Civil War: attack on the main stream media vs civil war in America

Mine is a fairly obscure site. Yet it is still with some trepidation that I write this message of concern. In America, there is a very real threat of Civil War if the media does not stop taking sides and begins instead, to print and broadcast without bias what is happening in the post-US election… Continue reading Civil War: attack on the main stream media vs civil war in America

Psalm 2 Election Prayer

Taken from Psalm 2, here is an Election Prayer for USA today, UK Parliament tomorrow….. “Why do the nations rage, And the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, And the rulers take counsel together, Against the LORD and against His  Anointed, say, “Let us break Their bonds in pieces… Continue reading Psalm 2 Election Prayer

Indoctrination: Conspiracy Theories vs Mainstream Media

This is not a matter of either accepting the MSM or the alternative media; it is a matter of scrutinising both. How we as Believers navigate “the news”, obey the Father, and hold up what matters to unbelievers who may be fearful, confused and seeking GOD, is key for us in these days.

Coronavirus: Watchman seeking to discern


As a Watchman, it is simply in my nature to look beyond the obvious to discern the spiritual significance in all things. All things. It happens. Before I realised I was a watchman I thought everybody experiences life through this lens. At this time in the world, I am looking at coronavirus, and wondering how… Continue reading Coronavirus: Watchman seeking to discern

Coronavirus: have no fear


As we say in the UK, “Keep calm and carry on.” That isn’t easy when panickers surround you. But always we have a choice: give in to our emotions or stand determined to defeat fear.

The Royal Family: health and fitness

The richer you are, the healthier and more fit. Well, at least that’s the case with the Windsor royal family. At 98 Prince Philip is long and lean and walking on his own steam. The queen, though tiny, avoids a weight problem. One or other prince or princess may be a bit chubby, but most… Continue reading The Royal Family: health and fitness

Nearing the End of the Earth: a reflective plea

It seems there’s little we can do now — I wonder that anything is only putting a bandaid on the disaster we’ve created…. The beauty of this planet is fading, dying by mankind’s hand. Koala’s are in limited number, elephant tusks are on the black market. Innocent, majestic creatures dying by our hands. For money, for farming expansion, for sport.