About Larus Press

Excellence. Integrity. Celebration. Freedom in Yeshua/Jesus: this is Larus Press.

Larus = Gull (Latin): gulls are survivors and they soar!

Imagine a gull soaring high above the earth.

Larus Press exists as a publisher for Dr Sarah’s books and to coach others to persevere in their faith journey and in their Godly calling, including through their reading and through their own writing.

Preparing the Bride:

Sarah is a Watchman by calling, and writes as the LORD leads on the study of GOD’s Word (including Torah Portion and Hebraic Roots), commenting on Politics and Society today, and the Supernatural. She also offers personal insights and creative reflections including poetry, and writing tips. All of this is to prepare you to fulfil your personal calling. And we are all called to be ready as the Bride for Jesus’ ultimate return.


Sarah has 5 books published, numerous blogs, and offers to coach new writers seeking support as they construct their first book, to ensure the book holds together and is woven well right from the start!

She has an honorary Doctorate of Ministry and is an Ordained Pastor.

For more information write to Sarah directly at: sarahtun@laruspress.com

“I’m here for fellow writers, for would-be writers, and for readers open to Faith in the One True God.”

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