Christian Authors Community & Services

SOMETHING NEW: is a network for writers. It is three years old, and although it started out secular, so as to exclude no one, it has organically become a predominantly Christian platform. Based in the US and conceived by Sarah’s co-writer and fellow-Christian Tom Blubaugh, it is a wonderful free* network for anyone seeking camaraderie and connection with fellow writers. It has its own ebook Christian site for members who would like to post and advertise their family friendly books.

Reader membership will be soon be introduced too, as a part of Christian Authors Community, so readers can find books which are suitable for the Christian walk, books for children and adults alike.

Members of Christian Authors Community will be invited to participate in the weekly LIVE FORUM on Thursdays.

What is available is almost endless, as the LORD leads and develops this opportunity for writers, particularly Christian writers, to link up, to partner with, to share together as they fulfil their unique calling and purpose. Please check it out!

There is also a where authors can have their books prepared by Christian Authors Community specialists for a very cost effective, comprehensive package (pricing based on word count), where the authors keep all their royalties and publish under their own imprint with a Christian Authors Community quality certificate.

Sarah Tun is a member of the Christian Authors Community Dream Team one of a list of vendors. She whole-heartedly endorses the work and ministry of this platform: “One day, publishing as a Christian may become impossible on the open market. At present, our faith already brings with it unique obstacles in the world. But fear not. The Son has overcome the world!” (John 16:32-33)

* there is a free hobby level as well as a fee-paying career level. There is no time limit and there are no restrictions – members can shift from one level to another as their needs shift.

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