn, to expand thinking, or for inner conviction of conscience or the Holy Spirit.

Today, youth are being encouraged to avoid anything uncomfortable, but that is the way which ultimately prevents learning and growth. Sure, we don’t want people to be abused, but abuse is a far cry from being stretched or being made to feel a little uncomfortable, which are necessary in order to mature.

While society seeks to protect its youth, it is, in fact, preventing youth from challenges that invigorate and lead to personal growth.

If we vaccinate from flu, we prevent our bodies from building up natural antibodies that would strengthen and protect us. Similarly, if we medicate our depression, we are only suppressing our grief, which leads to deeper depression.

And if we avoid discomfort, we can avoid feeling guilty, but guilt is a part of recognising responsibility, failure and growth.

Ask a person who is confident if they’ve every failed. Of course they have. Failure brings about a necessary learning curve to improvement and growth.

Ask a person who is depressed if they sense a purpose or meaning to their lives, or whether they have vitality; undoubtedly most, if not all will say, “No.”

The way we grow, find joy and fulfilment in life, is through meeting challenges. Whether we succeed or fail is not the point but rather whether we try. That is what matters.

If we cocoon our youth, they may avoid emotional and physical bruises, but they will not grow. If a duck does not break open its shell on its own, but it is done for him, he will not become strong but will wither an die. By keeping our youth “feeling safe” we are in fact, preventing them from reaching their full potential. And that is far more criminal than any thing a person might say on a podium or confront with an alternative view.

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Do not be afraid of Conspiracy

“Do not say, “A conspiracy,”

Concerning all that this people call a conspiracy,

Nor be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled.

The LORD of hosts, him you shall hallow;

Let Him be your fear, And let Him be your dread.”

Isaiah 8:11-15

There will be conspiracy. Do not be afraid of the outcome. 

The message of Isaiah Chapter 8 reads as though Isaiah were living in the 21st century.

There are so many conspiracy theories now, both from the Left and from the Right of the political spectrum, particularly in America but elsewhere too, that it is hard to miss the fact that we have lost all sense of what is true or accurate in the media and politics. Television drama and real life seem to overlap and the lines have become seriously blurred.

But we do not need to be afraid. We don’t need to be afraid of the end of our lives, if there is a threat of chemical warfare, chemtrails to reduce population, or One World Government. Just as there are wars and rumours of wars (Matthew 24) so to are there conspiracies.

But let us not be overcome. False news will be exposed, persecution must come, and all will be right in the End. Jesus wins! (Indeed, he already has won for all those who choose to believe and follow him.)

The Lord Reigns

Yes, the LORD reigns (1 Chronicles 16:31, Psalm 93, 96, 97).

Let the earth rejoice (Psalm 97). Let the heavens declare (Psalm 50) the glory of the LORD (Exodus 16, 24).

As we focus on the LORD’s leadership, strength and power, we can find and keep Shalom, GOD’s peace — which passes all understanding.

Wars and Rumours of Wars?

Yes, but do not fear.

The battle belongs to the LORD.


Politics and Society today

What if Technology Crashes? Are you Prepared?

Have you got a Back-up Plan?

We are all very dependent on the internet. To try to be less so, I’ve got an email list of Believers* who’d like to stay connected if we get shut down on public platforms. Ironic isn’t it, to use internet as back-up to social media platform blacklisting.

Anyway, we have the threat of global warming today versus the thought it’s all an illusion; we have mobile phone convenience with masts that enable us to have connections what we know emit unhealthy electrical impulses; we have computers that hold all our data but which can crash or be hacked.

So, all I’m suggesting is, even though it might not be time or financially efficient, have a back-up plan.

I’ll always keep my land line, as long as there is the option. I’ll always keep my memory stick in case the cloud explodes. I’ll always keep my little black book in case my mobile phone gets stolen, my computer gets a virus or there’s a flood, conflict or an act of GOD that delivers us into a new Age. In my estimation, it isn’t “if” a problem arises, but “when”.


*If you’d like to be on the list, you can send me a private email to let me know:

Politics and Society today

Brink of War: Putin the Key

The ducks are lining up in a way similar to pre-August 1914, aren’t they? Media have been monitoring world relations and a few months ago we were on the brink with North Korea and the US threatening each other.  Then things went quiet.

Now Russia is threatening to defend themselves or their allies if anyone attacks.

So, Theresa May found within her the heart of a lion and kicked out Russian diplomats in response to a public emission of chemical gas in Salisbury, a lovely, unassuming town in Southern England. Europe and North America have followed suit and Putin now sits isolated… except for his Arab allies. Now we must watch, again as always, the powder keg which is the Middle East.

Shall we imagine if the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) hadn’t blown Syria’s nuclear reactor in 2007 and Syria — in the hands of Assad, who gasses his own people or ISIS, who beheads anyone they disagree with, had nuclear warheads? I think not.

And there are the less official alliances. A US destroyer has weeks ago been placed in the South China Sea, at the invitation of Viet Nam, in order to protect it against possible Chinese aggression.

And North Korea, thankfully, has become quiet on the international stage, for the time being.

Has no one in politics studied history? Or perhaps they have and that’s why it’s taken some time before this powder keg has got this point of the match getting ready ready for striking.

But those of us with spiritual eyes: we must not worry AND we must pray.

The main characters are poised. The boys are lining up their troops but this is not playtime. I think they know this, at least those with nuclear capability do. The main players do. I choose to believe this.

The key is Putin, I believe. He’s not the anti-Christ. He is perhaps a thug. Or perhaps, by some strange injustice, he’s only painted as such. He’s a Christian! How can he be evil when he stands up for righteous living?

I wonder if President Trump is pondering this very inconsistency?

I think of mafia films, with the Italian mafia as practicing Catholics. Witness “The Godfather” — planning and executing assassinations while baptism and weddings were going on. But that was just a movie, right?

Oh, how we need Jesus to return.

In the meantime, we must pray. Not panic, not fear, but pray. Pray that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will have mercy on those of us in this planet. Pray for Jesus, Prince of Peace, to intercede and also to return. Pray that the unity of God’s Spirit will prompt all believers — Jew and Gentile — to pray for God’s will to be done.

Throughout history prayers for peace and victory of righteousness have been answered.

Come with clean hands and a pure heart, and pray.

I pray that we will join together in prayer.

FOR more on this subject, you can see my Linked In post (if you’re a part of Linked In):

Brink of War?


Politics and Society today

Sex and Gender Confusion

Sex and Gender Confusion – by Alan Tun

There are two sexes: Male and Female. Every mammal is either one or the other.  It is part of the reproductive scheme; the male contributes a sperm and the female contributes an egg.  Jesus said, “in the beginning God made them male and female” [Mark 10:6].

There are three genders: masculine, feminine and neuter.  This has nothing to do with biology; for example, a ship is of the feminine gender (“she’s fast”).  Also a baby may be referred to as “it” (neuter gender).

Our lord Jesus is male, but he displayed both masculine and feminine attributes (John 11:35).  A male who displays feminine characteristics does not become female, and vice-versa.  Sex relates to identity, gender relates to attribute.  All human beings deserve respect irrespective of what they are like.  Therefore, a girl displaying masculine traits should be treated with respect.  But she is not a boy.  She is a masculine girl.  And vice-versa.  No-one has the right to tell a feminine boy “you are a girl”.  If an adult asks a boy “are you a boy or a girl?” that is mental abuse.  As is telling a boy who likes playing with dolls “you are a girl”.  He is simply a boy wanting to play with dolls.

We live in a time of unprecedented assault on Christianity and the Bible.  Let us be bold and declare God’s truth in the face of attempts at “gender reassignment” by the LGBT lobby.