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Do you know someone who is isolated? What are you doing to draw them into your circle? 

Every single person has a need to belong. A sense of belonging is fundamental to humanity — the sense that someone (or several) loves us, yes, but also that we  are known by others and belong in a group. Whether it is found in family, in friendship groups, in church, with close colleagues, we all need to feel we belong.

Those who suffer loss will grieve that loss; but those who have a circle around them of close people with whom there is mutual trust and love, are comforted by the sense of belonging to a larger group. Belonging is an essential part of our mental health, our spiritual security and even our physical well-being.

Do you know someone who is isolated? What can you do to draw them into your circle? 

Do you see someone isolating themselves? How can you draw their trust, hope and confidence?

Jesus had friends: the many disciples, the twelve, the three: concentric circles of human contact.

Pets help cover our isolation. The Father draws us to Him through Jesus by Holy Spirit. But we are made, created, designed for fellowship.

Genesis 2:18 reads, “And the Lord God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.””

Even though GOD created man for relationship with Himself, He knew man needed companionship of His own kind.

We are made to have fellowship with GOD and other people. If you suffer from a sense of “not belonging”, can you identify it, and can you find a way to draw fellowship to you? Volunteering, putting yourself ‘in community’, accepting invitations when they are offered, not imposing your will but praying for opportunities, are all ways to become a part of a group. 

Food, alcohol, television and their relative counterparts all cover up or temporarily block our sense of isolation. GOD brings comfort when we spend time with Him. Conversation with others helps. But what we all really need is a sense of emotional and intellectual intimacy that stimulates us and gives us a sense of mutual attachment and belonging. It is what each and every one of us needs.

GOD always makes a way, but we need to be open to His way. And since every one of us needs to belong, can we take care of one another? I’d like to encourage us all to be aware that some of us may be missing this crucial aspect, missing that sense of belonging in our lives, and not know how to find a place to belong without help and encouragement.

Every blessing,


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Thanks very much Sarah, for this timely “Word in season.”
In fact just last night i took an isolated christian friend to a local ‘Praise and Prayer’ meeting, with food and fellowship afterwards.
It was SO rewarding to see him “unthaw” gradually, as the evening progressed, especially when a couple of ‘regular’ group members took the time and trouble, to make him feel welcomed into the group.
I gave him a lift back home, arranging to meet him again this morning, for a couple of hours Bible study, as he’s off work, so alone in his bedsit (he’s from a hindu background, but accepted Christ at an Alpha group several years ago.) As someone who used to be pathologically shy, whom God then transformed into a local preacher, i STILL have moments when i withdraw from fellowship (rather than attempting to overcome that temptation) so i identify with others who isolate, in order to ‘protect’ themselves.
The all-too-common phenomenon of “Bereavement fatigue” (from which i and others have been suffering) was discussed at the group, then ministered into prayerfully by the leaders.
Shalom/God bless+++

What a heart of gold you have:) Thank you for sharing as it is an inspiration to read your efforts and how it has helped someone out of isolation. Blessings to you, Sarah

Many thanks for your kind words my sister.
Just as “Words from afar are like water in an arid place” (Proverbs) so too your words of encouragement have just “watered my soul,” and consequently are very much appreciated!

How wonderful. Thank you!
By the way it’s Proverbs 25 verse 25 (which i very loosely paraphrased!)
God bless+++

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