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For Mothers: no time to waste

Important for Today

I believe with my whole heart that we need to keep short accounts with our children, living as though each day is our last… Not in the sense that we spend all of our money recklessly, nor to empty our bucket list like there’s no tomorrow… but in the sense that our relationships need to be in tact and where they are not, we need to do our part to rectify this straight away.

This is with all our relationships but especially with our children: Let’s set them free from broken expectation, criticism and condemnation. And if they’ve blamed us, whether justified or not, let’s let them know we love them and ask their forgiveness for our shortcomings… Someone’s got to make the first move. Let it be us.

I’ve got a sense of urgency

It’s time to make sure there are no broken bridges and there is no unexpressed appreciation.

It’s time to make apologies and to accept those offered to us.

It’s time to take nothing for granted and to take everything to heart.

It’s time to make amends

Let’s have nothing left unsaid with our children and let’s help our children ensure they can do the same with one another and with us.

Let’s not let the sun go down on our anger or frustration or intolerance or disappointment. Let’s forgive. We cannot forget wrongs and sometimes trust can be broken. But we can forgive and allow peace between us and our children. 

Let’s build rather than tear down

There’s no time like the present, is there!?

That’s my thought, my belief, my recommendation for today. May a bridge be built in your life today:)

Every blessing.

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For Mothers: Motivaton

Dear Mothers,

I want to encourage you to stay motivated, whatever your circumstances.

Recently, I was chatting with a lady whose children have already grown and left the nest. She said the thing that struck her most when the last had gone, was that for a time she lacked motivation because her reason for doing the things she normally did was gone. Her motivation was gone because the need for the tasks was gone… or at least she temporarily thought the need to do was gone.

Wow! I thought immediately of all of you. And I thought I need to write about this:

What is our reason for being?

This isn’t just about empty nesting though… This is about us as mums and our reason(s) for our activities, our reason(s) for doing, our reason(s) for being!

Build a life

As for me, I’m about to build a new life because my only son has left for adult life (yes, of course he’ll visit!) 

Don’t we all need a piece of our lives that is our own? It may be a small piece amidst parenting, spouse, job, friend, and/or family. But even a tiny piece that is our own “space” is important. It’s just something else to think about beyond our every day responsibilities, as much as we love them:) A little hobby perhaps, or a special pal we can share with, is important — a piece that is a part of our identity, that is personal, that we can call our own…

This moment in my journey

In the full scheme of things, both my life and my son’s life has changed. I’m a single parent (my husband passed away in 2021). I’m mother to one young man. What will be my motivation for being who I am now that he is independent?

I can fill my life with empty activities…. I shan’t do that.

I can fill my life with people…. Yes, that’s partly a good idea but only to a point.

I can fill my life or leave a hole…. Or I can contemplate and then decide what to do.

Think first

I’m big on contemplation personally. I think aimless busyness isn’t really good or productive. I prefer to choose my adventures and my fellowship wisely.

Building my life? I’ve no agenda and no idea what life will look life in 12 months’ time. I am continuing to do the useful activities, in all their varied shapes and sizes that I already have in my life. And I’ll continue to engage with friends and family, and if they’ll have me, I’ve a little more time to give to others than I did before September. And I can make some new friends.

But what really matters, I think, is for me to keep looking outward and upward, with hope and expectation, that purpose will unravel or reveal itself to me. I need to keep alert to opportunities that come along and be open to making changes to my own life patterns.


Be open! That’s the operative key, I think. Let’s stay motivated by engaging with opportunities. If none come along, we may need to ‘stoke the fire’ a little… go out of our way a bit to meet new people and have new conversations.

I like the sound of that.

Being a mum is time consuming and very engaging. But always we need to find time to build something of our own, so that when the house shifts, such as it becoming empty of children, we need to have other things that interest, challenge, engage us.

We are mums. But our identity goes beyond being mums. We are women, we are joyful because we are mums and we are joyful and hopeful that good will come out of every circumstance. Sometimes that takes time, sometimes it’s immediate, but I think with my whole heart, good will always come.

Every blessing,


for Writers Preparing the Bride of Jesus Christ Reflections and Poetry


I am giving away the files of the four current publications under my name and Larus Press. I gift this for Christmas, for Life, from me to you.

Go to the book pages and scroll to the bottom of each book page to access the files.

If you wish a formal print version, you will still have to buy from Amazon. But you don’t need to buy an e-book. You can have the file. I do ask that you respect copy write*.

May my stories and insights be a blessing to you and your family and sphere of influence.

Shalom and GOD Bless.

*Copy write means Sarah Tun has written the book(s) and that remains constant. Share the book, share the website, draw others to discover what “Preparing the Bride” newsletter has to offer.

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Aspiration vs Fulfilment of Purpose — a reflection

I have spent my adult life “straining forward to what lies ahead” (Phil 3), aiming high but then failing to persist. If I had no dips, would I have achieved my aim? I don’t know because I did have dips, as well as distractions. The dips — doubt and fear of success and failure — were horrible, but the distractions — like family and friends — made life worthwhile.

I have therefore, not lived my life being “me” but rather being that part of me that wants to obtain more than I’m capable of. I’ve over-stretched and I have failed.

I don’t want the same for you.

I only realise now how I pressured myself. I didn’t realise I lived to be “the best part of myself” rather than loving who I am… all parts of me, including my limitations. G-D can do anything. But He made us with talents and limitations. I was ignorant of my limitations to my own frustration; ambition opened the way to high achievement but in the process I denied some gifts in order to perfect others which could never be perfected.

If you can find the balance between fulfilling your potential, and being at peace with what level you achieve, you’ll do well.

I made a two mistakes (that I’m aware of). One is in not recognising my limitations. The other was to ignore the greatest gifts I had, not developing them to their full potential. Instead I took those gifts — in my case theatre directing and singing — for granted. Where I could perhaps have gone further, I chose not to in favour of exploring areas I’d not explored, only to discover I limited , less talented in these areas, than in the other two.

What I want for you is to be you, whoever that is, and whatever that is. What I hope is that you’ll reach your full potential, not shunning those gifts, blessings and opportunities GOD provides.

These are the words of wisdom I offer you. A good parent, mentor, coach or teacher always wants their protege to go farther than they themselves have gone. This I desire for you, the reader.

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The Call to Write (or anything specific)

In the year 2000 the Father urged me to “write”. I started and completed a fictional manuscript. The creation of that taught me I had the discipline to write. That book had some good feedback from publishers, but it wasn’t good enough to publish. Then came the boom of self-publishing, but that book was not, and probably never will be, publishable.

I have since self-published several books, have written others, have ghost-written one book, and have appeared in some literary journals and all over the web in mags and on blogs. Yes, I am a writer. I have taken GOD’s call and followed through. But now I am at another cross-roads, and I’m not sure where to go next.

I have one manuscript I want to finish for the sake of a colleague. Then what?

I don’t know where to go with my writing. I have to keep writing in order to keep sane:) Writing is my way of processing thoughts and emotions, and without it, over a period of some days, a collection of unconsidered thoughts tends to pile up and cause me to implode (temporarily) psychologically. I suppose it is part-prayer, part-self counselling. Writing is my medicine (both preventative and curative) against darkness affecting me.

So, I write. 

What about an audience? Is it important to share?

Occasionally, I have a thought, insight, perception, that is universally useful. It helps me to write it down and to share it on social media or my website. But does it matter to the world who sees it? No. There are hundreds of thousands and even millions of people posting. My post does not matter to the universe. But GOD, the Father, if He wants to make something I say of value to others, then He will sign-post it, He will make it accessible to others, He will take it forward.

Father, that is my prayer!

In the meantime, I want to make the best use of the time I have on this earth, to be the most fruitful person I can be, sowing: love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, patience and self-control into the world (Galatians 5:22).

I desire to be useful to others and to the Father. How shall I make the best use of time? First, I recognise it isn’t my time anymore, or I try not to see it as “my time”. Rather, it is the Father’s time, even as I seek to fulfil my destiny in Jesus.

Recently, my husband taught about the “Two You’s”: the You who lives in the flesh and the You who lives in Christ. His talk was profound. He is a teacher of GOD’s Word: insightful, revelatory, fearless, he writes what GOD reveals to him from the Bible. It is usually new and always rock-solid. I wish he’d publish his talks. Since he won’t, should I? 

Or has the Father called me to write simply because He takes delight in my creativity?

GOD calls us to be His hands and feet. For a truly fulfilled life, we will answer that call affirmatively. He called me to write and so far, He hasn’t asked me to stop…. I just wish the marketing would take care of itself.

If you’ve been called to write (or something else specific), do it. Make time, find a way. This simple act of obedience will be a life-saver against boredom and depression, and will give Life to others who happen to trip over your work.

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I’m intending to bundle my books together, so that as a package one can receive all the books:

  1. Toddler for faith-building: THE FAITHFUL PRINCE
  2. Chapter book for question-seeking: CONFRONTING THE DARKNESS (ages 11+)
  3. Personal Growth book for prayerful introspection, study and learning: FREE to BE
  4. Evangelistic tool for faith-building, answer-gathering and sharing: WHO is GOD for the FIRST NATION PEOPLE
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Whatever may spark your Creativity

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Let our Writing be an Act of Praise

Praise is a key to our breakthrough

As Christian writers, let us write our praises for GOD. In anything we do, let it be an act of worship.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Paul writes,

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

There it is! .… Inherent in Paul’s instruction is to Praise. The key is to rejoice — praising and giving thanks about every single thing, and to pray continuously.

For whom are we writing

Everything is an act of worship when we live as followers of GOD’s Way. Everything. That means our lives are an act of praise and of prayer. 

So, when we write, we write for the Father

Our audience may be young people or adults, Believers or secular. But our purpose is to honour the One True GOD and to celebrate His goodness and our ability to express ourselves.

When we doubt our purpose or our calling

Let us turn to Praise. Praise will lift us up. Praise will please the Father. Praise will bring direction, clarity, vision, hope. It builds our faith when it is weak. It strengthens our resolve when we feel uncertain. It brings our breakthrough and honours our GOD. 

“Let everything that has breath, praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!” (Psalm 150:6)

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On a Christian’s Writing

How often do you write? 

Do you make shopping lists? Then, you write.

Do you preach sermons? Then, you write.

Do you keep a journal? Then, you write.

Have you ever heard GOD call you to write?

Have you followed that Call?

I was called to write in 2000, while on my return flight from living 3 months in Hong Kong.

Having always kept a journal of some sort, it seemed like a fun idea.

It turned into a career.

When you follow GOD’s Call, it will lead you to places you may not expect. 

You also have a deep sense of peace, knowing you are in His will and in His hands.

How perfect is that? Very “perfect”!