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A Message to the World regarding Climate Change

It is not going to be possible to correct climate according to our version of what should be.

Where is our focus as regards Climate Change? 

No solution is possible unless we focus in the right place.

Today, I offer a message to the world regarding climate change.

By focusing on ourselves rather than on GOD….

It is as if we are responsible for Climate Change and we can and must fix it. 

However, the reality is that Climate Change, while in part is due to carbon fuels in the air, it is also part of a cycle of nature; for example in England during the Tudor times, climate was unusually warm like it has been recently. 

By focusing on GOD….

GOD is the ultimate authority over the planet, the nations, and Climate Change. I believe if we want change against the climate trajectory, we need to implore Him to alter the direction we think He is going. 

I believe it is not going to be possible to correct climate according to our version of what should be. We cannot manage it technologically nor economically in the time frame we think is necessary. Rather, we need to be good stewards and we need to pray, acknowledging the reality of GOD and of His authority and creativity.

“If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves…” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

The LORD will make His adjustments either to help us or we will suffer the consequences of our greed, sin and selfishness. We cannot defy His plans through combat or denial of His power and authority over that which He created and rules.

May I encourage Believers to pray so that society will recognise its true responsibility to acknowledge GOD? Renewal and revival will draw us back to GOD and the rest will follow.

In Jesus’ name, I pray for change: a change of heart, a change of focus. Then, if climate needs to change, the actions of mankind will be aimed in the correct direction and GOD’s ultimate will for mankind will be achieved. He does not desire that mankind should perish, and yet we suffer the consequences of our poor choices. What will be our end depends upon our relationship — as society as well as individuals — with GOD the Creator of the universe.

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I have to say I am more worried about the evolution of AI and its threat to society globally than I am about climate change…this is what I am praying to G-d about everyday…it is more serious and more immediate with its consequences

Amen and amen to your heartfelt prayer Sarah, and thank you as always, for your very thoughtful piece.
“Good stewards” is right, and taking a much longer-term view, God has no intention of patching up the damage we have done to His Creation (and we’re ALL implicated, in the mega-damage that’s been done!)
His Ultimate Divine Plan is much, much better than any of us could envisage, i.e. A “New Heaven, and a NEW EARTH” (emphasis mine.)
The old worn-out, poly-dysfunctional Planet Earth (that WE are responsible for) will be “Rolled up like a (moth-eaten) carpet”, then “Destroyed by Fire.”
This destruction of the old, will be swiftly followed by the New Jerusalem, which will come “Down out of Heaven, like a Bride adorned for her husband.”
Thus God Himself shall “Dwell with His People” Forevermore.
Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!

Amen and Amen. And in the meantime, it would seem a sense of proportion is needed. We cannot stop what is happening any more than we can stop a high speed train at 20 meters to stop on a 5 p piece. But we can take responsibility and love the planet without hating one another. Oh Come Lord Jesus! We await His return.

Yes indeed, well said Sarah. “Sense of Proportion” is a phrase that’s SO apt, for so much of what is happening right now!

Bless you. Let those in agreement continue to pray for this nation and others as governments are pushed / threatened
in one direction without room to make decisions according to their mandate.
Every blessing, Sarah

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