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REVELATION TV is the UK CHRISTIAN TELEVISION Station where Dr Sarah hosts episodes of GOD DAY and

REVELATION TV PRESENTS Below are sample episodes:

Samples from GOD DAY: a devotional programme


Samples to come from REVELATION TV PRESENTS: an interview platform

Guest Appearance on POLITICS TODAY

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“Collaborating with Kati was such a joy!” says Sarah

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Freedom with Responsibility – Sermon

Freedom, written and preached August 2014


Hallelujah – Solo

Hallelujah, recorded September 2018

O Holy Night – Solo

Oh Holy Night, recorded September 2018

Healer of my Heart – Solo

Healer of my Heart, recorded September 2018
C’est Moi


Facing the Giants, review written and recorded July 2017

Facing the Giants – Movie Review

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Beautiful Songs Sarah, beautifully sung, thank you. “Hallelujah” and “Oh Holy Night” i’m very familiar with, but “Healer of My Heart” was a brand new experience. Is that one you wrote yourself? Whether or not it is, you did a great job with it. Well done. You are such a multitalented, beautiful, & precious servant-daughter of the Most High God, it’s an honour to know you. Take great care, and may Almighty God bless, preserve, protect & keep you and yours, to the max. In Christ’s Holiest Name. Amen.

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