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Larus Press is a publications ministry to engage with Believers seeking to walk in their full potential, identity and purpose in Christ. Whether engaged in spiritual warfare on the front line, or needing comfort from low self esteem or oppression, Larus Press is here to meet you where you are, and to enable you to soar in the freedom Jesus has given you. We also offer promotional support for other self-published authors. Larus Press: taking your Christian faith journey seriously.

The “Soaring Press” Newsletter keeps the reader current on all things Larus Press. There you’ll find the latest post for LarusWalk, the Larus Press Blog for the Believer eager to soar. Wholeness offers God-centered truth for inner healing; Witness provides insights into sharing your faith; Word provides study and direction to discover and deepen your identity in Christ; Worship&Warfare empowers you for your ministry. LarusWalk: serving you, equipping you for your day, week… life in the LORD.

Sarah and Larus Press is presently active on all major social networking platforms.

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